Wednesday, 27 February 2008

{ Just a few more LO's to share}

These are just a few LO's that I have done over the last few weeks.... some were for the inspiration booklet at the retreat, and others just because I have soooo many photos sitting waiting to be scrapped.....

This is my LO for this months Scrapjack that I did last night :o)
Today when I dropped Mia off at pre-school I was chatting to her teacher and she said I have been meaning to tell you what a lovely little girl Mia is, she said she is just gorgeous and such a lovely little girl to have a preschool.... WOW I was so happy to hear that, it just made my day :o) I have decided that Mia is going to go to preschool 2 days a week now I hope Brie doesn't get to bored not having her about.
Well I have a bit of DT work that I need to get finished so I must go scrap :o)

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

{I am a Scrapjack Winner}

How exciting I am one of the lucky 4 winners over on the Scrapjack Blog. Last month we had to jack Kim Archers LO and it was an awesome LO to Jack.... Oh and have I said I am so excited......
We had a busy day today with Dancing and Bush Mobile. I was watching Mia today being sort-of bossed around by the other kids, and it's funny because 18months ago I would have said she wouldn't have been the sort of kid to take shit from anyone but I have noticed that she just takes it and walks away or either comes over to me upset saying they won't share with her, which is probably a good thing. She is very laid back and easy going like her dad so that must be where she gets it from. I am sure things will change. Well I hope they do!!

Monday, 25 February 2008

{Forever Always Retreat # 8}

Firstly a HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY GORGEOUS FRIEND KRISTY.... I hope you have had an awesome day. Big Hugs I am just about to ring you I hope your home from work :o)

Last Wednesday I left for my second Forever Always retreat. Last time Leah and Briony came with me so I was a little nervous going all by myself. It was an awesome retreat I had a great time and got lots done.
I brought home this Sonia Bowers Original, we were in a photo swap and this is what Sonia created it is just beautiful and I love it thanks Sonia :o)

I just love this LO I have used kindy glitz on the swirls it doesn't really show up in the photo but it looks awesome in real life.....

I was also lucky enough to get a Louise Nelson Original... Lou knows how much I love this LO it is just gorgeous, thank you so much Lou.... I was showing Salt all of the LO's today and when I got to this one he said who did that one?

This is another of my favourite's from the retreat I think I did a pretty good job with writing the "as time goes by" Heidi Swapp style...

This LO is for a current RAK challenge in the FA forum we were only aloud to use 2 colours, material, at least 3 photos and stitching I had so much fun with this one.

and another Fav a LO of Kay, I hope you like this one Kay :o) It has a verse on the photo about being a grandma.
If it wasn't for Kay I wouldn't be able to go on these retreats..... I missed the girls so much I really don't know if I am going to be able to go on one of these again. I guess if you ask me that in a few months I am sure the answer will be....

Here is our group photo I was the photographer for this one and had to keep running in to the photo it was quite funny.
A big thank you to Sonia, Brian, Bianca, Gran and Di for doing an awesome job... after arriving early and seeing what goes into setting up everything it is a huge effort by everyone, LMAO I am glad Brian said he would unpack the 2 tonne truck.
Well I am still really really really tired and I am off to bed.
Have a good week all :o)

Sunday, 17 February 2008

{My First Melly and Me Project}

Just wanted to share my first Melly and Me Sherbet Bag..... I just love it. Very time consuming though I think it took about 5 hours to make, I am sure the next one won't take as long :o)

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

{Mia's First Day of Preschool for 2008}

Mia had her first day of Pre School today, she has been very excited about going back to preschool, she had a lovely day it was funny not having to pick her up at 12pm though. It was raining this morning so Salt couldn't work so that was good as I was going to work so Brie got to spend the day with her dad! They had a lovely time cleaning the house.... it was spotless when I came home :o) LMAO you should see it now I have to do a bit of a pick up before I go to bed. My replacement table arrived today only took 4months. Lets hope this one doesn't crack.

This afternoon I made ricebubble slice, it is so yummy and was a bit of a hit with everyone I think there might be 2 pieces left... my mum used to make it for us and we just loved it and I have never been able to find the recipe anyway today I googled ricebubble slice and found one that was a newzealand recipe, so I went with it except the coconut and I reckon it might just be the one.

Tonight Mia went to sleep at 7pm but Brie was not going to sleep she was yelling out to us and Salt caved and went and got her out of the cot. About 1/2 an hour later he went to bed himself and Brie was jumping about in the bed so I put her back in her cot and she still wouldn't go to sleep so I got her tigger and puppy dog and put her in bed with Dad..... she came back out and watched me doing some sewing and then picked up her tigger and puppy and headed back into our room, I didn't hear any noise from her for about 20mins so I figured she had hoped into bed with Salt. LMAO this is where I found her beside our bed snuggled up asleep SO SO Cute. I am glad she thinks the floor is comfy

My LO for challenge 3 won over at the Scrapbooking Top 50 Cyber Crop on the weekend how exciting.

Thanks for visiting
Hugs Amie xx

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Tuesday, 5 February 2008

{Random Stuff}

On Sunday I took the girls to the swimming pool since it has reopened thank goodness... anyway when we came home I said to Mia what would you like for dinner party pies??? Yes Mum and can we blow out the candles!! LMAO she heard the word party and just figured they needed candles...... so anything to make her eat dinner I lit the candles and they had a lovely time blowing them out and singing happy birthday to themselves.

Here are the girls doing some craft with the playdough, Mia loves to play with playdough and Brie is starting to like it as well I just have to pack it up before they make to much mess when they start getting bored.

Mia said this was a bird.
The Forever Always newsletter is out and here are my LO's for this month.
Forever Always is also having a huge sale.........
To make way for the new CHA stock due soon, we have a store wide clearance sale from 10% - 80% off.
I have been stocktaking and moving clearance.....
you can take a further
10% off these already reduced prices.....this includes
BasicGrey and Heidi Swapp
All papers 30% off RRP.....
Once a product is gone its gone for good.. So grab the bargain when you see it!
So help us to make room for all the new goodies coming, sale will run for a week!

Just thought I would show you all the card I made for Leah :o)

And here is my LO for the monthly Sketch, it is an awesome sketch by Paula this month one that you can use lots and lots of embellishments. So have a go and you could win a $25 Voucher to spend at FA.

A gorgeous shop in Melbourne - Meet Me At Mikes, is calling on all crafters of any discipline to make a heart for their shop window. They'll be hung all together and then sold off for $10 each, with ALL funds going to the Mirabel foundation, who support children who have been orphaned or abandoned due to their parents' illicit drug use.
I sent my heart yesterday and just thought I would share it here as well.

Yesterday morning Brie woke up at about 7.30 and at about 8am Salts work bus goes past every morning, Salt was on D/S and when Brie heard the bus go past she ran to the window as you can see and was saying DAD BUS DAD BUS I was trying to tell her that Daddy was not on the bus and he would be home tonight, well then she ran to the front door and when he didn't come through the front door she went to the back door STILL no Daddy..... the poor thing she gets so excited when he come home.

And these last 3 LO's are for the Scrapbooking Top 50 CyberCrop that I did on the weekend. also teamed challenge 2 up with the 123 challenge this month.

For just over the last week I haven't been driving my car (except to work as that is 5kms out of town) and we have either been using the bike or walking. Yesterday we got caught in the biggest storm, lucky Nyngan is very small and I quickly ran over to Jo and Richies. I wonder how long I can keep it up for.
I brought myself an ipod shuffle yesterday how cool are they. I am a bit behind the times with these maybe if I had of brought on 6 months ago I may have kept exercising. The girls think it is pretty cool too.
Have a great week everyone :o)