Wednesday, 30 May 2007


Here is my canvas that won the challenge over at the craft cottage.

Not much else happening today I went to work for a couple of hrs again this morning while salty stayed home with the girls and cleaned the house......isn't he a lovely husband!

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

{Random Challenge}

They are eyelets!!!

{Hi-5 Dancing Girls}

{Hi-5 Dancing Girls}

Anytime Brie hears Hi-5 come on the TV she will stop what she is doing and dance like this.... Mia isn't really a fan but when she saw that I had the camera she decided to join in too

{4am - Wide Awake}

Yes it is 4am and I am wide awake..... I have just finished Bailee's 4th birthday card,
Happy Birthday Bailee

I thought I might make Salt's & the girls lunches as I am going to work after dancing in the morning and I am not very organised. Yesterday we went to Amanda's for a mini playgroup morning as she was nice and organised with a clean house and figured why not ask the girls around for morning tea!! We even got yummy choccy cake mmmmm... we came home about 12 and Brie slept until 3.30 so I got my Random Challenge done for forever always I had to use at least 3 patterned papers, felt & at least 20 eyelets. I will post a photo of it later on today.

Then I made pumpkin soup using Mia's prize winning pumpkin from the show. Very Yummy!!

I joined in on the CC over at Bon's Scraps last night I haven't done any of the challenges yet but you have a week to do them so that is good, I am going to have to take some more photos as I am getting a bit low.

Kristal or Mark can you email me through some single photo's of Alex - maybe the one of Mark & Alex as I have to do a scraplift page and this photo would be perfect.... and any others that are your favourites.

Have a good day everyone.

Saturday, 26 May 2007

123 Cybercrop

Here are 2 more LO that I did while Brie was asleep & Mia & Salt were out fishing. He has came home to tell that he has found a great spot for fishing, camping & family photos..... I have one more challenge to do before the end of the month.

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Last night FA had there monthly CC. The challenges were definitely a challenge *Giggle*. I got the first challenge done last night you had to do a monochromatic LO either using purple of green I chose purple and you had to use "It's about Life, It's about Love, It's about Us as a title or in the journaling.

I have completed the other 2 this morning as Salt has given me a day to myself!!! Funny how when they are gone you wonder if they are all right..... I am sure they are, he will have to bring Brie home soon as she will need a sleep.

Challenge 2 was inspired by the Power of One & Memoirs of a Geisha I chose to do the Asian themed LO using some sort of ephemera. My ephemera was downloaded Asian font...... mmmmm don't know if that's allowed but anyway I had nothing else. You also had to use the word Celebrate in the title or journaling again. I printed the word celebrate in the font I really like it. Stacie got her P's yesterday so I figured that was definitely worth celebrating.

The 3rd challenge was a double LO sketch. How fun was this to do I just love it!! I was able to scrap Mia in the pool last Sunday.

I have also altered this drive washing powder box to keep all

my chipboard alphas and shapes in I am going to do another one keeping the lid on. (it makes the room smell pretty too!!) Well I better go and keep creating while the house it quiet.

Salt won footy last night who knows what the score was, at 2am this morning i really didn't feel like asking.

Mia was sitting next to me on Thursday and decided to tell me how much she loves Brie it was so cute... Next minute she is on the floor with Brie saying "I love you Brie, Mum went to hospital to get you and you came out of her belly and then I came to visit you on the bus.... She has the best memory. I love how much they love each other Brie will wake up in the mornings and give Mia a kiss it is so sweet.

Have a good Saturday.

Thursday, 24 May 2007

How cold is it!!! Check out Brie's Face

Today after Mia came home from Pre-School the girls headed out the back to play, I was inside and all of a sudden I remembered that the sandpit was still full of water as it is too heavy for me too pick up and pour out. I keep forgetting to tell Salt to empty it for me...... Anyway just as I walked out the back they had both just stepped into the water and were giggling at each other, so I ran to get the camera and started taking photos, how luck was I to get this shot!!


I let her play for a few more minutes and then brought them both inside for a quick hot shower.

My King size bed is sooooo comfy I just love it.... yesterday Mia manage to smuggle some mint slice biscuits into the shopping trolley, so when I was putting the shopping away I just couldn't help myself and I had to open them and eat at least half of them (throughout the day). So last night after midnight Brie was very unsettled I fed her at 1.30 but really didn't want to fed her again at 3am so Mia was already in our bed so I just hoped in her bed with Brie and she snuggled in until 6.40am this morning when Mia woke us up!!!


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Tuesday, 22 May 2007

What a great DAY!!!

Well I have had a great day today.... I got up about 7.40am, had breakfast, cleaned the kitchen WITH BLEACH mind you! We then went to dancing, we even got a little concert from the kids which is always great to see. Then it was back home to pack the girls lunches for playgroup. We came home at 1pm in I put Brie to bed and Mia sat down to watch some TV, and I finally did my ironing that has been sitting on the kitchen table for at least 2 weeks ( I hate ironing... I have the best MIL in the world who does it for me), anyway that made me feel really good for getting it done so I went in and cleaned out my wardrobe, I chucked a garbage bag of clothes out, just all the stuff I haven't worn in the last year. Then put all my clothes away and by then Brie woke up and I cleaned their bedroom up put all the books away that came out of Mia's old room - she has soooo many books to go along with her way too many toys!

We then went out the front to wait for my NEW BED.... It is half put together so now that Salt is home he can help me put the mattress on and I can't wait to go to bed tonight. Well we have just put the mattress on the bed & OMG as soon as I eat dinner I am going to bed it is AWESOME.

Anyway now that my house is clean and the ironing is done, the last load of washing is in the wash , the girls are in bed (both at 7.00pm)... I have sat down to do a bit of blog stalking and I went over to Mel Goodsell's blog and I have won this gorgeous little bear,
so that has just made my night. Thanks Mel.
Ok enough from me have a good night everybody.

Sunday, 20 May 2007


Not much has been happening to day, Salty went to get some bait fish with some friends and the girls & I stayed home much to Mia's disgust...... Brie has had about 20 mins sleep all day the poor little thing has a cold and today I was feeding her weet-bix and it must have gone down the wrong hole and she started sneezing alot, LMAO she had snot and weet-bix coming out her nose for a while & just when I thought it was over she would sneeze again and a bit more weet-bix would fly out!!

Today Mia was outside while I was getting the above LO done for a scrap therapy challenge, I had just finished it and was going outside to take a photo of it when I saw what she had been doing!!! our weather has just turned cold after the rain the other night and have a go at her (no wonder she has a cold) the water would have been freezing but she didn't care she was having fun. She came in and had a nice long hot shower.

Well I am off to bed I have had a crappy day dealing with the kids and I am so trying to not be cranky but when you have a husband that is never home it gets a bit trying at times.....

Hope everyone has had a nice weekend.


Saturday, 19 May 2007

Brie Walking


Here is my LO that I have Scrapjacked....

& this is Mardi's LO that I jacked.

Thursday, 17 May 2007

{How cute are these}

*edited* Friday night 7.30pm - Just thought I should add where I found the idea for these cute little milk cartons.....

I made this little milk carton as a little gift for when Kell gets home with the bub... It also has a little card attached to it. Sonia over at Forever Always has been making them, there are lots of photos on her blog. The photo is blurry as it is raining in Nyngan woooohoooooo!!!!! It is pretty steady too.

Here is my Challenge {The Butterfly Effect} for 123 Challenge I don't love it as much as the one I attempted to do the other night but anyway it is done now!! I have used black Stazon ink for the black flowers on clear plastic as I didn't have any transparencies.

Good Night All...

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Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Last night I was trying to do my challenge over at 123 Challenge, anyway I started it, you had 2 use 3 or more patterned papers, flowers and a transparency.... Anyway I started doing this LO and realised I hadn't used 3 or more pp's and I don't have any transparencies anyway. I just love this LO anyway.

I will have to have another go at it tonight.

Yesterday we moved Mia's bed into Brie's room as the house is just not big enough for all their toys.... we had to pull the cubby house down bc we will be starting the fire soon and it would be too hot for it in the lounge room so we are putting the cubby in Mia's old room along with the rest of the toys around the house.I figured if we have a toy room and a sleep room, the house might stay a little tidier.
Well didn't Mia turn it on last night.... I stuck to my guns and she went to sleep in her new room....... (I don't love my bed MUM) I heard this about 50 times followed by lots of crying. Little Miss Brie slept through it all.
We have playgroup in the park this morning so I better get a move on.

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

{More Sketches}

This is my LO for Chris Millars sketch over at the Sketches Aussie Style blog.
* I took the photo again, it was annoying me*

{Kell & Simon's Beautiful Baby Boy!!}

Check out how gorgeous this little bundle of joy is... He is just adorable.
I don't think baby has a name yet but will let you all know when he does.


Monday, 14 May 2007

Scrapbooking Sketches Aussie Style

Here is my LO Sketch for the new Blog Scrapbooking Sketches Aussie Style Kim Archer was the first talented scrapper to do a sketch for the blog, entries close tonight so I quickly did this LO of Mia's first day of pre-school.

Onto something completely different when Salty was away fishing the girls were in bed every night before 7.30, since he has been home Brie has been going to bed by about 8.00 and Mia well she has been having a shocker last night it was 10.45 grrrrr. Tonight was his first night shift since he came home and guess what? The girls were in bed at 10 to 7... I like night shift *giggle* & day shift too cause most of the time I can get them to bed b4 he gets home.

Have a good night everyone.


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Sunday, 13 May 2007

WOW It's a Boy!!!!

It's a Boy

Congratulations to Kellie & Simon on the safe arrival of their baby boy, he weighed 8p 2o and doesn't have a name yet cause Kell thought for sure it was going to be a little girl *giggle*.

{Happy Mothers Day!!}

*edited* Here is Mia's mothers day present that she made at pre-school, when I picked her up on Thursday she wanted to give it too me then.... so cute, I told her to come home and hide it and I would tell her when it was time to give it too me!!

It was all wrapped up using a painting she did and a flower that they made, I should have taken a photo of it wrapped.

It has a magnet on the back so it is up on the fridge.

This is what I got for Mothers Day, 2 beautiful cards and breakfast in bed, ( & I brought myself a new scrapbooking album yesterday) *giggle* The girls wouldn't be co-operative this morning so these are the best photos Dad got!!!

Happy Mothers Day to my Mum & to Salty's Mum hope you both have a great day... My mum is over in NZ with Nana & Grandad so I am sure they will be having a lovely day together & Kay is with her Daughter in Brisbane so they will be able to celebrate Kristal's first mothers day together so that will be nice too!

I was trying to find some of Mia's winter clothes this morning she doesn't really have a lot of around the house trackies this season so I was looking to see if any of last years would fit her and found her poncho's (Leah's mum Janet knitted this for Mia 2 winters ago) & Brie who we all know doesn't like to miss out on anything sat there grunting at me until I put it on her..... she looked very cute in it, she must like the feather trim as she snuggled right into it when I first put it on her.

Here is a photo of Mia posing as captain feathersword.

Not much else happening here today Salt had to work so we are just going to stay home and be lazy with this cooler weather.

My friend Kellie is in labour with her fast baby, how nice for her lets hope she has a nice easy labour and the baby comes on mothers day!! I will let you know when the baby arrives.

Happy Mothers Day everyone.


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Saturday, 12 May 2007

{Baby Alexander}

I have just been emailed some more cute photos of my little nephew Alexander he is so cute, Kristal is a very good photographer and should become a scrapbooker with these great hand and foot shots.
How good does Kristal look after just having a baby, Alexander is 4 weeks old in these photo's wow that month has flown!!

{Middle of the Night Scrapping}

Some silly person woke up at 2.30 this morning cause she couldn't sleep!!!
This is what I created.

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Friday, 11 May 2007


Hi everybody,

I received my Design Team pack in the mail yesterday, in all the excitement I forgot about winning one of the challenges so when I got 2 lots of Happy Mail from Forever Always it was extra exciting. So the pressure is on now to create something special...... *hehehehe* I went and got some photos printed to use but as I have girls I am finding it really hard to match the photo's to the papers as the papers are red and the girls wear alot of pink!! Anyway it is all good fun & I have 2 LO's completed already and one sitting on my desk half way there.

I also received my RAK from Narelle that I won a few weeks ago so I can't wait to use all of the great stuff that she sent..... Thanks Narelle your very generous.

Totally off the subject my lower back has been really sore since Sunday I am starting to wonder if is because I sit in front of this computer too much...

Mia is better, but hasn't gone to bed yet she is too busy eating Nutragrain - all that not eating has caught up with her and she hasn't stopped eating tonight, I think it is a ploy to not have to go to bed!

Brie has not been a happy camper for the last 2 nights either I think I am going to blame the Yummy Choccy Cake that Kerry made for us on Wednesday, she wouldn't go to bed last night and when she finally did she woke up about 20mins later screaming and had to be rocked back to sleep, she then woke at 12 & 4 for a feed (well that is what puts her back to sleep anyway). Tonight she screamed for about 20mins before even going to sleep!!!! grrrr normally she is soooo good when I put her to bed.

We went for a bike ride this arvo I needed some exercise, & the girls needed to get out of the house. They look so cute sitting there with their helmets on, they both fell asleep which looked even cuter. .

My mum is heading over to NZ to see Nana & Grandad tomorrow I think - I know she will be there for mothers day anyway, Have a nice holiday MUM.

Well not much else to share - Monique I hope the red wine is doing the trick!!!

Have a good weekend,


{Check This Out !!!}

This is just funny and complimentry at the same time... Give it a go.

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Aunty S LO

Just thought I would share my LO that I have just done.

Skye & I have spoken about only trying to use the middle of the cardstock iykwim.... Skye entered a LO in the show and it reminded me to try it so here is mine.


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{Poor Little Mia}

Poor Little Mia is sick today, last week I noticed her 2 year old molars were coming through at 3 years of age which I thought was funny.... Anyway she was quite upset all morning and cried at the drop of a hat which isn't like Mia at all. When we came home from Leah's she went into my bed to have a sleep and then she woke up at about 2.30 saying her belly was sore & she wanted medicine, I took her temp and it was 38.9 so I gave her the last drop (literally) of Nurofen that was in the house & she laid there I thought she was going to vomit so I raced to get a bucket and she told me "NOOO YOU go and scrapbook" LOL that was what I was doing when she woke up...... anyway so I went back into my scrapbook room and when I came out this is how I found her.

She stayed like this for about another 1/2 hr and then Brie woke up and decided she would wake Mia up too, so we headed down to the chemist to get some more Nurofen and now she seems alot better and has even had something to eat. I just love Nurofen.

I forgot to mention that Mia won First Prize at the show for Childrens Best Pumpkin!!

Have a good night all,


Tuesday, 8 May 2007

My Show Entries.....

First Prize, LO depicting babies & children
This above LO was the
"Nyngan Show Special Mention Scrapbooking Champion"

First Prize LO using stamps & paint techniques.

First Prize LO containing 5 or more photos.

Second Prize LO celebrating Mothers Day.

3rd Prize "Challenge Pack" LO from Outback Country Crafts.

Highly Commended Beyond The Page.

Highly Commended LO using Sketch provided by OCC.

Highly Commended Open section.

Hope you all enjoy looking at these.... I DO!!

Have a good day,

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