Tuesday, 19 January 2010

{Happy Birthday Baby Sam}

Today Sam celebrated his 1st birthday, he woke up at about 7.30am and I fed him.... then we got up and waited for his daddy to come home from work and his sisters to wake up so we could give him his presents.

We gave him a ride on tractor which he is way too small for but I figure his sisters can push him around on it! The girls gave him a thomas train each, we are starting early on his collection LOL I hope he takes a liking to trains. His Nan and Pop in cowra gave him a gorgeous winter outfit which will be very handy in Melbourne next week just in case it is cold. My Nana and Grandad in NZ gave him some shoes and clothes which are all just gorgeous.

Grandma and Grandad gave him toy trucks and money.
He really wasn't fazed by the whole thing. He liked the wrapping paper the best I think.

We then had our pancake breakfast which he just loved. This is the first time that he has sat at the girls table, I had to take a photo of his cute little feet that only just came to the edge of the chair :o)
After breaky I tried to take some photos of him, it was much easier when he couldn't move!

This one is my fav of the day....

He had lots of phonecalls today and even said his first hello on the phone to Nan which was pretty cute.
The rest of the day saw him sleeping and playing or wanting to be cuddled. I thought he was extra cuddly today maybe it was because I had so much to do. We had cake in the afternoon with family and friends, he was very spoilt with gifts and money.

Sam enjoying his yummy cake.

Now the cake didn't turn out at all like the picture in my head! But it tasted sooooo yumm! I just love kids birthday cake. I wanted blocks because it is probably the toy he plays the most with at the moment.

Tonight we have just had a quiet night as Salt had to go to work again. My little birthday boy went to bed at about 8.45pm all by himself for a change, but woke up at 9.30 wanting a cuddle so he is now asleep in my bed which he LOVES

I took this photo last night I wanted one last photo of him before he turned one.... as I have said Sam likes to sleep in our bed.......this was him at about 10 oclock last night. His cot is right next to our bed so I am constantly putting him back in his own bed.
Some things Sam's doing at the moment are -
Biting - he is a shocker for it.... toes he bites my toes nearly everytime I am sitting on the lounge or floor he bites... It really really hurts. I am hoping it is just because he is getting his teeth.
Climbs - on everything.
Walks - around furniture
Stands - up holding onto stuff but not by himself.
Talks - he is saying Dad, Mum (occasionally) and Hello and just general baby talk.
Eats - Everything but seems to have an intollerance to dairy :o(
Plays - with a few toys, loves playing in the kitchen cupboards and in the laundry with the clothes. Loves the toilet and the bin and climbing into the bath. Actually he just likes playing with everything he shouldn't.
Well I am off to bed it has been a huge day.

{What the kids do in the school holidays}

They do alot of this

Brie & Mia are constantly playing their DS's or watching tv.

Now Sam he does alot of this..... He just loves to climb on everything.

Now he has only fallen off a few times you would think he would learn his lesson. We have put a beanbag down just in case he falls. Mia and Brie are pretty good at grabbing him down when they see him climbing.
Other than that if he isn't playing with the bin, he is in the toilet SO GROSS.....I am forever washing his hands.

{Mia got her ears pierced}

On the 14th Jan 2010 Mia finally got her ears pierced. She has been asking since she was about 4 and he Dad said she could so I took her down to the hairdressers last week and she had them done. I had been telling her that it was going to really hurt...... so she was a bit nervous. You should have seen the look on her face when the first one got pierced she didn't know whether to cry or not. I said are you all right/ and she said YES, did it hurt? Yep! Do you want the other one done YES MUM..... so she held her eyes tight shut and it was all done.
She is pretty pleased with herself and I think she looks extra cute with them in.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Forever Always is LoOkiNg FoR

Forever Always is having a New Years Cleanout….not that we are outing the old and bringing in the new, but it is time for something fresh and new. You may have noted a few changes, each of the DT family will now have a role that they are committed to each month to create on specifically.

And we are looking to adopt… So if you think you can add something special to our family on a monthly basis we want you….

Yes it’s a DT call but one with a difference… we are looking for a Cybercrop Queens and Tutorial Queens….

· As Cybercrop Queen – it will be your responsibility to come up with the monthly topic, and at least 2 challenges with supporting inspirational layouts. You will also be required to be present in the forum during Cybercrops.
· As Tutorial Queen – it will be your responsibility to come up with the monthly topic and at least 2 layouts or examples to be posted in the forum and on our blog.
· Complete challenges
· Be active within our site, including daily posting in the forum and regular layouts in the gallery beyond your required role
· Help promote our family and site through blogs etc including advertising of your Cybercrop or Tutorial releases and all other sneak peaks.
· Have a love for our store and the products it contains you will also provide links to them when you have used them. (Although we understand that we don’t stock all products and the you will want to use other product at times….please be mindful of items we have in store when scrapping).
· Be on call for other jobs if needed when a family member is either sick or away.

· Being apart of the best online family there is.
· Online recognition as a Design Team Family Member this will include your portrait in the family album, your bio and layouts will be featured on the Forever Always Website, Forum, Gallery and Blog.
· Discounts and FA Shopping dollars for all items including our Retreats.

I would encourage all applicants to visit our website www.foreveralways.com.au and become a part of our forum to be sure this is the Design Team for you.To apply for one of our positions, please submit a minimum of 3 examples of your work that have never been posted on the World Wide Web or in a Magazine.

If you are applying to be a Cybercrop Queen – please send us a Theme topic and four challenges showing us your skills.

If you are applying to be a Tutorial Queen – pleases send us a Tutorial showing us your skills