Wednesday, 31 January 2007


Here are some photos of the girls that have been on my camera since Brie sucked on the cord. I am just loving these collages so quick to post heaps of photos.

Monday, 29 January 2007

Brie is not a very happy camper tonight she is in her cot screaming at the moment :0( I wonder how long I can put up with it!!

On Friday we went to Nyngan's Australia Day celebration they had a really nice breakfast cooking for everybody and the usual awards one of my friends Mandy received Senior Sports person of the year she said a lovely speech. After breakfast we came home and Salty went to sleep as he had just come off night shift. Mia, Brie and I all had an afternoon nap and then headed down to the RSL for a bit of socialising, Salt joined us about an hour later and decided to have a night out so we came home by ourselves about 10.30pm.

On Saturday morning we heading out to the Weston's for the weekend and had a lovely time, the boys went Yabbying and we got to eat the best steak you have ever tasted topped with garlic yabbies. The next morning James celebrated his 4th birthday he was very excited we made a number 4 cake which was very yummy.

Brie has stopped crying I hope she is asleep I'd better check!!! She out to it...

She was soooo tired she only had just under an hr sleep today as Mia woke her up. She's a naughty sister.

Today I took Mia to see Dr Chan as she jumped off a table at the RSL the other night and has been limping ever since, he doesn't really know what is wrong with her so I have to take her to Warren tomorrow for an X-Ray as Nyngan is booked out until next Wednesday Living in a small town sux sometimes. I don't think there is anything wrong but she is a tuff little thing and doesn't complain very much so it is best to make sure I guess - she wouldn't be limping for no reason.

Well it is my Nana's birthday to day she is 74 Happy Birthday Nana, I will have to ring tomorrow as by the time I thought of it today it would have been nearly 10pm in NZ.

Thanks for reading

Friday, 26 January 2007

Doing something Nice!!

Hi everybody,

Last night I was catching up on the rest of my blog stalking and on this Blog I found a very worth cause as Jaimie calls it.

I am sending some scrapbooking stuff that I don't need/use anymore and I think everyone else should too.

Off to Nyngan's Australia Day celebrations this morning. Apparently they have lots of things for the kids to do (jumping castle, face painting) so Mia will enjoy herself.

Mia has just woken up and come out to the kitchen looked out the window and said " it's a lovely day" LOL she just cracks me up.

We are heading out to Denis and Kristy's for the weekend so that will be fun, we are going skiing I can't wait to see if Salty can ski. It is James Westons birthday on Sunday and Mia has been sing happy birthday ever since I told her we are going to see James on his birthday. She calls Nathan & James "My Boys" she says things like - where are my boys, I love my boys. very funny......

I will catch up with everyone next week.

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

I'm Back!!!

Hi everyone,

I was nearly to tired to update my blog after reading everyone else's but I hate it when no one updates so here we go!

Well I can definitely say I have missed you all, I have had major withdrawals from not having any internet for the last 6 days. I rang telstra last night and made them give me a credit for the month of January as I have been offline for at least 10 days.

Well what has been happening - (sitting here trying to think.........still thinking)

I went out for Leah & Sally's birthday on Saturday night, we had a great night got home at about 1am I was very sick & sad on Sunday morning all I wanted to do was sleep. Remind me never to go out again drinking if I still have to look after my girls the next day.


Mia is going quite well in her swimming lessons on Monday all she did was cry the whole time that she wanted her floaties on so when we got home I made her practice what she did at the pool and on Tuesday she grabbed the noodle and got straight in. She still won't jump in or push off the side and swim to me. Maybe I am expecting too much from her.

I have been working the last 2 days shock to the system as I haven't worked since 22 Nov 06 & I wouldn't even call it that I only do about 6hrs a fortnight LOL.

I brought home a puppy from Dione's today just to see how Mia would go with it. She was pretty good a bit rough at times, Brie thought it was pretty good she just tried to eat it. Anyway when Salt woke up he said we couldn't keep the puppy and I had to take it back, which I didn't mind as I don't really like foxy's but Mia had fun with it for the afternoon.

I have been bike riding the last 2 mornings with Mia in the bike seat on the back she thinks it's great - you can buy these things that both the kids can sit in, a lady rang me the other day asking if I want to buy hers so I am going to have a look at it tomorrow - that should help with the resolution of loosing 10kgs this year.

Well I am very tired so I best get to bed still haven't got a new lead for my camera I should ring up tomorrow and order one.

Thanks for all the lovely comments on Brie's gorgeous piccies I couldn't choose so I brought the whole package Naughty Me!!!

Can't wait to scrapbook them all.


Thursday, 18 January 2007


Here is a preview of some photos that Brie had taken when we were on holidays!!!!

I just love them.

Tuesday, 16 January 2007


We had the biggest mini cyclone here last night, I was out playing golf and when we got to the 9th it started to spit, it wasn't too bad you could still play golf (there was a bit of lightining about) but as we all hit off it got a little bit heavier so we all rushed our putts and headed inside to what we thought was just a bit of rain. Instead of rushing home as it was only 7.25pm I thought I would stay and have a drink so then there was the biggest clap of thunder (some choice language from a few people that near jumped out of there seats) and it came pouring down from every which way possible. You should have seen the water that was laying around as well as trees and anything else that was bolted down.... All I could think about was if the girls were alright and I just want to get home. So it must have been about 45 - 1hr later I took my joggers off (they are new) and ran out to the car and went to see if salt was home so he could come and get the girls I was lucky I did as there were power lines down and I would have driven straight over them as I couldn't see much, anyway Nyngan is a mess there are roofs of houses and fences flatten everywhere very lucky that there is nothing wrong with our house. So the SES and Shire are very busy cleaning up today. Mia's swimming lessons have been cancel until next week now as the pool is a bit of a mess with the tree and stuff everywhere.

Salty measure about 60mm of rain but there would have been heaps more than that.

Brie is crawling forwards now just a few crawls and then a bit of a commando crawl on the end of it if what she wants is a bit further away.

Well it is supposed to rain again tonight so lets hope it doesn't storm again.

Thanks for looking Amie

Saturday, 13 January 2007

Brie & Mia

Well quite exciting Brie has started crawling backwards LOL & Mia has just swam in the pool by herself with armbands for the first time this season but because Brie wrecked the cord on my camera I can't share any photo's.

Mia starts swimming lessons on Monday so I am sure by the end of next week she probably wont even need arm bands..

I am going to try and get some scrapping done tonight - hopefully the girls will go to bed early, Salty is going shooting I don't think he should as he has to get up to go to work at 5.30 in the morning. Well I better go and cook dinner. Potatoes were on special for $7 for 10kg this week so I guess we will be having potato with something.

Thursday, 11 January 2007

A= Available~ nope.
B= Best Friend~ Kristy.
C= Cake or pie~ hmmmm... Cake.
D= Drink of choice~ last friday night Riccodona.
E= Essential item you use everyday~ Seems to be this computer LOL.
F= Favorite color~ at the moment, Red
G= Gummy bears or worms~ Gummy Bears.
H= Hometown~ Nyngan!
I= Indulgences~ I love home made hot chips.
J= January or February~ Feb for valentines day!
K= Kids and Names~ 2 beautiful girls Mia & Brie :)
L= Life is incomplete without?~ Family & Friends.
M= Marriage date~ March. 16, 2002
N= Number of siblings~ 2 Stacie & Steven!
O= Oranges or apples~ both.
P= Phobias or Fears~ Fears I'm a bit scared of uummm gotta be something just not sure atm.
Q= Favorite Quote~ ummmm... not sure. sorry.
R= Reason to smile~ Mia & Brie.
S= Season~ spring... Cause it is my bday!
T= Tag 3 or 4 people~ ok.. Leah, Briony & Jolene
U= Unknown fact about me~ How much I weight LMAO Still unknown??
V= Vegetable you don't like~ Brussel Sprouts.
W= Worst habit~ Being Lazy is that a habit.
X= X-rays~ Collar Bone.
Y= Your favorite food~ Hot Chips
Z= Zodiac Sign~ Virgo

And I think I am having a bad day!!!

Don't you hate it when you just shouldn't have gotten out of bed.... My husband is the biggest shitstirring bastard you have ever met and thismorning he really gave me the shits LMAO (NOW).... Lucky it doesn't take me too long to get over being cranky as it was this morning if I hadn't of had to play golf tonight I think I would have taken a little holiday over to my mums or sisters. Anyway over that now!! Went to golf and took it out on the golf ball.

I have just read Miller Madness's blog it is so sad and my heart breaks everytime I read it that is probably why I snapped out of being cranky, & the music she has playing makes you want to cry even more.

Brie has slobbered all over my camera cord so now I cant upload any photo's not that I have taken any in the last few days.

Well I haven't got much else to say, it looks like a bomb has gone off in my house as I didn't do anything today besides watch tv & eat caramel popcorn YUMO I watched the Break Up it was excellent I really enjoyed it I am going to watch it again when I go to bed..

Well lets hope I wake up in a better mood tomorrow.

Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Look What I just learn't to DO!!!

Here are the photo's of the Wiggles that I said I would post a few weeks ago!!! & some other holiday shots that I added as well.


Sunday, 7 January 2007

Some Photo's & A LayOut Share

The dresses the girls have on were mine when I was younger. How cute does Brie look, Mia's had to be a top as it is too short for her!!!

Not much has been happening today I think I have scrapped myself tired, all I wanted to do today was sleep.... I am guessing I will be in bed by 8.30pm maybe we will all wake up nice and early in the morning and start the week off with some exercise.

Saturday, 6 January 2007

A scrapping day at home!!

Last night we went to the Motel for dinner it was so yummy I had New York steak with Hollandaise sauce which I have taken quite a liking too since we went on holidays and my sister told me to have it on my eggs. I would have loved to have desert but I was way too full after having bread and an entree'.

We went out with Bec, Griffo, Belinda & Joe so it was nice to catch up with everyone I ended up have a few too many Riccodonas SP??? and Bec had to drive us home in my car I still haven't gone to get the car yet!!

Salty has taken Mia yabbying with him today I was so pleased when he said he would take her as I have heaps of scrapping ideas in my head and would like to get some LO's done b4 I loose my MOJO. LMAO

Below is a clipboard that I saw on Fiona Carters website and a Calendar that I was give the other day with Nyngan Business's phone numbers and stuff so I thought I would alter that as well. I have printed out 4 big A4 size photos that I am going to try and scrap today as well. Brie is being really good not needing too much attention she is just playing with her toys on the floor she should go back to sleep soon so that will be good.

Jolene I hope you have a lovely weekend with Chad before he leaves, I will be thinking of you....

Thanks for looking Amie

Thursday, 4 January 2007

Taylor Tester

I have just had a look at the answers that some of you got wrong on my quiz - LOL the old fast food question got most of you. Kristy Weston got 60 she used her middle name Lynny as one of my other good friends has KW initials too. Anyway when we were about 18 we went too Sydney for the weekend and lived on McDonald's literally for breakfast lunch and tea for 2 days, when we were in Nelsons Bay the other day we took the kids there for dinner one night and were laughing how much we love maccas!!!

The girls are on a roll I haven't had too get out of bed this week b4 9am.

Above is a photo that I just took of them playing they look so happy I hope they grow up being great friends.

Playing twighlight golf tonight which will be good as it isn't too hot with all the rain we have had.

Thanks for looking Amie

Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Mia's jumped ship

Well I have started the New Year off with trying to visit friends that I haven't seen in a while. So Mia has had a great day today we went over to Sonia's to visit Will & baby Cooper and then we went to Shirene's to see Chanel & baby Logan. We came home so Brie could have a sleep and when she woke up we went over to Jody's to see Trae well Trae and Mia always love playing with each other, they never fight and share the toys which is great for Jody and I as we can sit and chat in peace!!. Anyway when it was time to go home Mia didn't want to come with me she said "I not coming home, I stay at Trae's and have a bath" LOL so Jody let her stay and have dinner and a bath I have just gotten off the phone with her to see if Salty had picked Mia up as it was nearly 8pm and she said he came to get her but she would go home with him either. She obviously likes their house better!

So she has Trae's Tomas the Tank Engine PJ's on and sat up to a lovely meal of silverside and vegies and ate it all mind you

Jody has just brought her home she looks so cute in Trae's Tomas PJ's

Monday, 1 January 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! :o)

Happy New Year everyone here are some photo's of last night.

You have gotta love the lets get drunk and take photos of ourselves pics
We went over to the motel and had dinner it was very nice, we didn't stay for desert as we had to get to the RSL before 11pm otherwise you can't get in, so Jamie shouted us a cocktail called a tsunami here is a photo of Jamie all dressed up for the beach party themed NYE

We had a great night dancing to Roydon, playing the pokies LOL and just drinking and catching up with everybody I left the girls at about 1.15am and walked home. I got home at 1.30am and Salty's mum was still here awake I thought once the girls went to sleep she would have gone home as Salt was home but she didn't know if he would hear the girls if they woke up crying (he is on day shift.

So I guess I should think about some new years resolutions
To be more organised - house and life
I would love to loose another 10kgs this year
Entertain more - apparently it is one way to make sure you clean your house, have people over at least once a month.
Try and get Salt to build me a house or renovate this one (wishful thinking) is this a resolution????

Anyway I can't think of anything else at the moment.

Thanks for looking