Sunday, 29 April 2007

What colour should yours BE?

Aparently mine should be:
Your Blog Should Be Blue
Your blog is a peaceful, calming force in the blogosphere.You tend to avoid conflict - you're more likely to share than rant.From your social causes to cute pet photos, your life is a (mostly) open book.

So I better change it LOL.

Salt got home today at about 2.30 and at 4.30 he was back in bed asleep....... and still is asleep. Anywho here are some photos that they took while they were fishing.

Not much else happened today, I am a bit tired so I am going to go to bed.

I need to make Bries b'day cake tomorrow I am going to do a number 1 with mickey mouse on it I think. Boy has that year flown.

Good night all.

Saturday, 28 April 2007

2 More Quick LO's

This is the April Sketch over at Forever Always, The winner each month receives a $25 voucher in their shop.... How nice would it be to win that!

This is one that I have had sitting unfinished in my scrapbook room waiting for a nice photo of the girls together.

Not much else happening here today besides sneaking into my scrapbook room when the girls aren't taking notice to get a bit more scrapping done!


Friday, 27 April 2007

Tonight I enjoyed doing a Cybercrop with Forever Always. The challenges were excellent I was lucky that I had photos that matched the challenges and they all came together really quickly.
The card is a bit dodgy but I don't really enjoy making cards that much.

The first challenge you had to use numbers, purple and black.

This one had to be mostly yellow with feathers or wings I made a butterfly out of chipboard shapes and a flower.

This one was a sketch you had to use mostly red and doodle which I suck at!!!!

Only 2 more sleep till Salt comes home, I reckon the time has flown I am just starting to miss him now which is good. Mia woke up this morning and said wheres my DAD? Fishing..... I said.

She then started bawling I want my Dad!!!! poor little thing.

Have a good night.

Thursday, 26 April 2007

{Mia's First Day of Preschool}

Today is a very exciting day in the Taylor household. It was Mia's first day of preschool this morning..... All very excited Mia woke up at about 6.20am I think she was pretty eager to get there. At about 8am I told her to get dressed and brush her teeth & hair, I gave her back pack and she put it on and happily walked out the door without me. LOL I think she would have walked there by herself if she could. We took these photos and hopped in the car and when we got there she said open the gate Mum.

I had butterflies in my stomach when I was strapping her in the car & as we got closer to the preschool I felt like being sick...... I am not sure why cause it's not like Mia didn't want to go to preschool, I could have cried when I left her there but I told myself to 'wake up to myself' & Brie and I came home and cleaned up. Then we went over to see Bec while I waited to pick her up.... I had to keep Brie awake somehow.

Mia was very excited to see me and show me her Library Bag and hasn't stopped telling what she did, so she really enjoyed herself which makes me really happy.

Here is some of the things she has told me,

Riding the bikes is fun.
Went to the toilet and washed my hands.
Made the teacher happy.
Sang twinkle twinkle little star
Played with Ebby and Bobo??? who knows who that is.

Salt rang last night he is having a lovely time fishing and they all caught about the same amount of fish. They were going crabbing today if that's what it is called all I hope is they catch some as they were so yummy last time he brought some home.

Mia is all rested up on the couch so it must have taken it out of her.

Have a good day Amie

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Wednesday, 25 April 2007

{Excuse Me, your daughter has dog shit in ah mouth!}

I have just came home from Leah's and girls were outside playing with Fallon and the little girl from next door Amber..... & this is what Amber came and said too me Excuse me, Your daughter has DOG SHIT in ah mouth.....

Brie is forever putting stuff in her mouth so I jumped up and went outside and sure enough she had something that resembled shit but it definitely was not Dog Shit! I said to Leah I think it is Cat Poo and Amber said has she got Cat Shit in her mouth? No I think it might cat poo Amber.... Oh she said and then followed us in side while I washed Brie's mouth and hands thoroughly, saying why does she have Cat Shit in her mouth!!!! LOL it was funny afterwards.

This is the LO I did last night in between Show LO's at least I can share this one at the moment... I will take photos of what I am putting in the show exhibit and share with you all next Sunday.

Hope everyone is enjoying ANZAC Day I was going to go to the races but decided against it when I got a few sharp pains in my belly that I would hate to lead to something else at a public place.....


Tuesday, 24 April 2007


Mia at dancing sitting next to her friend Brooke, we had dancing and playgroup this morning so I was up nice and early with the girls getting organised.... I don't know why it takes me over 2 hrs to get ready to go anywhere. Mia went to sleep at 6.30 last night so she woke up at 6.30 this morning and Brie at 6.45 which I don't mind at all if they are in bed that early.

I will have to remember to watch dancing with the stars tonight I missed all the big dramas last week, I really want Kate Sabrano to win (is that how you spell her last name?) I should vote but I don't.

I think Mia's hair is starting to grow.. it is looking thicker anyway.

The girls had a cake at playgroup today we had to put the cake a bit away from Brie as she was trying to touch the candles... it was so cute I said Ok sing happy birthday and Mia started sing first... a bit sad having to sing your own happy birthday... LOL.

Brie has been climbing on everything and anything she can in the last few days she has fallen off their little table 3 times cried and gotten back up on it!! I think she is going to be as stubborn as Mia.

I spoke to my Nana & Grandad on the phone yesterday and they are coming over in September which is so good as I was trying to plan to go over and see them but now we wont have to until next year, the last time they came to Australia was my wedding. I can't wait to see them, they have me Mia but are still to meet Brie so I am sure they will be looking fwd to coming over.
Ok not much else happening I am going to put Mia to bed and vacuum and tidy up a bit and then do some scrapping.

Monday, 23 April 2007

{Mia calls me Amie}

Yesterday Mia was sitting at my computer asking me to come and look at something,

"Mum come and look"

"Mum come and look"

I was talking to Kellie who had came over for a visit so I didn't answer her straight away.....

" Amie come and look at this" LOL I wasn't sure if she knew my first name but obviously she does.... I said how cute does that sound say my name again Mia. She sat there saying Amie Amie Amie...... then I asked her what Dads name was and she said Salty!!

Back to dancing and playgroup tomorrow, then the ANZAC Day races on Wednesday. Mia has her first day of preschool on Thursday and then we are heading out to Kristy's on Friday as she is having a playgroup at her house. Nice and busy which is good.


Saturday, 21 April 2007

I found this tonight!!!!

How is this going, I found it on a blog tonight and thought I would see what my obituary would say. Funny cause before Salty left this morning he was looking thru the photos that I had just had printed he saw this photo and said it looks like an obituary photo which it does.... LOL
'What" will your obituary say?' at

Here is mine,

I have just finished my OTP project for the NYNGAN SHOW I am so happy with it. I have 3 more LO's to do b4 this friday oooohhhh the pressure.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.


Friday, 20 April 2007

Brie took 5 steps today!!!!!!

My gorgeous little baby took 5 steps today - it was all very exciting Salty got to see her take the whole 5 or 6 I saw the last 2....

Today we went and took some family photos as Salt is going to Darwin in the morning and I said I would like to have some photos together just in case he gets eaten by a big crocodile.........
Not much else has been happening this week. Mia has just been a little turd since turning 3 I am sick of yelling at her, smacking - she just smacks back! as Salt found out today.... So I have told her that I am going to start throwing her toys in the bin.... Who thinks that will work.
Sometimes she is so funny like the other day we got in the car and she started singing "Mary had a little Lamb" to her doll Mary, and then she said to her Mary do you have a little lamb, where is your little lamb mary? Do you love your little lamb Mary?.......
Then she runs down the road and WON'T come back GGRRRRR twice in one day!!! She thinks it is quite funny. Or deciding to fill a full bottle of milk up with chocolate topping......
I am planning on getting lots of scrapping done while Salt is away, no making his lunch or dinner I should have heaps of time on my hands.... I hope.

Good Night.

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

{Meet Baby Alexander

Isn't he just beautiful.... I really can't wait to go and meet him now!!

This tag is from Jenny

4 Jobs I have had

1. Accounts Clerk/Payroll

2. Bank Teller

3. Coles Supermarket

4. Telemarketer

4 Movies I have watched over and over

1. Dirty Dancing

2. The Goonies

3. American Pie all 3

4. Young Blood

4 Places I have Lived

1. New Zealand

2. Avoca Beach

3. Nyngan

4. Manly

4 TV Shows I Like to Watch

1. Friends

2. Will & Grace

3. All Saints

4. Dancing with the stars (which I missed last night) bugga!!

4 Places I have Been on Vacation

1. NZ

2. Gold Coast

3. Club Med Aust.

4Nelsons Bay (twice)

4 of My Favourite Foods

1. Chocolate

2. Hot Chips

3. Baked Dinner

4. McDonalds

4 Places I would rather be right now

1. On holidays, anywhere

2. Asleep

3. America LMAO

4 Scrapping

4 People I will tag

1. Amie

2. Sarah<>


4. Kellie Bodycott

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Happy Birthday Mia!!!!!

Wow 3 already I can't believe how quick it has gone.
"Happy Birthday Mia"

Mia's cake, she couldn't decide what she wanted so I cut out all of her fav shows.

Opening Grandma & Grandad's present....They couldn't be here as they are in Brisbane with Baby Alexander.

Our Present a black baby cabbage patch. We also brought her a DVD player for the car but I didn't wrap it up as I didn't think it would be very exciting to open. I am also thinking about taking it back and getting one that has 2 screens.Posted by Picasa

Brie's present

Pretty Shoes from her little sister...

Our breakfast tradition of singing happy birthday with a mini pancake stack

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Mia's party was excellent she received lots & lots of present all the kids seemed to have a great time....... The cake was another story I used powdered food colouring and everyone who had icing had pink hands and faces... I wont be using that again!
Hope everyone is having a great day! Mia is asleep as she has been very cranky the last few days and I think it is just lack of sleep....... please don't tell me this is how 3 year olds carry on!

Monday, 16 April 2007

More of Mia's Photos

Mia has been at it again, last night she want to take a photo of Brie playing in the pram most of the photos were blurry here is the clear one and Brie giving her the thumbs up I wish it was clear LOL

How cool is this LO my friend Kellie who started scrapbooking a few weeks ago came over last night to show me what she had been doing and I just loved this page.... The photo is a bit dodgy as I couldn't get a good one without the flash! Kell has 3 weeks to go and looks great as you can tell.

I said to her did you use Picasa collage to print them? Kell said Whats Picasa???? she measured and cut every single one!!!!!! I said you definitely have the patience for scrapbooking.

I have a busy day ahead of me, it is Mia's birthday tomorrow so I have to get organised for her party I still don't know what sort of cake to make her as she keeps telling me different things like Dora, Sporticus (No Way I am not that clever) I am actually thinking about just doing a number 3.....

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Saturday, 14 April 2007

My Little Photographer!

Here are 2 of the photo's that Mia took at the park the other day. I just love the look on Brie's face in both of the photos.

Not much happening this weekend, I went to the park with Kristy and her boys and her little niece Ella. Mia just love these two boys. They played over at the skate park most of the time enjoying sliding down the ramps - you should have seen how far Mia was sliding off the ramp.
I am sorting out all of my photos atm, putting them into new albums as Mia has wrecked most of the cheaper style ones by flicking thru them all the time once I have sorted them out I am putting them where she can't reach them.

I was in bed asleep at 8.30 last night I was so tired... Well have a good saturday everyone. Amie

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Friday, 13 April 2007

Boobe' or Bath

Poor little Brie has been having a few shocking night over the last week and I am so glad that I still feed her as the only thing that settles her down is boobe' or a bath so at 6am tuesday morning we had a bath as she wouldn't stop crying and wouldn't drink either and this morning she has been up most of the night but at least I haven't had to run a bath yet!!! Why is it that during the day they are fine with teeth (well that is what I am putting it down too) and at night time they wake up every 2 hrs!

I have just dressed Brie for the day and she looks so cute. It is funny I am very lucky as the girls are 2y 2 weeks apart so all the clothes I had for Mia fit Brie perfectly.... When I put this outfit on Brie just now I thought how cute she looked in it but I never really liked it on Mia, and there is another outfit that Mia used to wear that people would stop in the street and just comment on how gorgeous she was and Brie just doesn't look as cute in it, well maybe she does but..... Brie is the first pic!
anyway you get what I am trying to say.

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Brie on easter monday walking around the backyard with the washing trolley.

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This is the huge pic of Brie that I had framed I am so happy with it!!!

Going to see the clowns in the park again this morning, yesterday they gave us mums little pamper packs I can't believe how nice they are..... Today is their last day so there is a BBQ. Mia had her face painted as spiderman yesterday so I am wondering what she will ask for today.

Well I started this post at 5.30am I thought I would get up and clean the kitchen up and hang the washing on the line b4 the girls woke up but instead I sat down to do a bit of blog stalking and Brie woke up LOL.... well at least she is dressed ready for the day ahead,

Wednesday, 11 April 2007


Congratulations to Kristal & Mark on the birth of their first baby "Alexander James" How exciting I think he was 7p 8o and about 17 days overdue!!! Poor Kristal.... I can't wait to see my little nephew when I get a photo I will introduce him to my blogging world LOL.

In other news I won another voucher over at Aussie Pub Calls very lucky aren't I!!

I went to Dubbo yesterday and met Caitlin she is just gorgeous, it has made me very clucky!
Today we went to the park to see the clowns that are there this week and they were excellent playing games with the kids, face painting, making balloon shapes , a puppet show and just singing and dancing... Mia loved every minute of it, so much that at 7pm she went to sleep on the lounge she has had a big day! I told her last night that we were going to see the clowns in the morning and she woke up at 6.30am and the first thing that came out of her mouth was when are we going to see the clowns?
This is the beautiful butterfly she had painted on her face, I will have to take my camera with me tomorrow so it doesn't wear off b4 we get home!
Ok I don't have anymore news I am going to try and do my canvas challenge for the craft shop.

Sunday, 8 April 2007

Happy Easter!!

Posted by PicasaMia and Brie enjoying their choccies this morning

Brie at the park climbing up the steps.... She can't even walk yet LOL.

Mia & Dad (Can someone photoshop this for me)

Posted by PicasaMeet Caitlin Renae Bunting isn't she beautiful!!!
Congratulations Kristin, Troy & Brooke

Just a few happy shots of Brie showing her teeth...

Posted by PicasaThis is the LO I have done for Narelle as she won my Challenge at the craft shop. I hope you like it Narelle.