Saturday, 30 August 2008

{I have the cutest little 4 year old}

We are off to Dubbo today for the footy grandfinal and I said to Salt this morning that I needed to go and pay some money of the girls xmas layby and get some photos printed..... I added that we could buy my birthday present as well.

So I asked Mia what she was going to buy me for my birthday and she said some gloves to use in the water..... Oh that would be nice Mia I said, the ones that I use in the shower?? NOOOOO she said the ones that Holly's mum uses to wash the dishes. I cracked up laughing and said I would love a pair of washing up gloves Mia that would be a lovely present. How cute is that thinking I would love a pair to do the dishes IF only she knew how much I hate doing dishes ;o)

I took a few photos at our Birthday Picnic for Kays 70th on thursday. It is the best place to take photos I can't wait to get them printed today... I will have lots of photos to scrap at the Forever Always Retreat Only 19 more sleeps I think.

Well I best get organised for Dubbo! Salt is in bed watching Brave Heart - this is something he has done before playing in the last few grandfinals he has been in. It must get him in the mood to play footy LOL.
Have a great weekend all.
Amie xx

Monday, 25 August 2008

{WHoooooHooooo The Boys made it too the Grandfinal}

YES Leah I am still alive..... thanks for asking.

Well I have been a slack blogger haven't I!!!! But anyway I will try to remember what I have been up too. Not alot really hence the lack of blogging LOL.....

I felt the baby move on the 12th August which was really exciting :o) On Friday we went to Mudgee for Salt's Uncle Bill's funeral, he was 79 and broke his hip a couple of weeks ago. He was quite sick as well. On Sunday we went to Dubbo for footy, Nyngan had to win to get in the grand final and they did it was such a close game with the end score being 28 -26 Macquarie gave away a penalty and Tim Smith kicked the goal. So next Saturday we are off to Dubbo again for the Grand final. I can't wait... yesterday my heart was just racing!

Mia had her dance concert on the 14th of August she only danced once but I was just amazed to see how much she has improved since last year. Last year she was too busy looking at herself in the mirror as she was on the side but the other night she was in the centre and made me so proud.

Last Tuesday one of my Friends Kerry and her family moved to Sydney, it was really sad to see them go but we will still keep in contact for sure. {{{{waving}}}}} to you all and I hope your all unpacked and the girls enjoyed their first day of school.

This is really bad I can't even remember what else we have been doing....... I have only just started scrapping again as I hurt my back a few weeks ago and couldn't move for a couple of days... after that it got a little better but I couldn't sit which meant no blogging or sitting at the computer.... All I could do was stand or lay down. I feel for anyone now when they say that they have hurt there back.

Anyway Mia is at preschool she is going to catch the bus home this afternoon which she is very excited about I will have to have the camera ready for that. I will share a photo later tonight or tomorrow ;o)

I have also had a few more LO's accepted to be published with Scrapbooking Memories so that is exciting :o)

Have a great week all.

Friday, 15 August 2008


Hi Girls, just thought i would give you a little reminder... Amie has put up the RAK for OUR RAK AND NEW CHALLENGE which is due at midnight tonight.DETAILS can be found here Tonight is also the begining of our AUGUST CYBERCROP here is our order of sure to come and Play. Paula is the queen of the Crop and has some great challenges planned all weekend long.
Friday 7:30pm The Chatter begins
8pm Challenge 1
7.30 pm Bingo (Played in the Bingo thread) - must have completed 1 CYBERCROP Challenge to play.
8,00pm Challenge 2
8:30pm Challenge 3
8.00pm- Challenge 4
Monday 7pm- Scrap and Chat
Tuesday Midnight - all challenges must be uploaded.Hope to catch up with you all on the weekend sometime....