Tuesday, 12 June 2007

{Couch Jumping & Mud Making}



who is 6 today

Mia rang him tonight and said happy birthday, it was so cute.... they are so funny ever since Mia could talk she will talk on the phone to Nathan and James for as long as you will let her!

Couch Jumping and Mud Making - always equals lots of fun as if you can't tell from these photo's..... This is what the girls got up to on Friday morning it was quite entertaining for them, I was just waiting for on of them to hurt themselves. Brie is crazy she just dives off the couch and laughs..... at least Mia tries to land on a cushion!!!

Today this is what the girls got up to while playing in the backyard!! They were having so much fun playing with the mud.... there little hands were so cold, so again once the fun was over they came in a had a lovely warm bath. These are going to be great scrapping.

We went to dancing this morning the kids got to learn a new dance which meant we had a little concert to watch which is always fun.

I did a little scrapping today but I can't share as it is for Forever Always. I have noticed that Kelley has put a lovely LO in the gallery for the monthly sketch comp, come on all you other Nyngan girls why don't you have a go and you never know your luck you might be able to win a $25.00 voucher. hhhhmmm Leah, Skye & Narelle.

I still have the 123 challenge to do and Mel has a sketch for everyone on the Sketches Aussie Style Blog which I can't wait to have a crack at. I did the cybercrop over at The Little Scrapbook Shop on Friday Night I only managed to get the first challenge done as my sister was here and I only really had a few hours to scrap on Monday, there is some lovely work in their gallery.

My computer is sooo slow atm it is driving me crazy I am going to have to ring Telstra and see what is happening I am thinking I am just using my speedy download usage way too quick :o( All this blog stalking isn't good for your usage metre! It is like taking at least 10mins to upload a photo grrrrr.

Mums group is on in the morning I think I will have to make myself stay off the computer tomorrow and do some much needed housework. Brie is making it very hard at the moment to do anything as as soon as I try to do anything she will stand at my feet and squeal until I pick her up..... at least I have an excuse for the pigsty we are living in........ I think it is wearing a bit thin with Salt since I still make time to scrap and sit infront of THIS.


Kelley said...

Hi Amie thanks for the lovely comments about my forever always layout I had fun doing it. Love the photos of the couch jumpers and the mud play I took alot of photos of the girls awhile ago in the mud and they turned out really good.
Love your layout and card can't wait to see the layout you have done for forever always hope you share it soon.
That panda is so cute I bet the girls love it.

Amie said...

Those shots of the girls jumping are perfect! So fun! And you're so good to let them play in mud. I'm way too uptight to let my kids do that. That one shot of Mia (I think it's her?) holding up her hands is sooo good. That has scrapbook page written all over it! The pink layout is so pretty and I LOVE that card! Great job! I too am slightly addicted to the computer and blurfing! (Blog-surfing!) I have most of my chores done today though. =)

Kyla said...

I am having the same problem with William & it is driving me nuts. Last night while cooking tea, I actually stepped on him, because he wouldn't move. I'm with Optus & mine get's slow towards the end of the month when I've reached my allowance, but other than that I don't have any complaints. Sometimes the "net" can be so frustrating...