Tuesday, 28 August 2007

{Happy Birthday Grandma}

Happy Birthday Grandma

Today is Salt's mums birthday, not that we have gotten to see her as she had to go to the dentist! What a horrible birthday present.... but I guess having the day in Dubbo to shop would make up for it :o)

We had this pic framed from all of us for her birthday, it arrived yesterday and she was so pleased with it.

We are going to have dinner tomorrow night or maybe we might just celebrate with a lunch on fathers day as I forgot that I have netball.

Not much scrapping has been happening around here lately I have moved my scrap room and I am slowly getting it organised I did this LO last night for the FA CC as I felt bad that I hadn't done anything I have until the end of the month to finish the other challenges I have challenge #2 on my desk but it just isn't coming together like I would like it too.

Here are some photos that I took of the girls today, the lawn needs mowing badly so there was lots of green clover. Brie looks like a little puppy dog :o)

This is Brie enjoying her ice cream on the back step.

I can't believe how quick my trip to Sydney has come around I am so looking forward to it. I thought I best start taking lots of photos so I have some inspiration to scrap.

I went out last Friday night and had an awesome night I went out for new years but other than that it has been 2yrs since I have had a huge night out. I was pretty tired the next day and really I don't know why you do it cause it just wrecks the rest of your weekend....... so yes getting home at 4am does not agree with me!!!
Brie has been sick this week with conjunctivitis and runny noses this week, so Sonia took Mia to playgroup this morning which was great of her.
Anyway I am I reading the new Jackie Collins book so the girls are in bed and that is what I am off to do read and go to sleep.... I still haven't caught up on my sleep yet. No wonder I hardly ever drink.
Have a good night all,
P.S Lee & Sarah your RAK's are coming I just haven't gotten to the post office yet.....
Amie xx

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

{Winners are Grinners}

Congratulations to Lee Woodside and Sarah on being the lucky winners of the scrapbooking RAK email me your addresses at ata75954@bigpond.net.au and I will send you a little surprise in the mail :o)

Well we lost netball tonight so that's sad!

In other news I started rearranging the bedrooms around at about 2pm today the girls are all moved in to their new room and Brie went to sleep no worries. Mia never goes to sleep in her own bed so she has been carried into her new bedroom. I am sure when she wakes up in the middle of the night she will let us know how much she dislikes her own bed......

So I have a huge job ahead of me tomorrow sorting out my new scrap room as I have just pretty much dumped it all in boxes and then into the girls old room. I thought there may have been some more room for toys in the bedroom we have just moved them into but NO, the furniture just doesn't look as crammed in now.

Only 16 more sleeps until we go on our FA retreat I can't wait, it has come around so quick.

Anyway have a great night all.

Amie xx

Monday, 20 August 2007

{10,000 Visitors}

I missed it..... I was going to put a post up about someone getting to be the 10,000th visitor but I missed it..... I should have blogged yesterday. :o(

I am going to send out a Scrapbooking RAK in celebration of having 10,000 visitors so leave a comment to be in the running.

My table arrived today.... Great News I LOVE IT!!!!

This is Bryce's little cushion that I made for Kellie isn't he a cutie, and here is Mel's that I made for her beautiful little girl Bella.

Here are my other sewing creations that I made on Saturday night & Bries mini me bag after she claimed mine!

Saturday, 18 August 2007

{A Huge Congratulations}

Congratulations to Kristal & Mark on their engagement.... It is all very exciting.
Check out Kristal's gorgeous ring, can't wait for the wedding so we get a lovely holiday in Bris-vegas :o)
Mel & Kellie I have finished your cushions tonight so I will post little pics of them tomorrow, Mel I will put yours in the mail this week and Kell, if your up at your Mums drop in otherwise I will catch up with you too.
Salt's team lost union today so that is it for the season, whhhoooooohooooo NO MORE FOOTY FOR SALTY TAYLOR!!!!!!! He is 35 you would think he would think it was time to retire anyway.
Have a good night,
Amie xx

{Date Night is BACK}

Last night James and I went to the Motel for dinner, we had a lovely night... the food was yummy too!

At the beginning of the year we made a deal that we would go out once a month to the motel just for us..... Jan and Feb went to schedule then I don't know what happened we just seemed to get busy! A few months ago he wanted to take me out but I had a huge coldsore so as if I felt like going out in public :o( Anyway we are going to try and make it a regular thing again.

Not much else has been happening Mia is still a bit sick so I hope she starts to feel better soon.

Have a good saturday everyone, I am thinking about getting this house into some sort of organised state as my new kitchen table will be here on Monday and I would like to move the girls room around again, I am just wondering if I can fit a double bed and my scrapbooking table into their tiny room so they can have a bigger room. Anyway I will see how I go today!

Thursday, 16 August 2007

{The Nice Matters Awards}

How nice is this.... I have been nominated for this not once but 3 times..... So thank you to Mel, Narelle & Laura for thinking of me when handing out this award to your fellow bloggers.

So I would like to nominate these 3 gorgeous ladies again and Leah, Briony, Sarah, Nicole, Nic, Jenny, Jolene

Well poor little Mia has been quite sick this week with the flu that has been doing the rounds. She missed out on going to pre-school today as she was just too sick, she was quite upset about it too. I was only saying the other day that the girls hardly ever get sick I spoke to soon obviously... it would have to be the sickest I have ever seen her, when I took her to the doctors yesterday she didn't move off my lap, she was just not with it at all. But she has had a big sleep today and is still up now with lots of energy, she actually ate something this afternoon when she woke up so it must of helped. I hope Brie doesn't get it, but she probably will.

Not a lot happening here, so have a good night everyone.

Sunday, 12 August 2007

{Where's the Sandpit?}

I think Brie needs to learn where the sandpit belongs, this is what I found yesterday when I heard her come back inside from playing ..... Lucky I had my camera in my hand :o)

Well the good thing about it was that I got the vacuuming done!

Last night I did a bit of scrapping, I still have so much to get done.... I also found another pile of photos that need to be scrapped as well. At least I will have lots for the FA retreat in September.

Not much happening today, I might take the girls for a walk in a minute we need to go and get milk and a few other things from the supermarket.

The other night I made the yummiest dinner, it was chicken breast cut into stir fry strips, garlic, soy sauce, tomato sauce and honey. Singapore noodles and stir fry veggies from the freezer.... It was so yummy Mia loved it, Brie ate a little bit of the chicken and Salt said it needed more juice but I thought it was perfect and I am going to have it for dinner again tonight.

I will leave you with my LO from the 3rd progressive challenge that we had on Thursday night! They are going to be held every Thursday night from now on so come and join in it is lots of fun.


Friday, 10 August 2007

{Baby Elephant Photos}

Mia is on the end.

Before the show!!!

{The Lucky Winners......)

Congratulations to Mel Goodsell & Kellie Boyd. Mel you will have to thank Mia as I asked her to pick a number between 1 -18 and she said that number.... I had a number 8 on my t-shirt this morning. for the second pillow I used a random number generator off the internet and it came up with 11 & since Mel and Kel were the 8th and 11th commenter's they are the winners.

So if you both would like to email me one of your favourite photos I will be able to make you one of these cute little cushions to keep!!!

Now onto last night.... we have a little star in our house, you should have seen her it was sooooooo sooooooo cute, they came out doing their little elephant walk and then stood in line and kept dancing Mia just sort of stood there looking at the audience and then it came to her fav part of the dance and she half did a star jump and wobbled her head about.... Now it was time to do the elephant walk again but instead of watching Angie she was too busy looking at the audience! So while everyone was already in line heading off on the walk Mia just stood there staring at the spotlight they had just put back on her, after about 5 seconds she realised and ran to join the end of the line it was so cute the whole audience was in hysterics and I had tears coming down my face from laughing at her so much. So then they came back to the front of the stage and she decided to turn around, well she spotted her shadow and did a little dance of her own and then her fave part of the song came again and the head wobbling started again and then it was the finish and they laid down and went to sleep. Salt said last night when we came home it is the proudest he has ever been, and then watched the video of it about 15 times laughing louder every time. Mia said to me this morning Mum can I watch me be an elephant again!!

On Wednesday night, it was about 10 when I went to bed and I was watching tv and next minute Mia walks in and says to me " Mum where's Brie?" I said in her cot asleep. " No she not mum, she just fell down a pot hole!! " Did she I said to her and then she kept telling me that Brie was down a pot hole..... it was quite funny I said Mia were you having a dream, OOOOHHHH she said. I think she watches to much tv!!

The girls have been playing together so well over the last few days, it has been great. Not that they fight or anything I have just noticed Mia has been including Brie in a lot more things that she does.

Not much happening here this weekend, Salt is on dayshift and I have a sore throat and have nearly lost my voice.....

Well I will be back later with some photos of last night, a friend has my camera.

Have a good day,
Amie xx

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

{ A Baby Elephant Preview and a RAK}

Today we got to see our gorgeous little kiddies dress up as baby elephants for Thursday nights concert.... the kids all looked so gorgeous. I am so excited about Thursday night.

This is Fallon and Mia having a great time today after they had just put on their costumes.

Now I have been wanting to do a RAK on my blog for some time now and have been wondering what I could give away...... I have finally (well more like the girls from the Forever Always Forum ) come up with an idea that I hope makes everyone want to leave a comment to be in the running for me to make one of the little mini scrapped cushions from the previous post!

Who ever wins will email me a photo and there address and I will be able to make one of these cute little cushions for them... (not that the sewing is great... but they just look so cute) the photos do not do them justice!!!

So feel free to leave me a comment :o)

* edited to add ~I will draw this on Friday~ and I just had to add this gorgeous photo of Brie with her cushion blowing kisses for the camera :o)*

Have a good night.....
Amie xx

Monday, 6 August 2007


My bind-it-all arrived in the mail today. I have just watched the DVD and you should see the great ideas they have on there for things to make. It also features a cutting machine that would be great as well. So you can all guess what I am going to be doing over the next few days.

Last night I was in bed asleep at 7.30pm I felt so much better for it today too.... Not that I had the best sleep as poor little Brie woke up and about 10pm crying and she tossed and turned and cried all night, I gave her some medicine at 4am, and she slept until 7. She has already woken up crying once tonight since she went to bed so I really don't know what is wrong..... I will blame teeth I guess????

Today I went out to lunch with the girls for Kirsty's birthday Happy Birthday Kirst.... lunch was great!

Well I am off to clean the kitchen and play with my new toy :o)

Sunday, 5 August 2007

{Don't look too closely all you sewer's out there}

I am practising making these baby cushions for the girls before I attempt the big one.... as a present, anyway I got this one finished about an hr ago and Mia said she wanted one as well.

So I made her one to, I also have another photo of Brie printed that I will make maybe today...... I will see how I go!

Yesterday we went out to the ag expo and OMG you should have seen the cars they were parked up for miles!!! It is good to see Nyngan get such a great crowd. I had some pancakes with ice cream, strawberry jam, strawberries and cream.... They were the best pancakes I have ever had!! They were so worth it.

I also met up with Niccy & Jenny so it was great to catch up with these 2 lovely girls. * Waving at you both *

Not much else happening today I have a half finished LO in my scrap room that I will finish if Brie will have a sleep for me. I have tried to put her down twice already today and it is just not happening :o( The way Mia is going I would say she will be asleep before Brie today.

Have a good day everyone.

Amie xx

Saturday, 4 August 2007

{Forever Always Newsletter}

Well the FA newsletter is out and here and my LO's that I contributed, I never really like Basic Grey PP's...... but I liked these, so now I think I am going to be using BG PP alot... All Seven of you in 2007 and You are so Beautiful are in the Basic Grey gallery.
I did this LO of Bries first birthday the other night and it was raining on Friday morning but I wanted to photograph it.... Why am I so impatient???? I just had to go out in the rain and now I have rain drops all over it and it has stained the big photo bc it was a photo printed on cardstock! Oh well I have learn't my lesson there.

Well we are off to have a look at the ag expo so I best go and have a shower and get organised.
Have a good saturday everyone and thanks for stopping by.
Amie xx

Thursday, 2 August 2007

{Ok.... Here is the lounge}

I know your looking at it thinking what is wrong with it??? But I just hated it.....and then Salty put the legs on it this morning and it made the world of difference (I think) LMAO!!

Anyway why don't you all let me know what colour cushions I should buy for it.

{Thanks Briony}

Well Briony has nominated me as a Rockin' Girl Blogger so thanks for that!!

So I will nominate
Amie H

Some of you probably have already been nominated but I think your all rockin'

I am warming up to my lounge as well, Salt put the legs on it this morning and it made a huge difference.....

I am off to the postoffice and then I am coming home to scrap!

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

{I hate my new lounge........}

Yes that's right I HATE HATE HATE my new lounge. I loved it in the shop and it was comfy and all that but there is just something about it that I don't like..... and guess what the best thing about it is....... Salt HATES it too!

I am sitting here looking at it, and I am thinking maybe I need a rug on the floor or some scatter cushions. Anyway I have left the other lounge still in the same room and I am thinking I might just get it recovered or do something that doesn't involve fixing the sheet blanket up on it all the time.

Well in other news we won netball again tonight, I think our team has finally clicked.

Hope everyone has had a great day.