Sunday, 30 December 2007

{Our Christmas}

Christmas eve my Mum, Tony and my brother Steven arrived, last year Mia was up until about 11.30 so this year I put them to bed at 7pm and by 7.20 they were both asleep which left me to get organised.... It was funny because I had put Mia to bed and 2 minutes later she came out and said I have to leave a carrot for the reindeer's.... so we got Santa some eggnog and shortbread and left a carrot for the reindeer.... I was nearly busted as I forgot to put it away and when Mia woke me up in the middle of the night just as I was going back to sleep I remembered that I had left it all uneaten, so I quickly got up and poured the eggnog down the sink, shortbread in the bin and broke the carrot in half... not that Mia noticed but I bet she would have if I had left it there.

Our day wasn't too bad, Mia had woken up during the night so she slept until about 7.30ish and woke Brie up.... The first thing Mia said was has Santa BEEN??? Yes I think he has Mia. She rushed out to the lounge room and spotted the box her drum came in and grabbed it! I said no it is over there and she just looked at it as if too say mmmmmm that's not the one I wanted LMAO she then looked at everyone elses presents and then found her Santa bag.....

and she finally then noticed the bike.

Brie on the other hand spotted her new bike and jumped on straight away and was just loving it didn't want to open any other presents. They were quite happy overall

and it wasn't until the afternoon that Mia asked me why didn't Santa bring her a big drum I told her that there mustn't of been any big ones left as they are for big kids and Santa gave her one that is the right size for her!! Why she said.... which is pretty much what I get after I tell her something all the time. I should have taken some photos of lunch, Salts mum and dad and my mum and tony, and my brother Steven had lunch with the girls we had a hot lunch which was pretty yummy, all day every time I looked around Brie was eating chocolate or lollies or drinking out of someones coke.... She wouldn't even have a sleep for me......

This is Brie playing on her new slide that Grandma and Grandad Taylor gave the girls for Christmas, I think she is a little scared of it as she flew down the slide and skidded across the lawn....

James was on Night Shift over Christmas which is better than day shift I guess as at least he was able to see the girls open their presents.... I woke him up at about 3.30pm I think and he had his Christmas lunch and played with the girls a little more. I am sure he has Christmas off next year which will be great as he has been has been on N/S for the last 2.

As Brie didn't have a sleep I kept her awake until 6.30 and then put her to bed. I wasn't feeling very well myself by this stage and went to bed with Mia only to wake up at 12am to Mia saying she needed a drink..... she was a bit upset and I asked her if she was ok and she said no I need another drink I knew this meant she was going to be sick within 5 minutes she had vomited everywhere. I got up and changed the sheets and we got back into bed she kept saying sorry mum and I was like oh Mia you poor little thing it's not your fault Anyway to cut a long story short she proceeded to vomit and then got a really bad temp until 4am she couldn't keep the nurophen down so I gave her a suppository and that seemed to settle her down and she went off to sleep. I am so glad that I wasn't feeling well and piked on going to my friends house that night as I am sure I wouldn't have been in the state to deal with a sick little girl and that would have just been horrible for Mia. I will be glad when the yummy plum pudding has all been eaten and the rest of the yummy food is out of my house and then maybe I can shift some of the weight I have put on since sept...

Kristal, Mark and Baby Alexander turned up the day after boxing day so we have been busy spending time with them, the girls just love Alexander and just haven't left him alone all they want to do is go over and see him.

The girls showing Alexander some love.....

I just love this photo of Mia and Alex.

Mia blowing bubbles.

Yesterday Kristal, Mark and Alex did some posing for me... we got some great photos and as you would have noticed I am just loving photo shop brushes atm....
I have some photos to share of the river flowing to but we were supposed to be at Salts mum and dads for lunch 1/2hr ago so I will do it later

Monday, 24 December 2007

{Merry Christmas}

Merry Christmas everyone I hope you all have a great day!

I am sure ours is going to be interesting after this conversation with Mia this morning......

I was wrapping a few gifts today and Mia asked where her presents were I told her that Santa will bring them tonight and I asked her what she wanted A BIG DRUM!! meaning a drum kit that she saw in the bigw catalouge.... I said what happens if Santa can't bring you a big drum? I will be very very very sad mum.... this nearly brought tears to my eyes because she isn't getting a big drum she is getting a little one and I really don't want her to be upset when it isn't right..... anyway after a few minutes she said MUM I will SNAP.... I laughed and laughed as when I get cranky with the girls sometimes I say OMG I am going to snap in a minute....
She even asked me the other day how santa is going to fit the big drum in his santa bag??? So it is going to be interesting in the morning.

In other news Mia has learn't too ride her bike with no training wheels which is soooo exciting for her :o) Her training wheel snapped off on Saturday when she was rinding through the 4 inches of rain we had had on Friday night... So she stayed out there until she could do it and then hasn't stopped she loves it.

James and I went out with 2 of my friends on Friday night we had the best night, carrying on like little kids in the rain, walking home at 3am in the morning it was soooo much fun :o)

I have no voice I think I did too much yahooing, laughing and squealing in the pouring rain.

Well I am busy boiling condensed milk cans for my caramel tarts and wrapping presents for tomorrow... I am so not organised but oh well not much I can do about it now.......

Next year I am going to be very organised and I mean it.

Well again once again Merry Christmas and have a good one!!

Hugs Amie

Sunday, 16 December 2007

{Brie's First Haircut}

Well on Thursday Brie had her first haircut, and she sat there like a good little girl for most of it which was great....

Mia had her 4th haircut as well it is a bit sad but my girls hair just doesn't grow very fast at all!! I can't wait for them to have long hair that I can do for them.
I should know better...... On Tuesday morning Brie was very very quiet when I went to find her this is what she was up too.... She had tipped out a whole box of cornflour that I had been using on her bum for a rash she had. She had it everywhere! Lucky the vacuum was handy to clean it all up nice and quickly!!

{The Kids Christmas Party}

Yesterday the girls had Salt's work kids christmas party, and they had a ball, they had a jumping castle, merry go round and 2 clowns that did the best face painting! Mia spent most of her time on the merry go round and Brie liked the jumping castle. When Santa arrived it was all very exciting, Brie went straight up to him.... she is so not scared of Santa which is great as we are going to Dubbo on Thursday to have there Santa photo and take them christmas light looking. Santa gave Brie a doon buggey bike.... she looked so funny trying to hold this huge present :o) Mia recieved some makeup which she is very happy with.

Here are the girls having their face painted... I really don't know why Mia looks so pale in these photos as she is really quite brown like Brie. The clown said that Brie had gorgeous lips and Mia has a lovely nose and she said "I see alot of noses".

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Saturday, 15 December 2007

{Happy Birthday Kristal}

Happy Birthday Kristal

We hope you had a great day and enjoyed your party....

Thursday, 6 December 2007

{ Mi a & Brie in the pool}

Yesterday Brie got up the confidence to swim in the pool by herself with her floaties of course. She was just loving it!!!

And these 2 photos are of Mia trying to learn how to swim without her noodle. She is going really well, she really wants to swim without her noodle but is still going under the water a bit..... that must be scary for a 3.5year old. I would say a few more weeks and she will be going great guns.

Now this dodgey LO is for a challenge that I set for Charm Koch on her blog. I challenged her to use 7 photos, 4 pattern papers from 4 different companies, 26 button and 4 things that had been in her stash for a while..... if she did it so would I.

Well Charm went and did it!! Hers is gorgeous compared to mine, but anyway some LO's you love and some you don't :o)
Mia has her first pre-school concert on tonight, I can't wait to see how she goes.

If you haven't seen the video of Brie saying ho ho ho merry christmas in my last post make sure you wait for it to load and then push play..... it only goes for a few seconds.
Have a good day all :o)

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

{Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas.....}

In the last week or so Brie has started to say lots and lots of words, like thank you, sticker, holly, Brooke, dinner, Santa just to remember a few. So you can imagine how pleased I was yesterday morning when she said ho ho ho merry christmas..... it is just so cute.

We are off to our bogan bush mobile christmas party today so I can't wait to see what Brie does when she has to go and get her present from Santa, after the way she snatched the lollies out of his hand at the Fete I can't see her walking up by herself to get them but you never know!!!

Yesterday morning I had just gotten out of the shower and I heard Mia say to Brie do you want a lolly?

This is the conversation that followed

"Mia" Brie say thank you...

"Brie" dad

"Mia" Brie say thank you

"Brie" dad

"Mia" nooooo Brie say thank you


"Mia" Brie Sayyyy thank you

"Brie" thank you

"Mia" Your welcome.

I thought it was the cutest thing ever. I can see I am going to have another little chatterbox very soon.

Played my first game of Twilight last night, played up the shit we lost 48 - 46 which wasn't too bad :o(

My new table is arriving this morning, my other one has cracked and after a long long wait they are replacing it.

Well have a great day everyone, thanks for visiting....

Amie xx

Monday, 3 December 2007

{Lots to catch up on so I will do it with photos....}

Time to put up the Christmas tree, Mia thought she was pretty special putting the star on the tree :o) Had to give Brie a turn as well....

Just a few photos of Mia's concert on Thursday and Friday. She danced really well on Friday night which was great on the Thursday all she did was pick at the tip of her nose. So now it means dancing is over for the year what am I going to do on Tuesday mornings NOW??
Angie does an awesome job with the kids I can't wait to have both the girls dancing.

The other photos are of Brie and Caleb posing for us... I wish Brie would have looked at me :o)

We had Alison and Jim's wedding on Saturday and it was such a beautiful wedding, Alison looked just stunning.... I had so much fun it was great to catch up with lots of friends that I hadn't seen in years.
I have been getting a headache every time I sit in front of this computer so I am going to get my eyes checked the next time I go to Dubbo, it is so hard to keep myself away from it!!!
And in other news I have had another LO accepted from Scrapbooking Creations... (insert happy dance here) I think 2008 is going to be my year.
Have a great week everyone.
Amie xx

Friday, 30 November 2007

{Thanks Jenny}

WOW a huge thank you to Jenny from Really Just Ribbons I won a RAK on her blog a few weeks ago and today my happy mail arrived. Jenny you are so generous, there was so much stuff and I just love it all especially my thickers. I can't wait to get creative with this yummy stuff.

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Monday, 26 November 2007

{Taylormade Bags}

Well I have made 2 more pool bags today.... I am really happy with them you can check them all out on my new blog HERE.

Also here is another LO for the Forever Always Cybercrop, the photo is a bit dark as I took it last night.

Sunday, 25 November 2007

{A few LO's from this weekend}

Challenge 1, Are you a Pink Lady or a T-Bird.... I chose to be a pink lady. You need to use pink, Bling and Pink Felt.

Challenge 2 for the Forever Always Cyber Crop, you had to use a song title from the movie, 5 embellishments and hearts + heartfelt journaling.... my journaling is hidden on a blank card with the star and button to pull it out.

I have been practicing with my camera this afternoon, Mia doing her little pose for me....
They only thing that would stay still for long enough for me to try and get the blurred background that I love so much in photo's......

Brie didn't really like me taking photo's of her puppy dog..... So she snuggled in and posed too....
very cute with such a dirty face!!!!

Just one more LO how cute is Alexander, Kristal's sent me these photos in the mail on Friday and I just had to scrap them straight away!! This is the first time I have used the Basic Grey rubons in the crowns and wings..... I think it looks cute.
Hope you have all had a lovely Sunday, thanks for stopping bye....
Amie xx

Saturday, 24 November 2007

{How Lucky is THIS}

I have just checked in on my friends blog to see this..... LMAO Kristy you poor thing you must have been going off when you realised you lost your camera with all the wedding photos on it..... I am glad someone nice found it and put this in the paper for you to find!!!

Well the dress rehearsal for Mia's concert next week went really well, all the kids look so adorable. There are some great little dancers in the WSPA Angie really does a wonderful job.

Can't wait for next week.

I am off to get my challenges done for the CC at forever always.

Enjoy the rest of your day :o)

Friday, 23 November 2007

{Baby Gemma & Some great news from Scrapbooking Creations}

Yesterday I had my first attempt at photographing babies, OMG it is so hard.... but Lesa is really happy with them so that is what counts.

Here are a few of my favs

This afternoon I received an email from Scrapbooking Creations asking to secure my Close to my Heart LO for publication how exciting....
Not much else happening in the house, Forever Always is having their monthly weekend Cybercrop tonight, so pop over and join in.
Have a great weekend everyone :o)

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

{The last few days}

Well it has been a few days and I have been up since 4am so why not update my blog....

What have we been up too, not a great lot! On Saturday we went to the catholic school fete, there were quite a few people there which was great to see. Isn't it funny how it's not until you go to go out and try on clothes that you realise how much weight you have put on!!! NOT HAPPY JAN... I couldn't even do my pants up LMAO... well I wasn't at the time I must have been having a fat week :o( So I have been trying to exercise and eat a bit better in a hope to loose a few kilo's or 500.......... mmmmm back to the fete Kay had given Mia $20 to take to the fete so she could go on the rides and have her face painted so THANKS grandma Mia had a wonderful time :o) Brie on the other hand I kept her in the pram the whole time as she is quite happy to look about, next year she will be able to have lots of fun with her sister.

Santa arrived in the firetruck at about 7.30 I think and Mia was straight in there with every other child in Nyngan.... I was a bit worried about her surrounded by all these kids and was about to go and see if she was alright when out she walked holding a bag of lollies looking very proud of herself! I hope she told him that she wanted a big drum as that is what I have been hearing for the last week. We waited for the crowd to dwindle away and I pushed Brie over to Santa he bent down near the pram and she just looked at him... He held the bag of lollies in front of her and said do you want some lollies??? SNATCH I have never seen her move so quick I think she was a bit scared of him.... but really wanted the lollies! I am glad santa laughed at her. I didn't get there photo taken with him I will take them to Dubbo to have that done as Myer Santa photos are just gorgeous. I don't think Brie is going to be very impressed about having to sit on his lap after her reaction on Sat night but we will soon find out I guess.

On Sunday we went over to Tyson's for his 2nd birthday the girls had a lovely time playing in his little pool. Jo made a yummy birthday cake I just love kids birthday cake...."Happy 2nd Birthday Tyson"

And yesterday after dancing Lucy had a little party in the park, Skye made a yummy cake and gave out lollybags the girls just love parties.... "Happy 4th Birthday Lucy"

Skye has also started making the cutest little bloomers for babies.... I have seen them irl and they are just gorgeous so make sure you check out her blog here They would just make the perfect little present for a new little baby this summer.

Not last night but the night before I put Mia to bed and she just didn't want to go to sleep she kept coming out and saying she was hungry, wanted a drink.... yadda yadda, so when she came out again her next excuse was I want a cuddle, so I went in a gave her a cuddle and started to tickle her tummy she rolled over and said now my back.... so I lay there tickling her back for a while and then she jumped up and said NOW MY FEET! It was so funny I just started laughing at how cute she is. I tickled her feet and she went off to sleep!!!!! What have I got myself into last night she did the same thing.....

After the girl had had their dinner last night I gave them an ice cream each. They both said thankyou well Brie said taaaaaa, and I said to them OK outside and eat them and Mia started to head outside to eat hers "Mia take your sister with you" so Mia said to Brie "Come on SISTER come outside with me and eat it...... " It was so cute, she often calls her sister, and I just laugh.

Well I have been up and finished some DT work so I think I might just head back to bed.....

Have a good day all, thanks for stopping by.

Amie xx

Friday, 16 November 2007

{Little things that have really made me laugh this week....}

Brie finding my lipstick and putting it all over her face.... lucky it was an old cheap one....

This made me laugh she was just so pleased with herself!

Now I haven't laughed this loud in ages.... The photo just doesn't do it justice but she looks hilarious with this swimming cap on, I still laugh every time I see the photo or think about it.

Every second Tuesday we go to the library for story time. Last night I said to Mia it is bedtime now and she picked her chair up and went into the lounge room sat down and pretended to be the teacher reading the book...... She is just so cute :o)

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