Wednesday, 24 December 2008

{Merry Christmas}

Just a quick post to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!
Have a great day tomorrow everyone and I hope you all get spoilt!
Hugs Amie xx

Friday, 12 December 2008

{Swimming Club}

Tonight Mia had her first taste of swimming club...... and she loved it. She was really tired when we came home though I guess all that swimming wore her out. She did really well with the kickboard and freestyle but breaststroke had her a bit confused but with a bit of practice she will be swimming really well like the rest of the kids.

Here are a few more photos from the last week or so,
Mia in her gorgeous dress.
Singing at the preschool concert.

My Gail Pan stitchery that I gave to Salts mum as a christmas card, I just wrote on the back like you would a christmas card.


And lastly Brie and Mia on the tramp this afternoon, I was laying under it and thought these photos looked pretty cool :o)
Have a great weekend ;o)
Amie xx

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

{Aussie Scrapjack Design Team}

How excited am I to share with you all that I have been asked to join the Aussie Scrapjack Design Team There are so many talented ladies over there so it is really an honour to be asked. Thanks Lou :o)

In other news it has been a while since I have blogged..... it is getting so hard to sit in front of the computer I get really uncomfortable and feel like the baby is getting squashed BIG time. I only have just under 6 weeks to go so I am getting really excited. I am so unorganised it isn't funny!!! I am just waiting until after christmas and I will sort myself out and all the baby stuff as well.

Mia and Brie are going great. They have been doing swimming lessons the past few weeks and Mia has just come along in leaps and bounds. Brie is pretty confident for her age but takes after me and is very stubborn she won't do it if she doesn't want too so it was quite funny watching Laura try to get her to do the lessons.

Mia had her end of year dance concert a few thursdays ago as well and they all looked so cute and danced so well. After the concert her and Brie were in the bath and I heard her say Brie you don't want a piece of me!!! How funny see what happens when they are around older kids for a few hours.

Last week I was reading Mia a story called The old man that loved to sing and there was a page with a heap of birds on it and I said to Mia do you know what any of these birds are? She said thats a Kookacock! I cracked up laughing and said do you mean a cockatoo..... Yeah thats it she said.

We put up our christmas tree 2 sundays ago and it justs looks beautiful all decorated by Mia and Brie, Salt dressed up as Santa and brought the tree in from the shed. You should have seen Bries face it was priceless she really thought it was santa.... Mia just said Ooooohhhhh Dad. I can't wait for christmas to come this year it is going to be so much fun the girls are so excited. I am really going to have to wear them out on christmas eve so they go to sleep for me.

My mum & Tony and my brother came over this weekend to celebrate christmas with us and Tony's family this weekend as Tony and Steven are working christmas this year so we went to the motel for dinner and it was so yummy. I took Mia christmas light looking afterwards so she thought that was pretty good.

The photos below are of a few things I have been doing lately. I am right into stitcheries at the moment. The only thing I hate is that it takes ages..... not like my scrapbooking. LOL. I finished another one today that Gail Pan has on her blog it is just gorgeous I love it I will share with you all when it is all finished.

Well I have been sitting here long enough I have some more photos to share but they are taking forever to upload so I will do it tomorrow......

Sunday, 7 December 2008


Before Mia's preschool concert the other night.

Mia receiving her book from Santa ;o)

Posted by PicasaBrie being a little turd and not letting me take her photo in this gorgeous dress that grandma brought her.....