Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Christmas Photos

This is the kids opening the presents on christmas morning at our house.

below are the photos of the kids at Kay and Jims house opening the presents.

We had a very quiet christmas as Salt was on dayshift, but the kids loved every minute of it..... they were all very spoilt of course, the presents they played with the most was pig goes pop, the seesaw and Brie just loved her Nintendo DS. Mia was pretty excited with her ipod as well on boxing day her cousin Adam downloaded a heap of games onto it so she can do more stuff with it.

Brie hasn't been for a ride on her bike yet as it is too big and she is scared.... so it looks like we will just have to put it away for a while. She really needs a new bike though as the one she is
riding is Mia's old one and the training wheels fall off all the time and it is annoying.
. The jellybaff was a huge hit, they all had so much fun with it. I don't think I would buy it again though as it is pretty messy stuff.
This is the waterslide that Salts mum brought the kids for christmas they have not stopped playing on it. I think Salt had the most fun sliding them down it at full speed. You can see the grins on there faces. Sam was just loving it.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas"

Well we have had a busy month doing everything and nothing LOL, I just don't know where the time goes :o( So this post has a huge amount of photos which hopefully will help me remember what we have been doing :o)
Meet Siannah Kaye, my newest little niece, isn't she just adorable. Can't wait to meet her. She was born on the 16th of Dec weighing 7p 3o
Congratulations Kristal, Mark and Alex. I am going to attempt to make her a quilt once the silly season is over.

I am love with these little petti skirts atm and brought a kit to make one..... It has gone in the 2 hard basket when Leah sent me a link on ebay to a shop who is selling them for about $20 (Heaps cheaper than the kit) including postage. I snapped this one up extra quick and I am going to get some more asap.

Mia talking at her school assembly.

Brie taking photos of Sam

Sam is 10 months old in this photo, I try to take a photo on the 19th of every month.
Our dog Banjo he has grown heaps, he is actually heaps bigger since I have taken this photo.

Sam with Daddy in the pool, he just loves the water and I can even dunk him and he comes up laughing.

These are the christmas trees I made for our Ordanment Swap over at forever always, got some gorgeous stuff back too :o) Thanks girls.

Making cupcakes, thought this was a good idea for less mess :o)

Mia and Sam playing with the ball the other day. He thought it was great.

I took the girls to the cobar pool a few weeks ago as it has a water slide and Mia was in her element she had a ball. Ever since Brie has been asking to go back to the place that has 3 pools. Brie climbed up the steps a 1000 times but wouldn't go down by herself. So I put my swimmers on and went down with her 3 times it was so much fun but it was cold :o( and Sam was being very patient waiting in his pram for us. I am going to take them back in January maybe Brie will go down by herself then.

This is my Jack for Dec and below is a LO that I did the other night when I found the template for the owl.

FA's Dec monthly sketch.
At the end of november the girls had there end of year dance concert which was great, not that I really get to see much of it as I am out the back with the girls changing there costumes. This was the first concert where I have had 2 kids in it, Brie had 2 costume changes and Mia had what felt like about 50 but was only 5 I think, when you only have a song or two to change the kids it makes it all very interesting. Friday night was heaps better than the thursday cause I knew what I was doing. The girls had a great time and tigger even made an appearance on the friday night as Brie wouldn't let him go.... it was very funny.

At the start of dec we went to Sydney for a week,

The kids had there Santa photo taken at Sonia's when we first arrived, Sam snuggled into Santa and it was so gorgeous to watch, he would have fallen asleep if he could of.
I stayed with Sonia's lovely family and we had a ball. The kids and I really enjoyed our visit and can't wait to do it again soon. This is the girls playing dress ups while we were in Sydney they had a ball in Biancas room, the rest of the photos are on Sonia's camera it was a classic.
We caught up with my sister most days at the beach as that is what the kids wanted to do they just loved the beach,

I enjoyed watching this pelican he was following the fisherman around and I wondered why the man grabbed his fish so quick, but he told me he had to be quicker than the pelican.

all Sam did was eat the sand but he did enjoy it as he just loves the water.

We also took them to see the opera house,

Brie had an awesome time climbing up all the steps and letting Bianca chase her. Mia well she looked at it and then was ready to go to the beach and sulked until we left.....

After they played on the beach at Manly we went for pizza and Mia took this photo of Sam it was so cute everytime she said "smile Sam" he would just grin at her.
I also took them shopping at Warringah Mall and they were running into people cause they were too busy looking around at everything LOL.

Sonia and I got creative at night time when the kids went to bed, she taught me how to bind which is something I have been wanting to learn. I loved it but it takes way tooooooooooooo long. The christmas runners that we made took me at least 5 hours to bind and Sonia had to end up finishing it for me LOL But I love the way it looks.

Just a bit about the kids atm too -
Mia - is 5y 8m old and has just finished her first year of Kindergarten, it is hard to believe that she is going to be in year 1 next year it all went so fast. She got a great report which we are so happy about. Mia is the youngest in her class and she even got a B in maths, and a few other subjects. Her reading is going great.... She is actually reading this as I am writing it! She told me to tell everyone that her favorite music is P!NK. She is getting really tall as well so many people comment on how tall she is. She is a great big sister to her brother and loves playing with him and helping me out with him as well. Her hair is finally starting to grow and when straight is past her shoulders now which she is pretty excited about as she wants her ears pierced and I told her that when it was past her shoulders she could... Me thinking it would take a lot longer. She is extra excited about santa coming tonight as well. I am backing it in that she is up at about 3 or 4am wanting to open presents. Mia's favorite food is wedges with sour cream and chilli sauce, Pavlova. She also loves prawns, yabbies and oysters. For christmas dinner tomorrow we are having prawns and oysters she is very happy about that.
Brie - is 3y 8m old and is very cute and very very cheeky, when she is in trouble you can not look at her cause the look she gives you makes it very hard to rouse on her. She says the funniest things as well like a few weeks ago when I roused on her for nearly breaking something she said I like your shirt mum.... I don't care Brie you shouldn't of touched it! AND your pants are nice too! The little turd. Brie is starting Preschool next year so that will be exciting for her. She can sing lots of songs, knows her ABCs and can count to 15. Her drawing is still a scribble and has know idea how to write her name but I am sure she will learn that at preschool.
She loves to watch movies/tv she will watch the same thing over and over again, she can repeat lines in movies as she is watching them. I think I will take her to see the princess and the frog when it comes out in Jan. She would love it I really think she would be happy to sit and watch it. She still takes tigger everywhere with her as well. She is my best sleeper and is always happy to go to bed at night and likes to sleep in. Her favorite food at the moment is peanut butter sandwiches.
Sam -is 11 months old, he is extra gorgeous and extra spoilt..... atm he is crawling and climbing on everything. He is still breastfed and will eat everything and anything that we are eating, as soon as the girls have anything to eat he is straight up to them wanting some. They are pretty good at sharing with him. He loves bananas, jam on toast for breakfast. He had christmas ham for lunch today. He has 4 teeth two up the top and two done the bottom. He likes to bite as well which really hurts I hope he snaps out of that soon. I will get him weighed and measured next month when he has his 1yo needles. He likes playing with blocks and pulling stuff out of cupboard repeatedly LOL.
He isn't the best sleeper but over the last week I have been trying to get him to go to sleep by himself he is getting better. Last night he didn't even cry as I finally found a CD with hush little baby on it and so far he has gone down twice with it playing and I don't hear any crying. He loves you singing it to him when he needs to go to sleep. He can say Dad Dad Dad, bub bub and hello, he chatters to himself alot too. He likes to wrestle with Salt which is pretty cute to watch. He is just a gorgeous little boy and is quite placid and into everything. He is such a cuddly little boy too which I just love.
I hope everyone has a great christmas and all the best for 2010.
Hugs Amie xx