Sunday, 31 December 2006

Just a few photo's

The girls playing in their new cubby house.

My first atempt at cherry pie - mum brought a box of cherries with her so I thought I better use the ones that were left!

I have just put Brie to bed she had a great time playing in the cubby house, she stayed in there for at least 30mins all by herself while Mia helped me do the ironing.

Saturday, 30 December 2006

We all Slept In!!

Salt missed the bus this morning for work LOL he slept in. He woke up at 6.15am and jumped out of bed his alarm did go off and 5am but he must have turned it off instead of pressing snooze.

I got to sleep in this morning until 8.45am I have been needing a sleep in for ages but the girls have been waking up early well not too early but before 8am anyway. It must have been the swimming in our pool yesterday I took them in in the morning and they both came in and had a sleep and then we got back in yesterday afternoon it definitely tired Brie out as she slept all thru the night for the first time in about 10 days.

It is a bit windy today so we might have to go for a swim when it warms up.

Brie has been very busy in the last week she started saying mum on the 17th dec and that lasted about 3 days and now she is onto dad and any other noise except mum that she can make it is so funny and cute.

She choked on a piece of plastic the other day I am not sure who panicked the most Me or Salt now that she is reaching out and moving around the floor just a little bit I am going to have to make sure nothing is on the floor. Mia has been pretty good if you tell her to pick the stuff after she plays with it she does and then she says " cause brie will choke hey mum"

Kristy, Amanda and I are going to the motel for NYE so it should be a good night. I haven't had a big night out for at least 18 months.

I hope everyone has a great NYE and all the best for 2007.

Thanks for reading Amie

Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Christmas Day

Christmas was great, Mia had a great time! the funny thing was she wouldn't look in her santa bag everytime I would say look what santa brought she would say No I don't want it..... anyway I had to pretend to wrap the 3 presents that were in there up so she would have a look at them. She loves her swingset and cubbyhouse I will have to take some photos of her playing with them. Christmas lunch was great we had roast pork with baked veges and it was no where near as stressfull as last year I guess their were only half the people here and I wasn't pregnant. I didn't go much on the icecream and plum pudding as much as I thought I would maybe I will have to have another taste tonight.

Brie learn't too clap her hands last night so that was pretty special on christmas day.

Nana and Grandad rang to talk to everybody Grandad was so happy with the present I gave them for xmas I made a DVD of photos with the music he was crying he loved it that much he said I made his christmas. It must be hard for them being in NZ all by themselves on christmas day. We went over 2 christmas's ago which was nice as Mia was only 8mths old.

I tried to get a photo of Mum and my brother with the girls today isn't it a task and a half to get everyone looking and smiling nicely LOL.

Anyway I best go and clean up, sort out all the girls new toys, find spots for everything I think we need a bigger house. Wishfull thinking I would say.

Thanks for looking.

Friday, 22 December 2006

Santa's nearly here!!

Well Santa is nearly hear I am getting sooooo excited I can't wait to see how excited Mia will be christmas morning people have been asking her what Santa is bringing her and she has been telling them she is getting a dolly (whoops I don't think Santa got that letter) I better get her a little one from the chemist in the morning. Brie is in bed and Mia is over with her cousins she just loves the boys even though she only sees them once or twice a year. I should be cleaning up but the computer has a hold over me I just can't get up from the seat!! LOL

I have just made the plum pudding and icecream for desert on Monday I can't wait to eat it, it looks yummy licking the bowl tasted pretty good...

Dione gave me a leg of pork for christmas so I am going to cook that instead of hot ham.

Well as you can tell I started this post last night I was going to finish it after I had vacuumed but then Mia woke up just as I had finished cleaning and I had to go back to bed with her.

This morning she told me there was a monster under the blanket "she said hello monster" I said what is the monsters name?? LMAO she is so funny she said Monstar Taya - she is making me laugh so much lately.

I just went over to Kays and she is stressed out it always happens at christmas for her you would think after years of doing christmas she would know what she is doing and just chill!! & I thought they were coming here for xmas lunch anyway but I am not sure what is happening with the Wambiana Taylors now.

I have downloaded apparently it is like photoshop but free I am slowly working it out.

Did anyone see the christmas trees made out of biscuits on Nic Wrights blog I am going to try and make some today. My Nana makes the best shortbread and I have never been able to master it maybe I will try it with those biscuits.

Well I hope everyone has a great christmas.

Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Great Idea Nurse Nyngan

I will do that I saw that recipe somewhere the other day. We won golf tonight I got 2 pars which was a bonus since my golf is shitty at the moment.

I brought my Dyson today I am really happy with it, you should have seen the crap that came out of the carpet I main reason I brought it was because I am sick of my hair all over the carpet and it did a great job of getting that up.

I altered a clock today and I think it looks great I will posts photo's later.

Making Xmas Presents

I altered this notebook last night to go in with my sisters xmas present I hope she likes it (so stacie if you are reading this and it doesn't get to you by xmas I hope you like it!!)

Sunday, 17 December 2006

Noice Kimmy Noice

This is our photo that we had taken a few weeks ago I am really happy with it!!

How Lucky Am I.......

Well I think it is official I have the best mother in law you could possibly have. We got home from holidays about 10.45pm last night and I walked into one very clean house. Kay has been spring cleaning my house all week, before I left she asked me if it was alright if she changed our sheets and stuff for when we came home of course I said YES!!!

Anyway she got a bit carried away and cleaned all the cubboards in the girls rooms, kitchen & laundry the carpet is looking very clean so I am not sure if she has cleaned it or just used her new vacuum cleaner.

Well holidays were great Robbie Williams was amazing I think he must be one of the best entertainers in the world.. the grin did not dissapear from my face the whole time. Even Salt was singing and dancing away (but he just said he was good).

The girls were very good for Aunty Stacie they were both asleep by 7.30pm.

Mia really enjoyed the wiggles I think Brie did as well she was bopping along to the music.

Here are some photos of our holiday.

We left Nyngan at about6.30pm on saturday night half an hour down the road we had 2 sleeping beauties.

The girls at the beach I wish I could say it is me holding Brie - This is my sister Stacie she has a beautiful figure.

Salty & Mia in Stacie's back yard mucking around with the surf board.

The kids enjoying the spa at Nelsons Bay & Mia Tenpin Bowling how cute are the shoes!!!

I will have to post some photo's of the wiggles concert tomorrow.

I can't believe it is only a week until christmas I am trying to decide what to cook for christmas lunch I am sure I will think of something I better make a decision soon though so far I am thinking hot ham and baked veges and lots of yummy deserts.

You should see my christmas card that I recieved in Julie Love's Christmas Card Swap it is absoulutley beautiful I am soooo pleased to have recieved a card from someone so talented thankyou Melissa Duffy Well I am off to bed I don't cope will on 6 hours sleep.

Friday, 8 December 2006

Hey Stalkers,

How is everyone??? I am great, I have been scrapbooking all day which was nice and relaxing. What I should have been doing was getting ready to go on holidays tomorrow but instead I had a great day with Skye, Narelle, Monique & Janet. I did four LO's thanks to pencillines I am just loving their sketches it makes scrapbooking a whole lot easier when you only have to pick what colours you want too use.

This I got woken up at 7.20am Salty's mum thought I would be up getting organised! Not me if the girls are asleep so am I anyway the phone woke Mia up and the first thing she said to me was I love you mum - isn't she adorable.

Well I have got so much to do I haven't even packed our bags yet I am just about to write out a list so I don't forget anything. Knowing my luck I will get about 15kms out of Nyngan and realise I have left the concert tickets at home. (I have done it before).

My sister is looking after the girls for us while we go to Robbie Williams isn't she going to have fun chasing Mia around I really hope they behave for her I am a bit worried about Brie though I would hate for her too be screaming and put stacie right off having kids. (and those who know Brie know she doesn't even know how to cry)LMAO

One of my friends Sarah has created her own blog today it is very funny so check it out it is called The Adventures of Nurse Nyngan.

I am guessing I will be having stalking withdrawls while I am away I might have to find myself an internet cafe. I wish I owned a laptop.

I will blog from my sisters and let you all know we got to sydney safely.

We are leaving tomorrow afternoon Salt is coming off nightshift in the morning so I am going to let him sleep all day and then he can drive all night and the girls will sleep well that is the plan anyway.

I have just got off the phone to Leah this is the second night in a row that we have been on the phone for over an hour I guess you can do that when the kids are in beds and the hubby's aren't home. Leah what day do you get back from Sydney? you will have to put your family photos on your blog and I will be able to check them out when we get back to stacies for the wiggles.

Here are the LO's that I did today.

Well have a great week everybody I will catch up with all your blogs & leave little messages saying what a great concert Robbie was, how nice relaxing on the beach is, the massage was great! yada yada I bet the highlight is going to be the wiggles LMAO.

Goodnight All.

Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Really Just Ribbons Gallery

Well Jenny at Really Just Ribbons has got her Gallery up and running and she has put my Cheeky LO in the gallery.... very excited. Jenny has some beautiful ribbons and they come all neatly rolled on ribbon card holders??? if thats what they are called.
Jenny's website is in my links.

It is my bestfriends birthday today {HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRISTY}.

I took the girls to the pool yesterday & I am so happy. Mia doesn't let me anywhere near her so you just have to let her play by herself and she will get in when she is ready. So yesterday I asked her if she would like to push Brie around in her floaty seat, she jumped at the chance I am so glad I let her because after about 20mins of me following her around while she pushed Brie (Brie was loving it mind you). She let go and walked around all by herself then she started blowing bubbles and kicking her legs while holding onto the rail. I was so proud of her, she kept getting more and more confident and then some bigger kids got in the pool jumping and splashing around well she was right then, she was jumping and splashing with no floaties on she even dunked herself under - she was holding my leg though. I was going to take her today but it rained so I will take some photos tomorrow being very confident in the water. It is amazing how much they learn by being around other kids.

Tuesday, 5 December 2006


I was wondering why I wasn't getting left any coments and I was just blog stalking and Briony has left a message saying that she couldn't leave a comment for me. I was mucking around with it the other day so anyone could leave comments but when I just had a look it said NO ONE could leave comments. Anyway it is fixed now everyone.

Off to playgroup this morning I am hoping Mia gets to make a xmas tree decoration as last year they were so cute.

Monday, 4 December 2006

{You wouldn't believe it.....}

Well you will believe it Brie woke up at 6am this morning and instead of feeding her and going back to bed we stayed up and I DIDN'T TURN ON THE COMPUTER.. I got stuck in and for the first time in about 3months I feel like my house is clean (such a nice feeling) I did all the washing cleaned the kitchen & scrubbed the bathroom vacuumed and mopped dusted and feel very happy with myself I had all this done by 11am. It did help that Mia didn't wake up until 8.45am. So when Brie woke up from her nap we went to the pool with Rachelle and Mason I was going up the street to do some jobs but Brie is asleep again wish I was a baby.

So Leah I think we should have snaps for Amie LOL.

I just read Leahs blog and the kids letters to santa are a crack up! all the things I get to look fwd too.

Blogging is great I sent the link to my blog to my friend Kristy in perth and now she has created her own which is great as we just don't pick up the phone unless there is something really important to tell each other like marriage or babies. So it is going to be great knowing what she is up too.

Mia has just fallen asleep on the lounge - Gotta love going to the pool to wear the kids out!! I am going to try and be creative and make Nana & Grandad something for xmas.

Thanks for reading
Love A

Sunday, 3 December 2006

Finally the photo's

I tried to take a few photos of the girls on friday with santa hats on hahahhah it did't work they would not co-operate at all as you can see.

I also made this for Brie's room.

Well we are heading off on Holidays with the Weston's next saturday and I have a busy week ahead of me so I need to get a list happening of the things i need to do this week.

Washing - you should see the pile up in the laundry!!
Cleaning - can anyone give me some hints on how to keep a house clean with a 2 year old? I don't seem to know how....
Scrapbooking - I need to get organised for our all day/night scrap this friday, I would like to print out some sketches and do up some challenges for myself to do I say this every time and I never do it, & I never get anything done.
I need to make Nana & Grandad a xmas present and get it sent this week!!!!!
Pack - Need to pack for Hols isnt that a crappy job I think it might be the worst thing about going on hols.

Tuesday - we have playgroup
Thursday - Mothers group xmas party need to make a plate of food to take.

So tomorrow I guess I am going to be cleaning the house I started in the loungeroom today so I only have the rest of the house to do I'm not going to turn my computer on tomorrow as I am guessing that's what keeps me from getting stuff done around here I have become a Blog Stalker as Leah calls it LMAO.

Friday, 1 December 2006

I just love you!!

Brie you are just sooooo beautiful I just had to share this photo with everyone....
Brie is 7 months old today.. where does the time go??

Well what else have I been doing ummmm Nana & Grandad sent the girls there xmas presents the other day so I am trying to be creative and make them something scrapbookish LOL. I will have to pull my finger out and get it done this weekend so I can post it on Monday

I am going to put the christmas tree up tonight Mia should enjoy decorating it she is asleep at the moment so she will have lots of energy and won't even look like going to bed before 9pm so at least that will keep her entertained.

Wednesday, 29 November 2006

The Santa Photo.

Here is the Santa photo that we got taken in Dubbo on Monday. It was so funny I said to Mia look there's Santa do you want to get your photo taken with Santa? No! Please No! can you hold Brie's hand while she gets her photo taken? No!

So I was just going to get one with Brie but Mia doesn't like to miss out so she sat there and smiled as you can tell this is the best santa photo yet that Mia has had taken.

I just told Mia that I am feeling sick and she said Do you want a bucket LOL so cute. I am supposed to be playing golf tonight but I have a sore toe and don't feel that great there is a vomiting and pooing bug getting about and most of the people that were at the christening either have it, or had it so we are bound to get it I guess - Maybe it is in my head. I hope we don't get it or it stays away until friday cause we have Salty's work xmas party on thurs night and I am sure the food is going to be soooooo yummy.

Monday, 27 November 2006

Brie just rolled back over!!!

Hi everyone - very exciting Brie has just rolled back over. She has been getting so frustrated with being able to roll from her back to her belly and just being stuck so now she will be able to get around the floor a bit more.

Mia went to the doctor today about the cyst on her eyelid and he said there is nothing he can do at the moment as she is too young and he would hate for her too get a nasty scar so she is going to see a plastic surgeon in 6 months to see if he wants to cut it out or not.

Sunday, 26 November 2006

Family Photo's

Well the girls just got their photo's taken with Salts mum & dad it is a photography fundraiser you pay the preschool $10 and then you get a framed photo and since Salty is in Newcastle I asked his mum and dad to be in the photo with the girls. They just looked gorgeous I put them in matching outfits so I hope the photo comes up nice.

We went to Ella's christening yesterday it was a great day stayed at the RSL all day and caught up with everyone I came home at about 830 because Mia hadn't had a sleep all day and she was very tired.

These are some photos I took b4 we left for the church.

Tuesday, 21 November 2006

Santa was a hit!!!

This was Brie before we left for the fete, isn't she just gorgeous patiently waiting while I get organised.

Saturday night was great, Mia had such a good time at the fete. As soon as we got there she ran over to the jumping castle had about 10 jumps and then spotted the merry go round which she loved even more she had 2 rides. By then it was time for Santa to arrive and it took about 15mins for us to even get near him she was yelling out Santa Santa Santa HO HO HO it was so cute. Once he noticed her he gave her a bag of lollies which she thought was pretty good!

We then went and got her face painted and she noticed that Santa was getting his photo taken with kids so I went to get Brie and by the time I'd got back she had already been up on Santa's lap and had her photo taken (so much for me thinking she would be scared LOL) Brie sat there and just looked it will be interesting to see how the photo turns out.

Salt thought he might become a face painter with my eyeshadow. Mia thought it was pretty good!


Salty got heaps of Yabbies so on Sunday he cooked them and we had sweet chilli honey and garlic yabbies and creamy garlic yabbies on rice for lunch I enjoyed them because I don't go much on them just cooked with cocktail sauce whereas Salt would rather them cold with cocktail sauce.

We went over and saw Tyson for his 1st birthday and I was going through her scrapbook and he was just so tiny it is amazing how quick a year goes.

Yesterday we went to Lucy's 3rd birthday and Mia had a great time playing with the kids she came home and had a sleep for nearly 2& half hours and then last night when I put her to bed at 8.30 who do you think wouldn't go to sleep, but the good thing is she is staying in her room playing so at least I am getting peace and quiet.

Playgroup was so hot this morning we only have 1 left until Feb next year.

Mia is asleep again now & Brie is supposed to be going to sleep I can hear her playing in her cot lets hope she goes to sleep as well and then I will go and get some scrapping done.

Twilight golf starts tonight trust it to be about 40degrees outside today anyway I hope I can hit the ball since I haven't play in about 8 months

Brie is starting to sit up really well......

Well I have just had to go and rock brie to sleep in the rocking chair for the first time in her life you forget the looks on their faces you should have seen her just loving being cuddled and rocked at the same time I used to do it a fair bit with Mia but Brie has been such a great baby that she puts herself to sleep anyway lets hope she doesn't get into the habit of liking it too much.

So since the girls are both asleep guess what I am about to go and do LOL!!!

Saturday, 18 November 2006


Hi Everyone, I can't believe how much I miss not having email & internet. I got a phonecall from Kristin on Wed morning asking me if my internet was working (I was still in bed LOL) so i didnt know if it was so I got up and had a look and it wasn't sooooo I tried what telstra normally make you do when you call for assistance and that didn't work. Grrrrrr so after nearly 4 days without it it just came back on whoohoo :o)

I started back on my weight watchers this week and have been really well behaved and it paid off as I lost .5kgs hopefully it will be 1kg by tues as that is when I started so that is great I want to loose 3kgs before I go away just before christmas at least then I wont feel so guilty about eating so much on holidays.

We are going to the Catholic School Fete tonight I hope Mia will sit on Santas lap for the photo last year she wasn't very impressed so I cant imagine it happening this year.

Salt is out Yabbying and reckons he will be back by 6.30 so he can come too! Lets see what happens.

I have finally finished the LO that I want to submit to SBM

I need to buy Brie one of those first year books as I am starting to forget when she did what & Mia pulled hers out of the bookshelf yesterday so I have written the things that I can remember down

Smiled 7-8 weeks
Rolled over 14/10/06
pooed in the bath LOL The reason I remember this as it was my birthday!!
Blows rasberrys 6.5m
fisrt solid food 5.5m Farex, she is now eating a little bit more chicken and sweet corn, banana custard, banana & avocado.
Sitting Up 6.5m
Fav Toy the Caterpiller
Laughed, she was exactly 4months but I think that was a fluke it does take a bit too make her laugh Mia is the best at it. All though in Target the other day she was just cacking herself I think it was the lights
Loves the Jolley Jumper as you can see I started putting her in it on wednesday.

It is Tyson's bday tomorrow he will be 1 just think this time last year Jo was rushed to sydney for an emergency ceaser 7 weeks early as she developed toxiemia(spell)??, I will have to visit tomorrow I best go and make a birthday card for him.

By for now.

Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Christmas Shopping

Well I went to Dubbo yesterday to get some christmas shopping done. I got a few things but the best thing was that I had to go to spotlight for Kay and I was looking at all the scrapbooking OTP Kaiser products and brought heaps of them to make for christmas presents for everyone so I am going to have a few late nights soon I can see.

When I got home there was a message from the commonwealth bank asking me to ring them ASAP so I did and they were just making sure I was the one using the credit card good to see they do actually check, you hear about this happening but it has never happened to me before I DIDN'T THINK I HAD SPENT THAT MUCH MONEY !!! LMAO.....
Anyway Salty wasn't very impressed but what is new when I spend money.

Sunday, 12 November 2006

Sunday Night

Well I have been playing around with my blog all day and I have added music and a slide show -very happy with myself LOL.

So I guess now I should remind myself of what I have done this week, I cant remember what I did on Monday so it mustn't of been that important. Tuesday was a great day we had our annual Melbourne cup lunch at the RSL with the girls & our kids I was going to drop Mia at her Grandmas but she has worked out that if I drop her over there and take Brie with me she must be missing out on something so she got all dressed up and let me do her hair (what there is of it) and she looked soooo gorgeous I had to take a photo. Salts mum nearly always picks the winner of the big race and once again she picked the winner I am glad I listened to her cause I put $5 each way on Delta Blue and won $118.50 very exciting I also won $16 in $2 sweep and all of us girls put in $5 to buy a yabbie in the yabbie races and we won $188.00 between us so it was just a great day.

On wednesday we went out for lunch for Amandas bday and then Teressa came over and we made some invitations for Ella's christening on the 25th Nov.

Thursday I stayed home all day and did the washing and then played OZ Tag we are a bit sad our team hasn't won a game yet.

Friday morning the girls both woke up tooooo early for my liking 6am so I rang Amanda at 7.15am and we went for a walk and we had a look at her new house that they have just brought.
That night we were all in bed before 8pm it was still daylight thanks to the lovely daylights savings.

Yesterday I did all my ironing and Mia and I made Salmon Patties for Salt (he just loves them apparently) I don't but Mia enjoyed helping me make them so thats all that counts I guess. We then walked over to the Craft Cottage to chat with Narelle - well I better go Mia is up on the bench making a cup of tea!!!!

My Own Blog!!

Hi Everyone, well I have been reading a lot of scrapbooking blogs lately and thought it would be nice to have my own so last night I finally did it and now I am just figuring out how to add all the stuff to it I am getting there.