Wednesday, 24 December 2008

{Merry Christmas}

Just a quick post to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!
Have a great day tomorrow everyone and I hope you all get spoilt!
Hugs Amie xx

Friday, 12 December 2008

{Swimming Club}

Tonight Mia had her first taste of swimming club...... and she loved it. She was really tired when we came home though I guess all that swimming wore her out. She did really well with the kickboard and freestyle but breaststroke had her a bit confused but with a bit of practice she will be swimming really well like the rest of the kids.

Here are a few more photos from the last week or so,
Mia in her gorgeous dress.
Singing at the preschool concert.

My Gail Pan stitchery that I gave to Salts mum as a christmas card, I just wrote on the back like you would a christmas card.


And lastly Brie and Mia on the tramp this afternoon, I was laying under it and thought these photos looked pretty cool :o)
Have a great weekend ;o)
Amie xx

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

{Aussie Scrapjack Design Team}

How excited am I to share with you all that I have been asked to join the Aussie Scrapjack Design Team There are so many talented ladies over there so it is really an honour to be asked. Thanks Lou :o)

In other news it has been a while since I have blogged..... it is getting so hard to sit in front of the computer I get really uncomfortable and feel like the baby is getting squashed BIG time. I only have just under 6 weeks to go so I am getting really excited. I am so unorganised it isn't funny!!! I am just waiting until after christmas and I will sort myself out and all the baby stuff as well.

Mia and Brie are going great. They have been doing swimming lessons the past few weeks and Mia has just come along in leaps and bounds. Brie is pretty confident for her age but takes after me and is very stubborn she won't do it if she doesn't want too so it was quite funny watching Laura try to get her to do the lessons.

Mia had her end of year dance concert a few thursdays ago as well and they all looked so cute and danced so well. After the concert her and Brie were in the bath and I heard her say Brie you don't want a piece of me!!! How funny see what happens when they are around older kids for a few hours.

Last week I was reading Mia a story called The old man that loved to sing and there was a page with a heap of birds on it and I said to Mia do you know what any of these birds are? She said thats a Kookacock! I cracked up laughing and said do you mean a cockatoo..... Yeah thats it she said.

We put up our christmas tree 2 sundays ago and it justs looks beautiful all decorated by Mia and Brie, Salt dressed up as Santa and brought the tree in from the shed. You should have seen Bries face it was priceless she really thought it was santa.... Mia just said Ooooohhhhh Dad. I can't wait for christmas to come this year it is going to be so much fun the girls are so excited. I am really going to have to wear them out on christmas eve so they go to sleep for me.

My mum & Tony and my brother came over this weekend to celebrate christmas with us and Tony's family this weekend as Tony and Steven are working christmas this year so we went to the motel for dinner and it was so yummy. I took Mia christmas light looking afterwards so she thought that was pretty good.

The photos below are of a few things I have been doing lately. I am right into stitcheries at the moment. The only thing I hate is that it takes ages..... not like my scrapbooking. LOL. I finished another one today that Gail Pan has on her blog it is just gorgeous I love it I will share with you all when it is all finished.

Well I have been sitting here long enough I have some more photos to share but they are taking forever to upload so I will do it tomorrow......

Sunday, 7 December 2008


Before Mia's preschool concert the other night.

Mia receiving her book from Santa ;o)

Posted by PicasaBrie being a little turd and not letting me take her photo in this gorgeous dress that grandma brought her.....

Friday, 7 November 2008

It's not too late to join in on the Forever Always Chat Extravaganza
Welcome to FA's Chat Extravaganza Competition !
The rules are, chat, and chat some more !
And for doing just that, you could win some great prizes !
The major prize - for the person who makes the most posts during the competition - is a $50 voucher to spend at FA !
The minor prizes - for winners of various random challenges and games during the competition - are $5 FA Vouchers, RAKS and FA Stars !
The competition is on now, and runs, until midnight 20th November, so you STILL HAVE 13 DAYS to chat yourself silly !
To enter: Simply add your name to the list and your current post count.
You can enter at any time.
The winner will be determined by who has progressed the furthest in their post count during the competition.
All posts must be legitimate posts and not spam.
See the official competition thread, for all news, announcements, challenges and awarding of prizes etc, associated with the competition.
Keep your eyes open for random Chat Spot Specials, Chat Challenges, Chat Scrap Challenges and Chat Games in addition to all of our regular chat ! These will give you even more opportunities to improve your post counts !
Explanations of these, can be found in the forum.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

{20 40 60 Challenge with Scrapbook Creations}

I have just come home to a lovely email from Kim at Scrapbook Creations asking me to do one of there 20 40 60 Challenges. I am doing the 20min challenge which is right up my alley don't you think......... how exciting, I just had to share.

Here are some LO's, off the page, and cards I have done lately :o)

These few things have been done using the Christmas kits available at Forever Always. These kits are great and OMG you can make so much with them :o)

and from the monthly newsletter. The cards are just for fun I am trying to get lots of cards done so it isn't such a rush when I need one in a hurry :o)

Saturday, 1 November 2008

{Forever Always Novemeber Newsletter}

This month we take you revisting Paint, Ink and Dyes and hopefully finding something you haven't tried in a while but giving you inspiration to try it again....check out the gallery to see it all.
Important DATES
Be sure to pencil these in your diary…then ring and book in, space is very limited!Thursdays - 10am till 2pm (bring your lunch), Every Thursday – just call and book in.12 Hour Crops - 1st November.Christmas Crop - 29th November {with all the trimmings including our Kris Kringle}Cyber Crops - 14th - 17th November.Recipe Scraps – 6th November with Paula Perry and 27th November POT LUCK with Sonia2009 Retreat Dates – details to be released but feedback on these dates is appreciated.
Retreat #11 – 26th February – 1st MarchRetreat #12 - 14th – 17th MayRetreat #13 - 6th – 9th AugustRetreat #14 - 29th October – 1st November
We reveal OCTOBER’S Winners check it out to see if you are one of them!!!!.
Take a stroll down Inspiration Alley…
This inspirational sketch was inspired by Amie's layout, with a design that is simply fun!!…We hope this one inspires some simplicity in your scrapping…enjoy!!!
Create an ORIGINAL Scrapbooking page based on this Sketch. Upload your entry to the Forever Always Gallery. Or Email the entry to with a small description. Entries close on 29th November, you will be in with a chance to win a $15 Gift Voucher from Forever Always.
read all this and more over here in our downloadable PDF NEWSLETTER
happy scrapping

Friday, 31 October 2008

{The UPDATE on the Toilet Training}

About 2 weeks ago I attempted too toilet train Brie..... well she had know idea and after 2 days I gave up and said she will do it when she is ready. Well last friday she decided to use the potty all by herself and has not had an accident since I am so proud of her. She has had one dry nappy at night and the others haven't been hardly wet at all. Today at the supermarket she said MUM I need to wee. So I took her she probably had to hold on for at least 2 mins while I got her to the toilet which I thought was excellent and then just as we were going thru the checkout she said she needed to poo and I was like really??? thinking in my head she just wanted to use the toilet again for fun so I didn't take her and she did a poo in her pants in the car on the way home so I have learnt my lesson when she needs to go she needs to go...... when I said Brie have you done a poo in your pants she just looked at me as if to say I told you so.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

{Potluck Thursday with Forever Always}

Thursday’s are out scrap and chat nights…we have revamped a little taking into account some forum feedback. From now on, the first and last Thursday evenings of the month – we will have our Recipe/Potluck nights…really a FREE class with a difference. You haven’t seen the end product. Sometimes these recipes will involve a technique, other times it’s just a fun quick layout. Check out the forum for the ‘ingredients’ list on Tuesdays.
It's almost Thursday and my turn at potluck this week....but let's go with half and half.
I am putting up a List of INGREDIENTS....and you have till Thursday to think of some instructions to do with these Supplies. - we will start at to allow our non DAYLIGHT savings girls to join in the fun
1 X sheet of Cardstock
8x9 Inch pattern paper
3x7 inch pattern paper
Assorted flowers, buttons THREAD
journal block
chipboard name
let's come back here on Thursday at 8pm and play....see you then!!!

Friday, 24 October 2008

{Photos Toilet Training and More}

A photo of Mia when we went fishing the other day...... this is the before photo LOL

Salts damper was heaps nicer than my first attempt.

OMG how dirty can one child get....

Mia and her Carp that she caught.
Below are a few LO's that I have done for the October midmonth newsletter.

Below is for the midmonth Sketch

This LO was from the Cybercrop last weekend. The girls took these photos.

And also below a few more LO's from the CC and some cards from the leftover scraps.

Mia had her haircut last weekend and Jody straighten it for her.... The photo doesn't do it justice but she just looked so cute and grownup and young at the same time if that makes sense... I like her curl the best though... That night we went to the footy presentation and I am sure she went to the toilet to fix her hair up at least 10 times......... each time she would come out and say does this look beautiful??? So gorgeous.

In other news the girls have a pet fish each, meet Squirty and Lil Baby. Mia owns Squirty (the black fish) and Brie own's Lil Baby (the orange fish) I was quite impressed with the names they chose.

They are going so well feeding them everyday, Brie like to try and pick them up though..... LOL.
Today we went to the reading bug held in the park and the girls had there faces painted , made a bookmark and had a play in the park for a while and then we came home. Last week I started to toilet train Brie but gave up after a few days as she really had no idea.... Well today she has done 2 wees in the potty all by herself I am so proud of her :o) Lets hope she keeps going with it. I would love for her to be TT before our little man gets here.
In other news I have a LO in scrapbooking Memories this month in the Buttons Gallery :o)
We also have a new chat comp running over at Forever Always come and check it out. The girls are chatting up a storm......Just click on the link on my side bar and come and say hi.... There are some great prizes to win.
Ok hope you all have a great weekend.
Amie xx

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Huge Top 50 Comp

There have been some changes recently to the Aussie Top 50 site. Jude has stepped down, and Victoria is the new owner.There's quite a buzz happening there, and it's kicking off with what sounds like an awesome competition !!!

Certainly a huge prize pool !!!For more information, click on the blinkie !!!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

{Creating & Sharing}

Well I have been busy sewing, scrapping and stitching over the last few days, weeks month!!! & thought I should share what I have been up too.

The LO's below are from the last 2 FA newsletters.

This is the Recipe Scrap LO that we did last thursday night.

Now onto the sewing, I was lucky enough to win this gorgeous bag pattern from Janelle Wind. It is her new Thelma's day out Bag and I am in love with it. I still have a journal to sew as well but I will get to that hopefully later this week.

Now below is my first stitchery I have ever done. Earlier this year I join up with the Honey Suckle Christmas Club once a month you receive a project to complete. Well as soon as I saw this I had to do it. I just love the stitchery and plan on making some more for the rest of the family.

Sonia forwarded this email from Marelle, so here a the cards I have sent to Sonia for her to pass on.

My friends

I am trying to raise $450 for a friend's mother (who has beat breast cancer twice before) who has breast cancer for a third time. This time, instead of going down the chemo track she has opted for naturopathic diet etc. So, my friend has not told her mum of our plan, so I am hoping to make it come to fruition She needs to have unpasturised goat's milk and since she has limited funds, I need to raise $450 for a goat so my friend can milk the goat for her mum. These goats are really unusual and rare and we have tracked a breeder down in Colac - so I was wondering if I could ask my gorgeous online friends here if you were able to make some cards with positive messages that I could sell around my area to raise the funds.. you would only have to make a couple each then I could sell them to start the fundraising.. The story is quite amazing - my friend has just reunited with her Mother after a considerable time apart (a lot ofyears ) and her children now have a grandma whom they did not know- after they were reunited the cancer came back - so I feel I would like to help , at least to raise money for a "downpayment" on the goat.. So if you would like to help, please mail all cards to me! If you could help, I can pm you my addy and I will then sell the cards and start the ball rolling.. Last year (it took me 4 months to raised $60,000 for a friend's son who is now confined to a wheelchair after a bmx accident (17yrs ) so I am hoping it will only take a short time to raise $450 Thank you my sisters in scrap!xx

And last but not least I thought I would share my LO that is in this months Scrapbook Creations Mia & Brie both get pretty excited when they turn up and see there pics in the mags.... Not that Brie is in these but in the next few months she will be :o)

Anyway that is about it from me. I am hoping to have an early night tonight as I am quite tired.
Nite all :o)
Amie xx