Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Mia picked out the pretty joggers in Dubbo the other day and just had to wear them to preschool on thurs, I don't know what I was thinking getting white as they get so dirty so quickly :o( But she loves them so that is all that matters.

Today has been a busy day of cooking and chatting with my friend Kerry. Tomorrow is the preschool market day and they asked the parents to make something for the cake stall so Kerry and I made Toffee's, Banana Cake and Lemon Passionfruit Slice, it was all very yummy but I don't think the Toffees worked as they are still soft (whoops). I should have took photos of it all but I forgot!

This is the latest fad of the girls filling up the esky with water and playing in it! Looks like lots of fun hey......

Here are some photos of the girls that I took yesterday afternoon and today, Mia is on the phone to her Dad here and she just adores him as most little girls do. Yesterday morning when she woke up the first thing she said was "Where is MY DAD" She gets quite upset now when he isn't home. I just asked Salty what they were talking about as I would love to do a LO using the photo and he said he was just carrying on silly with her...... she started speaking into like it was a walky talky just after I took this photo.
Amie xx

Monday, 29 October 2007

{Avoca Beach}

These are just a few random photos that I took on the weekend ;o)

Well James and I had the best few days away with our good friends Denis, Kristy, Dannielle and Jono. We left Nyngan about 530pm on Thurs night and headed for Dunedoo, we stopped in Dubbo for dinner and had a lovely meal at Sticks and Stones a pizza place. It was really really yummy! Denis and I really looked the part in our boardies and thongs, while Salt and Kristy were at least dressed half decent :o(

We got to Dunedoo about 10.30 and Salt and I realised that owing a very comfy KING size bed is not a good thing when you get to a motel and have to share a very SMALL HARD DOUBLE bed.... not the best night sleep I have had, but it was all made better by a beautifully cooked breakfast at the bakery next door.

We headed on our way only to have to stop as a truck had slid off the road and gone thru a fence.... I am sure he was ok, pity about the truck and the boats he was carrying!

Kristy and I watched Jessica most of the way to Avoca, which was good it made the 4hr trip go a bit quicker (thanks Kristin) I loved the book and the movie which is very rare when you have read the book first.

The boys got lost numerous times taking us on the windiest road making all of us sick except Denis as he drove and thought it quite funny. I don't know why but men just hate following the signs to somewhere they have to take what they think is the shortcut on the map but realistically the highway would be quicker..... they did the same thing on the way home! so we got to see alot of different country anyway.

We arrived at Avoca just on 2pm which was great as that was the check in time and we headed down to Avoca and had fish and chip and then Salt and Denis dropped us off at Pure Balance Dannielle was running a bit late and arrived at about 4.30 I think, it was absolute heaven we received the best foot & back massages and a lovely facial it was awesome. That night we all enjoyed Thai, how yummy is that I loved it I will be definitely having it again. The next day the boys went fishing at the crack of dawn apparently Salty was up at 4am all excited... nearly as bad as me waking up at 6am and not being able to go back to sleep.

I woke the girls up at about 7am saying I was hungry but was greeted with what time is it! and some lovely words telling me they wern't getting up it was way to early go back to bed!! I did eventually. We had breaky and headed into Terrigal for some shopping, they have some great shops and I brought a pair of very expensive swimmers that make you look like you lost 10pounds in 10 seconds. All I can say is they would want to last me at least a couple of years.

That night we went to the Cowrie for dinner, it wasn't the best seafood platter Salt and I have ever had but the desert plate that Kristy and I shared was to die for, it was soooooo yummy!

Sunday morning we got up and headed back into Terrigal for breaky and had to wait for about an hour and a half for our breakfast I was getting quite cranky as I just wanted to head home and see the girls, Mia came running out very excited to see me when we got home.... Brie just stood there staring at me until I picked her up and then she just snuggled in for ages, I am so lucky to have Salts mum who loves looking after them. Thanks Kay :o)

Well my new camera is taking a bit of getting used too I am going to have to dress the girls up and go and have a bit of a practice.

Well if your still reading you have done well!

Have a great nights sleep everyone cause that is where you should be by this time of the night unless your name is Leah in the Kia LMAO....
Amie xx

Thursday, 25 October 2007

{Baby Cards}

Congratulation to Donna and Glenn on the birth of their little girl Hollie on Tuesday. All these baby's are making me very clucky... Salt thinks its great as he wants another baby, I think it is a huge decision to have a 3rd baby I am quite happy to just have my 2 little girls :o)

Here are 2 baby cards that I made the other night when I woke up at 2am and couldn't go back to sleep!

This LO I have done for a competition over at Scrap Therapy. You had to use only black and white and the only colour on the page was to be in the photo.
Well we are of to Avoca Beach this afternoon for a few days away, the kids are staying home with grandma... I can't wait I hope I can sleep in unlike at the FA retreat.
Have a great weekend everyone.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

{My new little TOY!!}

Well I finally bit the bullet and brought a Canon 400D.... Thanks to Rachel Greig for the tip!!! These are my 2 favs from today. Salt looked through them all and said your other camera takes better photos than this...... My comment was exactly bc I don't know how to use it yet!!!
lots of reading to do I think...

Well I am soooo tired last week I don't think I was in bed before midnight at all... to busy scrapping and sewing and when I would finally go to bed there would be a good movie on and I would sit up and watch it (dumb I know).

Anyway I am paying for it this week I am off to bed as soon as I type this.

Went to Dubbo to pick up Salty's mum yesterday I brought some gorgeous fabric for the girls to make some little dresses. Will share when I have made them.
Ok have a great week everyone.

Amie xx

Thursday, 18 October 2007

{Mia's First Preschool Photo}

Today Mia went back to pre-school and we picked up her gorgeous first school photo. I wish I could show you he class one but I would have to blur all the other kids out and I really don't know how to do that :o(

Congratulations to Lesa and Warrick on the birth of their little baby girl Gemma,

Today Mia also had her first Little A's (tinytots) session, I think she will really enjoy it once it is up and running and they have races and that sort of thing all she wanted to do was do high jump.

uuummmm what else have I been up to this week yeah not much I have been making a few bags and doing a few LO's will share when I take some photos.

Mia is going really well with not wearing a nappy at night 3 dry nights out of 5 is pretty good we have had 2 in a row so that is a good start, I have been waking her in the night before I go to bed and last night I took her to the toilet at 1am and then she woke up at 8.30am so I was pleased that she hadn't wet the bed :o)

These are a few LO's that I did for Forever Always mid month newsletter the focus was on Acrylic Stamps. Sonia has put some awesome information in the newsletter on how to use and store these stamps.
Well I am off to put the girls to bed, clean the kitchen and get another bag made tonight.
Amie xx

Saturday, 13 October 2007

{Jam Drops & Dressups}

That what we have done today, Mia and I made Jam Drops and she did a great job of rolling the biscuits into little balls and putting the jam in the middle.
Tonight the girls have been playing dress ups with my material and now Mia is dressed up like a princess and is getting married. I asked her who she is marrying and she said my dad..... Brie is my dad SEE mum!

Now she wants me to dress her in the Dorothy the Dinosaur Costume...... I think it might be bed time I am soooo tired.

Thursday, 11 October 2007

{Are my girls alike???}

I get people saying a lot that Brie is starting to look alot like Mia.... When I took this photo of Mia with her hair in a tiny piggy tail I can totally see the resemblance.

A huge congratulations to Teressa and David on the birth of the baby boy Shane William, I can't wait to meet little Shane :o)

Tonight we went out to the river fishing, Mia caught her first catfish today I wish I had of been there to see it. We cooked up a BBQ and had sausage sandwiches and potato slices. Mia and her Daddy are having a camp out on the tramp tonight. Should be interesting the last time they slept out there I went and got Mia about 1am as it was freezing, tonight isn't so bad they should be fine.

This is my LO for Forever Always Last Scrapper Standing competition week 2
I am only in it for fun obviously as I am already on the design team (Thank GOD for that as there is some real talent out there I am glad I am not one of the judges)

Challenge #2 - She is Heidi Swapp She.is you!!! You must be something special! She is. Celebrate her.
We had to use 5 different Heidi Swapp products and do a LO celebrating yourself, this is my interpretation :o)

Have a great night,
Amie xx

Monday, 8 October 2007

{Rachelle and Todd's Wedding}

Rachelle and Brie

Rachelle, there little boy Mason and Todd

How hard is it to get kids to stay still I really hope the photographer got a better shot!

This is the only photo I got of Brie and I.

Kristy and Alicia

Kristy and I

Now thats LOVE....

The reception was just beautiful, the food was so delicious, I didn't have much to drink as my hangover from the hens night last weekend was just too fresh in my mind I was so pleased when I woke at 9.30 on Sunday morning and felt healthy!!!

Yesterday we went out to the golf club for breakfast with everyone and then onto the smugglers arms (a newly renovated pub in town) as it was the opening weekend. Salt would have loved to stay but he was on nightshift.

The girls and I were playing hide and seek this morning it was so cute Brie new exactly what to do when I said quick Brie lets go and hide she followed me and hid down beside the bed... Mia had no idea where we were! The best hiding spot was in the wardrobe. I could have stayed in there all day Mia would have never found me :o) I laughed when it was my turn to find them and they were both sitting up in there happy as :o)

Mia and I just made a banana cake I hope it taste nice as I didn't measure anything just found lots of stuff to put in it.... Mia is a little legend she even washed up the mess afterwards, you have to love that!

Have a great day everyone :o)

Friday, 5 October 2007

{Little Miss Mummy Brie, Bags and a LO .....}

This morning Brie saw Mia's cabbage patch lying on the ground, I noticed her waddle off into her bedroom and out she came with one her nappies. I grabbed the camera as I knew she was going to try and put the nappy on the doll.... it was so cute:o) it is amazing how they are born with that mummy instinct. She is always pushing a pram around or holding onto a bag so I am sure she will attach herself to a little doll soon.

This is Mia doing a great job of modeling my new creation, it is what I call my pool bag I am sure I will be able to fit all the stuff that I will need to take with me to the pool this year. Leah in the Kia has purchased this one from me, but I will be making more if anyone would like one. I have 4 on back order already which is great.

This is one I made yesterday, it is just gorgeous the photo doesn't really do it justice.... when I saw the material I thought it would look good as a lining but it is just so perfect on the outside of the bag. It is a dull red (not pink as the photo is showing) and off white baby doll face pattern. I am selling my bags for $30 + postage and handling which is $5 You can email me at ata75954@bigpond.net.au if your interested in this bag. I think it would be quite cute for someone who has just had a baby, you could fill it up with baby stuff....
This LO is for the Forever Always October Monthly Sketch

Brie had her wedding rehearsal tonight and she walked up the isle like a good little girl, I am sure it will be a different story tomorrow. She looked so cute tonight and didn't even have her pretty dress on yet.
I had my first spray tan last night so I look nice and summery for the wedding I think next time I could go darker, I might have to get one before we go to Avoca Beach in 3 weeks time.
I will post some photos on Sunday, I am hoping to get some great scrapping photos of her and Mason together.
Well have a great weekend everyone I am off to hem my pants in case I decide to wear them tomorrow and make some more bags, one of my friends ordered 6 for Xmas today, so that was great.
Have a great weekend
Amie xx

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

{Lots to catch up on!}

Well there is lots to catch up on since last week so lets see if I can remember what I have been up too.....

On Friday I went to Dubbo with the girls to have dinner with my family, Nana and Grandad were flying back to NZ on the Saturday so we all met up in Dubbo which was nice. We went to Hogs Breath my meal was yummo :o) Mia had a lovely time she noticed a little boy about the same age as her and decided that she would go and sit with him and play.... his lovely Mum and Dad didn't mind at all (I guess it kept there little boy I think his name was Jack entertained as well) they were flying a paper aeroplane at each other it was very cute to hear them both giggling.

On Sat morning we went to Maccas for breakfast with Mum (Nannie) and Tony (Poppy) as Mia calls them it was absolutely packed for 8am on a sat. I then went to spotlight and picked out some more material which is so hard when you have a little 17m old pulling at everything she can reach, I so can't wait to go there by myself one day.

I also brought the girls a DVD player for the car which they are just loving.

We said goodbye to Nana and Grandad and I headed back home as we had Ashleigh 2nd birthday party at 3. It was 3.20 when I pulled into the driveway so it was a rush to get the girls dressed into their party dresses. We stayed for dinner and came home about 8.30, the next day we went over to visit Kay and Jim and the girls had a sleep over because I was going to Rachelle's hens day/night, I came home and there was a message on the phone from one of my friends saying they were having lunch and to come down and join them, so I went and caught up with Michelle and Lloyd for 1/2 hour and then onto the hens party where I felt really sick and had to come home for a lay down. I had a rest for a while and Kristy rang to see if I was ok, so I got up and went back to the party and ended up having the best night, caught up with heaps of friends a guy from school and as there were a few of other school friends there we had a big chat about organising our reunion.

I started walking home at about 11.45 only to see Salt was at the Cannonbar so I went in there to see if he was ready to go home and he was which was great.... LMAO he had rode his bike there and decided that he would double me home I don't know how we didn't stack it!!!

Monday was a complete right-off for me I woke up had a shower and went and got something to eat, only ate half of it because it made me feel sick and then I spent the rest of the day in bed I am so lucky that Salt was home and the girls both decided to have sleeps Brie slept for 4 hours I think her few days had caught up with her.

But I woke up this morning feeling great and cleaned the house as it was just a pigsty, watched the girls have lots of fun with the hose out the back and made another bag, went over to Kay's this afternoon for a visit and then tonight I have made another bag the same as the one this afternoon as it was for me and this one is to sell. They are what I call my pool bag, I am going to use mine for all the stuff I need to take to the pool with me this year.

I really feel like I am forgetting something I have done but probably not! I have just remembered I had about 8 inches cut off my hair, I was growing it but while I was driving to Dubbo I thought I might get a hair cut..... So I did :o) Anyway it is just above my shoulders now...

This is a LO I did for the FA Sept Sketch.

Anyway there is your update Leah.