Friday, 30 March 2007


Last night Mia went to bed at about 7.15pm and at about 10pm I could hear her crying, I was doing some scrapping so I thought she might just go back to sleep but she kept on crying. I thought it was unusual that she didn't come and find me.... so I went in there and she was still asleep but getting even more upset so I tried to cuddle her but she was fighting me off saying "I want my mummy" the poor little thing must have been having a really bad dream. It took me a while to settle her down and I put her in my bed and she slept nice and sound until 7am this morning.

Here is a layout I did the other night.
Happy Birthday Briony for today and Happy Birthday to Narelle for the weekend I hope you both have great days !!!!!!
Have a good friday everyone.

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Thanks Leah!!!!

I have just whipped up this LO , Leah dropped the photo around this arvo that I took of Brie at playgroup yesterday with her camera..... I just love Bazzil Bling!!!!


A xx

Nail Polish, Vegemite, Muscles & A Cute Hello

These are the photos of Mia painting Brie's nails and her own toenails.

Mia & Brie eating their vegemite on toast.... Brie thinks she is all grown up at the age of 11 months.

& last of all Mia showing her muscles.

I went to work at Dione's today very tired as Brie had another shocker I think it was worse than the night b4.... anyway when I went to pick the girls up Mia came up and gave me a big cuddle and Brie (I can't miss out either) came over so I picked her up and cuddled her too and she said Hello as clear as!!! SO CUTE : 0)

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Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Fiona Carter

Here is my LO from Fiona Carter's sample class on her new website. It came together really well I just loved it until I started stamping on it LOL.
Brie had the worst night of her life last night and when she woke up at 6.30am to start her day I was one tired mumma.... anyway you should see the bottom of her tongue the poor thing has an ulcer coldsore thingy couldn't pronounce what the doctor called it so she has been dosed up on panadol and we are hoping for a better night tonight.
Had Fallons party today the lucky thing got to have 2 cakes one at playgroup and one at her party this afternoon. Mia had a ball, Brie had to stay at Grandma's as we didn't want the other kids getting a sore mouth.
Amie xx

Monday, 26 March 2007

My Layouts.... + Skyes scrap challenge.

This is the challenge full of scraps that I gave to Skye to do a LO for me.. I just love it.

& this is the one I did for her. It was so much fun to do. Don't mind the mess in the background LOL.

We had such a great night at the Craft Cottage on sat night Leah & I were crying we were laughing so much. Thanks to Narelle for organising such a fun day/night.. I wish I had more space at my house so I could invite everyone over to scrap here.

Not much has been happening here today, Brie is a bit sick with a temp so you can imagine how cranky she is........ We have Fallons 4th birthday tomorrow afternoon Mia just loves parties we will have to get her a present up the street tomorrow trust me to leave it till the last minute. I did the same thing last year.

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Posted by PicasaThese are some photos from last sunday night when Salty & Mia came home from Yabbying. Brie just loves swinging on the swing as you can see.

My cord turned up just now so I will take the photos of the LO's very soon

Saturday, 24 March 2007

Anyone would think I have been busy!!!!

Well you would think I have been just too busy to post but NO...... We haven't been up to much at all just plodding along doing the same old thing. Why is it that when there is something on that you want to do a thousand other things come up as well... I am so busy today it is great I don't know how I am going to fit the scrapbooking in.....

I have to vote
Trae Smith was 2 yesterday so we are having cake with him at 11am Mia gets very excited about birthday cake.
I am having lunch with one of my bestest friends Kristy
Golf at 2pm

We won last night to put us into the final today GEE I hope we win I played so well I think I had 20 points - we had 50 to win the game 50 -38 I think. Very excited as this will be our last season as the Burlies Birdies we are not sure yet but either Kirsty or Burls will be playing on another team next year as Kirst will have another little baby and it is a bit hard to organise someone to look after both of them, so it will be better for mum and dad not to play on the same team, and just play on different nights.

I hope I play as good as I did last night today I don't know what was going on as for the last few weeks I have been playing like shit!

And lastly there is a scrapbooking day on at the craft shop it goes until late so I will get over there eventually just a bit later than most.

Brie has 6 teeth now I hope she doesn't get anymore for a while just to give her a break from the pain and runny poo's that she gets.

Brie has been quite funny this week she has started giving kisses which is sooo cute and Mia and Brie both watch a show called Peppa Pig anyone who knows this show will know what the song sounds like anyway when it comes on Brie snorts like a pig when the song does it is just funny the first time she did it I just cracked up.

Mia has slept in her bed for 8 nights straight I am so pleased with her. I read her a story between 7 -8 depending on how tired she is and then she just goes to sleep I love it.

Ok I will update soon.... Oh Harvey Norman rang up yesterday my cord is in the post......FINALLY!!!!

Sunday, 18 March 2007

Scrapping Sunday

This is what I have been up to today. Salty has taken Mia yabbying and lucky me got to stay home with Brie and get some scrapping done, Brie slept for over 3 hrs so I was cheering..... I have a LO that is sitting there half finished as she woke up and hadn't had her lunch yet so I didn't really want to leave her to play in her cot.

The party was really good last night, I had to make a second pav as the first one was a flop (as I thought) but it was a hit at the party and was all eaten up.
We got home just after 12 as Kay was minding the girls here and you feel bad making her stay up late. Salt was settled in nicely and didn't want to come home which is normally what happens if it had of been in town I would have left him there. So I am quite tired as the girls woke up at 7am! you would think I would have had a sleep instead of scrapbooking...I'm addicted LOL
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Saturday, 17 March 2007

* Edited* I have just remembered on Monday while shopping in Big W Mia decided she would like some nail polish, it was only $3 so I said ok... She has been painting her nails & toenail all week so on friday morning she asked me If I would do it for her so I started painting her nails and Brie crawled over and stuck her hand out for me to do her nails as well. It was so cute she just held her hand out there for me to paint her nails, it is funny she doesn't like missing out if Mia is doing something she has to do it too, Mia is the same if Brie is doing something Mia has to do it too even if she knows it is naughty! & the best thing about the polish is it comes off in water.

Hi all,

Not much has been happening around our little household this week....... Salt has been on n/s all week it was his last one last night so he is busy sleeping atm.

Kellie came over last night she is just starting to scrapbook so she brought all her stuff over and she made 2 LO's we printed a sketch from pagemaps and the other I just help her do. I should have taken some photos of hers as well. Above are the 2 that I did last night the one of Bries bare bum I have to thank Mel for her lovely RAK that I received this week isn't the ribbon and flower just gorgeous she also sent a little round chipboard with Joyful on it and 2 other flowers - just bc she is lovely! & the fact that I sent her a recipe a few weeks ago.
We are heading to a party tonight and I am making pavalova for desert BUT I think it isn't going to work so I might be thinking of a backup plan..... It just looks like a dud in the oven it might not be though!!!
Poor little Brie is getting 2 more teeth she has got more teeth than Mia at the same age (she didn't have any).
I started my WW again this week I am back in the mood to try and loose weight so lets hope it all works for me...... eating easter eggs today wont be helping LOL
Salt and I had our 5th anniversary yesterday did you notice I didn't say celebrated LMAO cause we didn't he forgot and I got cranky not that there was anything he could do as he has been on nightshift and as if me telling him 2 days b4 hand that it was our anniversary on friday it didn't seem to sink in....grrrrr. When he got home this morning he tried to tell me that there wasn't anywhere in Nyngan to get flowers from on a saturday...blah blah blah. Maybe we will celebrate next weekend.
Mia is 3 soon so I asked her who she would like to come over and have cake with her so she started telling me Bailee, Brooke, the boys (Nathan & James), Mary (her doll ROTFLMAO), Mummy & Brie so that was good. I have had a party for her for her 1st & 2nd bdays but I think she is old enough to know who her friends are now and they can just come over and have cake & a little play. She likes the Wonder Pets so I found her a cake topper on Ebay so I am getting out of her cake easy this year.
I finished the challenge for the craft shop & forgot to take a photo of it b4 I dropped it off I am really happy with it, it only took me about 20mins so that was good. You were only aloud to use black & white which suited me as I have been loving black and white atm.
Ok I am going to get some more scrapping done b4 Brie wakes up.
Have a good weekend!

Friday, 16 March 2007

A few Layouts of late

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Puffy Eyes

I just laugh at Brie of a morning because her eyes get really puffy when she wakes up if she hasn't had enough sleep.
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Monday, 12 March 2007


A photo of Stacie on her birthday - "Happy 30th Birthday"

A huge weekend spent in the car is not alot of fun for a 10 month old who decided that her two front teeth would turn up!!!!

So yes I am really glad to be home...... We left at 11.30am on Thursday and the girls pretty much went to sleep 5km out of Nyngan, they woke up just b4 we got to parkes so we went to McDonalds and had some lunch I had the Tandoori Deli Choice and normally I am not a fan but it was so yummy. The girls had a little play and then we headed off again we got to cowra at about 4pm, unpacked the car and sat down and chatted to my brother and tony. Mum got home just after 5 and made the yummiest dinner I just love her cooking ( & I guess it tastes even better when I don't have to cook).

We got up the next morning and were on our way by 9am we went on the yass road as Mum said it isn't as hilly (Mia gets car sick) so anyway we got into Sydney and I had know idea how to get to stacie's - Steven was driving and I said just follow the signs into the city and surely there will be a sign saying northern beaches.... there wasn't!!! so poor Steven who is on his 'P's and had never driven in Sydney b4 was stuck in the middle of the city lost... it wasn't funny at the time, we found the Harbour Bridge and headed over it only to be in the wrong lane and instead of heading to mossman we went into Nth Sydney. We finally were on the right road heading to Stacies and I looked at the fuel gage we had 17kms till empty. Mum said she was starting to feel really ill... LOL all the fuel stations were on the other side of the road. We found one just in time so then it was all good again.

We got to Stacies and she was all frazzled as she thought we were going to be there a few hrs earlier... we would have been if I knew where I was going. The party was great I couldn't drink as I had the girls with me I did have 3 westcoasts but not enough to get in the party mood. Here are a few photos from the party.

Stacie and her friends Sam & Vanessa

Me and Stacie

Mia eating the Parmesan cheese

The fire dancers ( hopefully my course is going to teach me how to take photo's of stuff like this better)

The old granny (dressed up) she was a crackup pole dancing and using her cane to tap herself on her bum....

Anyway Steven had to play footy on Saturday night at Bathurst so we left Sydney and I knew where I was going but once again we got lost I was in the wrong lane and couldn't get off the M2 exit so we had to stop and ask for directions at least the kids slept all the way until about Leura... then Brie turned it on she had had enough of sitting in a car for 2 days she screamed and screamed so we stopped at Blackheath and had lunch BIG MISTAKE... Mum got in and drove and Mia was saying that her back was sore so I felt behind her there was nothing there and she kept crying and then stopped I had a look at her and her face was just white I said she was going to be sick so mum pulled over and I unbuckled her but Steven really didn't know what to do and she started to vomit and I was saying grab her get her out!!! as if he wanted to get spewed on LMAO now.... anyway he finally got her out and she spewed about 5 more times the poor little thing.... I think it is the worst I have ever seen her have car sickness. I guess that is what happens when you give her lunch b4 driving thru the mountains. Poor Brie was so over the cars we dropped Steve off at Bathurst and took them to Maccas again for a play I thought Brie would have slept on the way home to Cowra but no they both stayed awake and whinged all the way there.
I was going to come home yesterday but I thought they would be a real delight having 3 days straight of travelling.

We took Mia to the pet shop on Sunday morning and then to the park, Mum & Tony looked after the girls while Steve and I went to the movies LOL we went and saw Music & Lyrics with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore... the start of it just sucked & I was thinking poor Steven what a nice brother sitting thru a girly movie with his big sister : ) but it was all good in the end and I actually laughed quite a bit.

So the girls and I got up this morning and went and did some shopping at coles and then headed to parkes Big W to do some more shopping and more maccas LOL my fav food... & got home to Nyngan at 5.15pm -I think Mia was more excited to turn on the TV and watch NickJnr & Brie well all she has done is play with her toys so I think they both missed there house.

Salt is on night shift so I can catch up on all my blog stalking and maybe even a bit of scrapping tonight.

So if your still here goodnight!!!!

Wednesday, 7 March 2007

My Sister's 30th

Well I am sort of packed ready to go tomorrow (NOT) I hate getting ready to go anywhere I leave it al too the last minute. At least I have cleaned my car on the inside.

So I hope everybody has a great weekend.


Monday, 5 March 2007

Hi everybody,

Hope you all had a great day. I did - Mia and I made profiteroles today, how yum are they! We were going to make choc chip cookies but Mia found the pkt mix for the profiteroles and wanted to make them.

My huge order from two peas turned up from America today.... how exciting I brought heaps of chipboard stuff and some scallop edged card stock, mostly chipboard letters though lucky I got all my photos printed this afternoon so I can go and start creating.

Mia fell asleep at 5pm this afternoon so I am guessing that I will be up till about MIDNIGHT!!!!

I was just showing salty the blog and he asked where his footy photos are so I will have to post one for you all. I am really hoping he doesn't play this year as they won there grand final last year and it would be nice for him to retire on a high...... & he did win the presidents award for player of the year. Also he will be 35 in a few weeks and I don't think he needs to be playing footy at that age..........

& just because I haven't had a post without a photo in the last few days here is a photo of Salt's mum when she was 10. The doll she is holding was given to her from her mother & sister Dulcie & they paid 5 pound 2 & 6 for it. She still has it. Last year she had the doll restrung & gave her new teeth, hairs and eyelashes. She had her photo taken with the doll again I will have to get a copy of it and do a layout with more details about the doll.

Well I have just gotten off the phone with Kay and she is coming over in the morning to look after Brie while Mia & I go to dancing so I best go and tidy the house...

Goodnight all.


Sunday, 4 March 2007

Bali, Brie's Teeth & A Happy Birthday!!!!

Well the snake is freaking a few people out so here is a photo of my sister in Bali.

Poor little Brie has cut her second tooth over night, she went to bed at 6.30 last night and woke up at 11.30 & I fed her and the she woke again 4.45am so I got up and fed her again..... she has been a bit sooky this morning so I felt her gums and the bottom one has broken the skin and her two top ones are just bulging so I hope she gets them before we head to sydney on thursday.
I am trying so hard not to make choc chip cookies I love betty crockers pkt cookies but I decided I would make some from scratch last friday night... they were all gone by saturday night & I have been craving them since LOL & I wonder why I can't loose weight.
Salt's mum got home last night so we will go over and see her after Brie has her sleep.
Happy Birthday to two of my wonderful friends today......
Happy Birthday Dannielle & Michelle
I hope you both have a great day!!!
Ok well enjoy your sunday everybody I have already cleaned the house just a bit of washing to hang out & tea to organise.

Saturday, 3 March 2007

Something to scare the crap out of you!!!

How would you be, your in your bathroom and the bathroom vent isn't working properly so being an electrician you think I will just have a quick look to see whats wrong......

Look what falls on your head!!!!!! I am glad it was Mark and not me LMAO. Salt's sister Kristal emailed me this photo last night, she is 81/2 months pregnant (it would have made me have the baby) with a little note saying -
"Hi Amie & James,
Look at what dropped on Mark’s head in the bathroom (out of the ceiling vent) tonight. I think he loves snakes about as much as Mum does – there were two very dirty pairs of undies in our house tonight."
Salts Mum is up at Brisbane at the moment for Kristals Baby shower that she had last Saturday, she will be home tonight. Can you just imagine the squeals that would have been coming out of there mouths..... We rang them straight away to find out what they did with the snake. Kristals next door neighbour came in and help get the snake into a pillow case and she drove it to a nature reserve a few km down the road!!! lets hope it doesn't have any babies up in the roof. She is going to get a snake man to come in and have a look.
Don't you hate it when you would really love a sleep-in but the kids wake up at about 7am.... this always happens. But when they decide to sleep-in like this morning both of the girls are still asleep and I couldn't sleep I might go and hang some washing on the line.
Have a good day.


Friday, 2 March 2007

Lots of photos to Share!!!

Here are a few of the things I have been scrapping since I cleaned up the room.

This is a canvas

I have just lent Kristins camera cord and took the 187 photos off my camera...

Today my parcel from Scrapapple arrived and I am so please with my HUGE chunky letters. I orders U & S, now I just have to think about how I will decorate them. I also got a few other things.... not too much though.

Here is the photo of Mia falling asleep with the biscuit in her mouth the other night - it is just too cute.

Mia just loves being involved in everything we do, she just has to have a turn so here she is shaving her dads head. I have been taking lots of photos this week so I can get some nice photos to scrap.

Today I brought the cutest little icecream cones well the girls thought they were great I already have the LO in my head for these few photos. (notice the FLANNIES.. Mia must think it is winter already she has been dressing in her winter clothes all week)

I went over to the Craft Cottage and scrapped with Narelle on Thursday, we both got a LO done using the sketch that she put up on her BLOG.
Mia is mucking around with her dad while I am sitting here typing and she is telling him to "settle down" it sounds so funny.

Here is a rare photo taken by Salty, I am normally the one taking photo's but I was saying to him that we didn't have any photos of Brie in the pool this year so he ran inside to get the camera.

Well Salt starts back on Dayshift tomorrow so I am back to making lunches I just hate the thought of what to put in his am I going to go when the girls go to school - he is having chinese tomorrow since today is Henrys Specials Day... and you get dishes with fried rice for $8.
Well I hope you all have a good weekend.