Monday, 3 August 2009

I started writing this over a week ago soooooo I thought I best finish it....

Well I can't believe another month has gone now I have to think what has been happening. The kids have been sick but the good thing is that when they get sick they all get sick together.... I guess it beats one after the other. Mia missed a fair bit of school the last few weeks of term as she was just getting sick all the time I am hoping this term starts off better. We were so looking forward to the school holidays. Mia had her first athletics carnival which she enjoyed. That night she had her community concert which she did 2 dances one for tap and one for jazz. She just loves it. I said to Brie the other day are you going to do jellybeans this term and she said no I want to do Jazz and Tap... (she has since told me she is going to do Ballet so it looks like she will be waiting for a few years.) so I am thinking I might just take her down and see if she will do it. Her problem is Mia isn't there so she doesn't want to do it :o(

The girls are so funny sometimes a few weeks ago we were driving and I said who loves mum and Brie said Meeee,shooting her hand up in the air and Mia said Meeeee and did the same thing. Brie turned around and said I said my hand is higher LOL

Sam is going great he is 6.5months old now and is such a good little boy, he loves to laugh at me and the girls. The more I laugh the more he laughs. With out fail everytime I change his nappy he giggles because he is ticklish on his belly and undoing his nappy tickles him. He is 8.4kg and 66cm long. Mia was 8.7kgs and 71cm long at the same age. Bries doesn't have anything written down :o(
He is eating lots of food, loves his yoghurt and egg custard I gave him vegies tonight and he didn't go much on them at all.

So below is heaps of photos over the last 6 weeks not that we have been doing much

Mia started back at soccer on the weekend, she played so well. She got the 3 points best and fairest I was so proud of her it was the first game that she actually started kicking the ball the right way. We then went out to the Ag Expo there was some great stuff out there. Then that night we went out to dinner with friends to the motel so it was a busy busy saturday. This weekend we head to Gil for a soccer gala day.

A layout that I did using the sweeties sketches blog this month. Scrapping is few and far between these days.

Brie this afternoon, she decided to be a hairdresser again on the weekend and cut the back of her hair again :o( Her fringe still hasn't grown back.

Meet our new addition so far it is called Bingo by Mia, Dingo by Brie..... pup pup pup by me and I think Salt wants to call him Jack LMAO.

Sam enjoying his first time in the swing this afternoon

Brie and Sam the other morning.

Posing for mum in Dads 28 year old suitcase that he took to primary school, a friend of mine was cleaning out a shed at work and found it and looked in side and found Salts name and address. Salt was pretty impressed with getting it back.

First time in the jolly jumper Sunday 2nd August

Brie playing doctor with Sam

Sonia's table runner/square to sit a cupcake/ cake stand on. This photo really doesn't do it justice it is very pretty. I also made her the buttercup bag such a easy pattern and quick too, but forgot to take a photo of it.

Sam the day he turned 6 months old

Our first egg :o) the girls love collecting the eggs we are getting 3 eggs a day now which is great, I can't believe how many scraps we have.

This is her tap costume for the Good ship Lolly pop

Mias Jazz costume

Mia doing her high jump at the sports carnival

Running the 200m Mia came second in the 5yr old age group :o)
Well my house looks like a tip so I am turning off my computer and to clean it up over the next few days.... hopefully if I get in it will be done tomorrow, and I can turn the puta back on LOL.