Tuesday, 31 July 2007


Well first of all I would just like to thank everyone for there lovely comments on my last post.... it is all very encouraging and very appreciated...

I went to Dubbo and brought this table, I can't wait to save some more money and add to my new piece of furniture..... I didn't get the stools instead I got 2 normal chairs to go at each end. It was the only one I looked at I just loved it as soon as I saw it. It should be here in about 3-4 weeks.

I also brought another 2 seater lounge in a dull lime colour bc if you took any notice in the post where the girls were launching themselves of the lounge you would notice the big tear in the fabric and I really hate having a sheet over it. Brie just keeps ripping it every time she gets near it anyway the more you say don't the more she rips!

Well wasn't today a busy busy day, we went to dancing this morning and then onto playgroup.... Brie was very tired but we had to get the shopping done as we really didn't have alot of food in the cupboards. We came home and I put Brie to bed and then Salts mum came over while I posted some mail. I think it was at least 6pm before I even got to look at the computer :o(

So tonight I have just been doing some scrapping as the girls went to bed early and I figured I should update my blog.

Here are the LO's that I did on the weekend for the FA cybercrop, and the next one was the progressive challenge. I think it is the first CC that I haven't completed all the challenges which was a bit sad but I just couldn't find the time to scrap which is very un-usual for me.
Salt is out shooting tonight and if he gets in early I am going to play golf tomorrow.
Have a good night everyone.
Amie xx

Saturday, 28 July 2007

{Well I don't think YESTERDAY could have got any better}

I had the best news day yesterday!!! As the previous post said, my LO got accepted into the Basic Grey Gallery..... So I was pretty stoked about that!

Well yesterday afternoon I received an email from Casey Wilson (Scrapbooking Memories) asking me to send my Happy LO into be photographed for possible inclusion in a feature on covering these types on concepts.

I was so excited you should have seen the smile on my face :o)

Off to Dubbo today, Brie woke up at 3.45am & I couldn't go back to sleep so I am going to have a shower and clean the house and be in Dubbo nice and early!

Have a great day everyone.

Friday, 27 July 2007

{I'm Excited}

My Special Day LO got accepted into the Basic Grey Gallery so I am very excited today.
Below is my LO for our second Progressive Challenge that we have just had over at Forever Always

Well just had to share my exciting news, I will have a few more LO's over the weekend to share from the CyberCrop.
Amie xx

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

{123 Challenge}

Here is my LO for the 123 challenge this month, I used a Basic Grey sketch that Sonia put up over at Forever Always.
We won our first game of netball tonight very exciting since we were on the bottom of the ladder after 5 games......
I went to work today so that was nice (NOT) I am thinking about heading to Dubbo on Saturday to buy my new kitchen table and lounge as ours are really crappy and the girls have ripped the fabric on the little lounge we sit on in our Dinning room.

Not much else happening in the Taylor household this week.
Forever Always is having there Cyber Crop on Friday night, they are great fun if you want to come and join us! and if you bring a friend you receive a $5 voucher when they complete one of the challenges, anyway come and check it out.
Nite everyone.

Monday, 23 July 2007

{The Sandpit}

Well here are the photos of the girls in the sandpit. They just love it Salt said they played in it for hours yesterday.

On Saturday Salt and I cleaned the house, he vacuumed and mopped :o) and then when Brie woke up I took the girls for a ride on the bike, I haven't taken them on it in what seems like ages.... It was such a lovely day and we were going for a walk in the pram and when I saw the bike I thought we may as well go on it!

So we rode up to the servo to get some air in the tyres cause they were a bit flat and wow that makes a difference to how hard it is for me to pedal. Then we headed to the park but there was a birthday party on there so we kept going to another little park in town and the girls had lots of fun on the see-saw.... Brie had the biggest grin on her face!

Then we went to Jody's so the girls could play with Trae, and then headed home past the golf club to put my sticks on the bus for Sundays trip to Bourke.

We were in bed nice and early and I watched Beauty Shop for the second time cause it is just funny!!

On Sunday I got up at 5.30am to head to Bourke for the 2007 Western District Rosebowl. Mandy won the day so she is very clever I think she was 5 over for the day so that is great. I played really well and had 98 off the stick which is really good for me as I haven't played much at all lately. I got a lovely prize Scratch Runner Up C - Grade. The winner had 96 off the stick so I nearly won!! I had a lovely day and we got home about 11pm last night so it was a huge day.
Today I have just been tidying the house again, Brie slept for 3-1/2 hours today so she must have had a big day with Dad yesterday...
While I am typing Mia has been playing with my hair and she just pulled it a bit hard and I said Ouch!!! and she said it's alright mummy baby... LMAO it was so cute.
Brie has been starting to copy everything Mia does lately, especially with trying to talk as Mia just does not stop talking atm... They were in the bath the other night and I was asking Mia questions and she would answer me and then you would hear this laah blah llahhh Hellwoh come from Brie. Very Cute!
Well I off to cook dinner so have a good afternoon/night everyone.

Friday, 20 July 2007

{Last Night}

This is what Brie does mainly when she is outside...

I cleaned up my scraproom and did some scrapping for myself!!

I have so many photos of Mia & Brie, that I have printed to scrap and then just haven't so I square punched Mia's face out of 12 of them and did this very basic LO..... The other I just love I have used mostly Heidi Swapp products

I am out the back atm digging dirt out where the sandpit is going..... It's hard work and I am hot, the girls are going to love it though!

Salty went down and got the sand this morning and it was the wrong sand so he had to go back and shovel it off and shovel on the sand that I wanted cause there wasn't anyone there to use the loader..... Mia said "Thanks DAD I love you" it was prompted by me but it sounded so cute....

Thursday, 19 July 2007

{A Huge Congratulations to...}

My Friends Michelle & Lloyd, Congratulations on your engagement!!! It is all very exciting.

I am now about to go and clean my scrapbook room up because it is a huge huge mess and nothing productive is getting done so it needs to be cleaned to get me some MOJO back.

Amie xx

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

{A Challenge}

This is a challenge that Kye is running over at FA where you need to use Some Old, Something New, Something Borrowed(from someone in the gallery) & Something YOU!! It was fun searching through all my stuff for something old.... we all have the stuff in our stash that we have brought and never use :o(

Not much else is happening, I went to work today and played netball tonight and HOW glad am I that my MIL is back, most of my friends already know that I have the best MIL in the world..... today she looked after the girls here while I was at work and I came home to all my washing done, the girls toy room cleaned and there bedroom clean as well!!!! Thanks Kay xx

I also made a sandpit for the girls today out of plumbers pipe and elbow corners I guess you would call them!! I will take a photo of it tomorrow when we fill it with sand.

Mia has her first day back at preschool tomorrow and I am going to Mums Group I haven't been for so long! I think we are going out for lunch afterwards, so that will be lovely.

Mia has been asking questions non stop lately... is that a 3yo thing???

OK I best go to bed, have a good Thursday everyone.

Monday, 16 July 2007

{Nearly a WEEK..... What's Going On???}

Yes I have been a bad blogger this last week, I don't know what I have been doing that has kept me away ooooohhhh that's right - these:

These are the LO's I created for the mid monthly newsletter for Forever Always. We had to use ribbons and flowers, my favorite is Mia showing the mud on her


So I think I did these on Tuesday night and then the Sisters! one on Thurs. Wednesday night I went over to the craft cottage to chat with Narelle, Leah and Alison (Narelle's Sister). Thursday I cleaned the house which felt good.... Not that it stayed clean for that long! and then we went to the park in the afternoon to catch up with Kerry, Amanda and Leah.

Friday we went to Orange for our tax, so we took the kids to Kidzoo in Dubbo to break up the trip for the girls, they had a great time. I even got to say a quick hello to Maryjane who I met at Louth last year so that was good!

We got to Orange about 5.30pm and Mia slept from Dubbo to Orange so we knew we would be in for a late night. We got to the motel, we were so impressed the room was huge and it even had a spa!!! So me and the girls had a long nice relaxing hot spa and then had pizza for dinner. I put Brie to bed about 8pm and I was really tired as well so I thought I would go to sleep as well....... hhhmmmm Mia disagreed with that, every time I was nearly asleep she would come and poke me and run away or just something to annoy me ( I wonder who she gets her shit stirring ways from)..... anyway after about the 3rd time I grabbed her wrist and told her that I had pretty much had enough I was tired and to stop it!!! The little turd grabbed my wrist and said " How do you like IT! How do you like IT" All I could do was laugh at her and Salt cracked up laughing as well. I can only imagine what she is going to be like when she is older.... What have we got ourselves in for??? Anyway after that she pretty much left me alone and I went to sleep, Brie woke up at 4am she must have been thirsty as she wouldn't go back to sleep until 5.30am when I gave her a drink of water and put her back in the cot and she went back to sleep and then woke up again at 6.30am..... Nice on a Saturday morning!! Well Kev our tax man did a great job - we love him!!

We got home about 3.30pm after Salt driving home through Yeoval cause he wanted to see the country side.... and went to the Duck Creek Races, they had a great turn out 1230 people when we went thru the gate.... it was freezing I would have loved to have stayed as my 2 best friends were there but a mums got to do what a mums got to do, and I brought the girls home fed and bathed them, chatted on the phone to Leah and did some more scrapping. Salty got home about 3.30am... LMAO when he had to get up at 8am to get ready for Alexanders christening!! He was very sick and sorry for himself, how embarrassing we were late to church only a few minutes though.... Mia was so good sitting in the church Brie the A.D.D (see older post LMAO) child was a bit restless but not too bad only a few I can't get my own way tears.

Today the girls and I went to visit Kirsty, Andrew, Connor and their new little bundle of joy Hayden. Congratulations Guys!!! He is so tiny and gorgeous. Babies just make you sooooo clucky and then the girls carry on silly and that soon snaps me out of those thoughts.

Have a big day tomorrow, dancing and playgroup in the morning so that will keep the girls entertained! I best go and clean up this house while my little girls are asleep, Brie has gotten another tooth over the last few days no wonder she has been so miserable the last 3 nights hopefully she will sleep through tonight.

So goodnight everyone!!!

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

{100 Photo's Later}

Yesterday we tried to get a photo of all the Taylor children together, LMAO how hard is it to get 7 kids looking and smiling nicely at the same time....... I should have called this post Mission Impossible!! Salt's brother Dean and his wife Sonya have 4 boys Benjamin, Joshua, Mathew and Andrew, Kristal owns baby Alexander and lucky James and I got 2 beautiful little girls which was such a shock to everybody after Dean getting 4 boys.....I think between Kristal & I we took about 100 photos and came out with about 4 decent ones!

Not much else happening in our house atm we are going to the park to play with the Weston's at lunch time today I am hoping Brie doesn't get too cranky as she hasn't had a sleep yet........they are busy drawing atm. I love hearing what Mia has drawn.

We are off to Dubbo on Friday, to take the kids to Kid zoo and then on to Orange as we are getting our Tax done on saturday morning.

All my scrapping supplies turned up yesterday and I am busting to get in there and do some scrapping but I was way tooooooo tired last night, so I might have to put in a late one tonight!

Have a good day everybody.

Amie xx

Sunday, 8 July 2007

{Scrapping} - Blogger wont let me give this post a title.........

This LO was a challenge where you had to use a song and the lyrics for journalling - I won a little prize pack - whoooo hooo me!!!!

Yesterday we had one of our Local Crop Days, Thanks to Narelle for organising such a wonderful day & to Monique for always helping her!!! & lending all your yummy stuff :0)

I was just a bit productive yesterday with a total of 6 LO's and one OTP project.

My favorite would have to be this one......

I also did this LO on Friday for Frans Sketch Challenge over at FA.

Not much happening today I am a bit tired since I didn't get home until I think it was just after 12. By the time I went to sleep it was after 1am.
Well I am of to do some cooking bc Salt goes back to work tomorrow and we really don't have much food for him to take! Being a Sunday it's not like I can go and get fresh bread for him for s/w.
Have a good day everybody.

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

{Grandma's Home & A Lovely Day in the Park with Friends}

Yes how exciting Grandma finally came home........ Mia & Brie were very excited to see Grandma Kay, Mia couldn't get her gumboots off quick enough & Brie really surprised me. I didn't really think she would remember her but she went straight in for the cuddle which grandma was very impressed with. Baby Alexander is just gorgeous I quickly grabbed him from Kristal for a big snuggle. Mark I can't believe how much he is like you!! Even his facial expressions. Kell (don't read the next sentence) Kristal was saying tonight that he sleeps for like 6hrs during the day.... isn't she one lucky Mum.
Today when we got there Brie was patting the chair for grandma to come and sit on and then Kay said "Do you want to come up here Brie" Brie cracks me up if your sitting somewhere she turns around backwards and backs up to you until you put her on your lap, it is very cute, well she did this to grandma and then sat there for quite a while just getting a cuddle. Mia is having a sleep over tonight I hope she goes to be early but I can't see that happening as her cousins from Melbourne have arrived and were coming over to visit. I had to leave as Brie was really tired, so I will see them all tomorrow.

Brie and I came home and as I was getting her ready for a bath she fell and hit her face & mouth on the side of the bath the poor little thing had blood coming out of her mouth and all she could do was scream. It would have really hurt. A nice warm bath with her mummy helped though. I dressed her in her PJ's and put her to bed and she went straight sleep without a sound....... She had quite a big day with the kids and only about 30mins sleep.

This is my LO for a progressive challenge that I ran over at Forever Always over the last few days.... I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with given that we all had the same instructions. Sonia even made us our own special blinkies.... there is pink everywhere in the forum.
Also here are my recycling LO's and Album that are in the current newsletter.

There is only a little bit of recycling on this LO, it is the teddy bear tag and it said Cherish - perfect embellishment.

On my happy LO I have used a nutrigrain box (for chipboard), a chicken crimpy box (for the word happy) and a satay sauce bottle (as a journaling stamp)

I have made this mini album using scratched CD's and CD/DVD envelopes.

Today I went to the park with Leah, Bec & Kerry and our 101 kids..... to join the other 101 kids that were there!!

We had a lovely day clucking over baby Caleb & little Miss Caitlin who we didn't really see much of as another clucky mum decided to steal her.

Then we headed back to Leah's to have some afternoon tea cause the $6 worth of chips between the 101 kids really didn't fill us up.

I am quite tired and about to head to bed but thought I better update the my blog for all my loyal FANS LMAO.......

What do you reckon - Do you think Mia's photography getting better....

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Monday, 2 July 2007

{A Layout, some photos & no more for boobe' for Brie}

Here is a LO that I did last night for the CC over at Bons Scraps.

Also here are some photo's of the girls the other night with their dolls, it is funny they both have a bit of a fetish (I suppose you would call it that) with hair..... Mia will play with my hair Mary's hair - that is her doll and anyone else's for the matter. Brie will often lay on Mia and put her head on Mia's and grab her hair and stick her thumb in her mouth, it's a pity that she isn't a bit gentler about it .

Not much happening today I went for a walk with Amanda this morning Mia really wasn't impressed at all about it but I bribed her with choc chip cookies and she stayed in the pram. I cleaned up our backyard today there were toys everywhere I want to make the girls a big sandpit too, so I am going to find out where you get the big sleeper logs from and get it made asap they love playing in the sand. Now just to work on the inside of the house........ I really need to start prioritising my day.

I can't wait for my next DT parcel to arrive I think the nerves are pretty much gone now!!!

By this time tomorrow Grandma should be home Mia is going to be so excited. I said to her this morning who is going to be home tomorrow and she said MUMAAAA (that is how she says grandma and she actually calls grandad Nandad.

This little rascal has taken to pulling all her clothes out of her drawers this is how she came out of her room yesterday! She can be so cheeky sometimes you should see her run away when she knows she has something she shouldn't.....
I have just put her to bed but she is making a bit of a noise in there so I can't see her going to sleep.
Mia wasn't too bad last night she woke up at about 7pm and was back asleep at 10.15pm
Brie had her first day without any breastfeeding and handled it alright until bedtime and she turned it on a bit......she finally went to sleep about 9.30pm so just for my records she was 14months old.
Hope everyone is having a lovely time with their kids at home for the school hols. Mia is going to be quite disappointed when she realises there is no dancing or preschool for the next 2 weeks.
Amie xx

Sunday, 1 July 2007

{Mia's First Real Drawing}

How talented is my little Mia..... She said it was a pig! This is the first time I have been able to tell what she has actually drawn.

{Ironing instead of Scrapbooking}

I don't know what is wrong with ME, today Mia went to the footy with her Dad and Brie had a 2 hr sleep and I did my ironing instead of scrapbooking?????? I need some inspiration to get scrapping again. I am sure it will come back soon.... Mia went to sleep at 5pm tonight so I am going to have a very late night with her I couldn't even stop her from going to sleep she was eating her dinner and her eyes were shut the poor little thing.

Mia was really well behaved in the church yesterday so that was good, the kids all had a great time playing together afterwards at the BBQ. We got home about 8ish and the girls were in bed as soon as I got them into their jimjams, and were both back in our bed by 3am....