Thursday, 31 July 2008

{Recipe Scrap TONIGHT}

Hi Girls, well i know I am a tad late with my ingredients for you....but time just seems to be getting away from me this week.I have dragged out a layout from 2005, this was one of my master entries at the time....when i look at it now I think no wonder they didn't want it....LOL, but it is actually one of my Favourite it contains very heartfelt words and journaling that were very important to me at the time.....I hope you enjoy doing this with me tonight....As i said it is from the staples stash tonight, so if you don't have something simply's all about your take on the recipe INGREDIENTS 1 sheet of cardstock or plain PP {background} 1 large decorative stamp paint or ink - to use with the above stamp staples scraps of cardstock for matting 1 fotofile - basicgrey and heidi swapp do these....but you can just make one from a piece of folded cardstock. title letters (mine are acetate) Song lyrics - now these are typed on a piece of photo paper.....but you could choose to just have a larger journaling piece. and no the photo paper is not imperative....just standard paper is fine, but after having mine in an album for 2 years, i think it would have looked nicer on photo paper....Scraps of Ribbon Dymo Tape Sewing Machine or Hand stitching requirements {optional} PHOTOS 1 4x6 or 5x7 Portrait photo + a duplicate of the same photo to cut up or use 5 index prints) Ok....I feel that most of the items you have in your can substitute anything remember...thats the with what you have. hope you all are looking forward to coming and joining me tonight....see you back here 7.30ish.....

Wednesday, 30 July 2008


Just sharing our exciting news, Jan 2009 is going to bring another little Taylor baby into our house. We are all very excited especially Mia who we told yesterday.
Here is a little pic of the scan yesterday.
Hope everyone is well
Amie xx

Friday, 18 July 2008

{Newsletter Layouts}

Just thought I would share some of my midmonth newsletter layouts here :o)

The top 2 LO's are themed "Shabby Chic" I had another one but it was accepted to be published with Scrapbooking Memories :o)
And this LO is for the Midmonthly Sketch come and check out the sketch and you could win some FA dollars to spend ;O)

Have a good weekend all I haven't scrapped in a week and I am hoping to get some done this weekend ;o)

Thursday, 17 July 2008

{Happy 40th Sonia}

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Soooonnnnnnnnnia :o)

Have a totally awesome day and I know your going to be spoilt :o)


Monday, 14 July 2008

{Happy Birthday Jackson & Mia's first EYE TEST}

First of all a HUGE Happy Birthday to Jackson Z who is 4 today. I hope you have had an awesome birthday :o)

Today Mia had her first eye test, and I was so proud of her sitting there ever so perfect and doing everything Jenny asked of her. She has great eyesight and her long distance vision is above average so that is great. She has been counting down the sleep until today she was really excited to get her eyes tested and when we came home today I asked her what was the best thing about Dubbo today....... Getting my eyes tested was the response!! So I am glad it lived up to her expectations and everything is great.

We went out to the Overflow on the weekend to visit the Weston's we all had a lovely relaxing weekend. Especially the kids who just didn't stop playing :o) Kristy and Denis have a Pecan tree and Mia took a bit of a liking to the nuts so Kristy gave me a huge bag of Pecans to shell and I came home and made my first Pecan Pie and OH MY it is DELICIOUS!!!!! Very sickening though, & oh so time consuming cracking the nuts open..... but I enjoyed it for something different.

They also had a huge lemon tree full of lemons so I will make a lemon meringue pie sometime in the next week too :o)

Hope everyone is well

Chat soon Amie xx


Wednesday, 9 July 2008

{I just had to write this down before I forget}

Today Brie has just been chatting her little head off !!!! We were at Grandmas today and

she said - Happy Birthday Mum

I said - It's not my birthday Brie

she said - Whens your birthday?

I said - the 14th Sept Brie.....

She said - Ohhhhhhh

And just now I read something funny in the FA forum and cracked up laughing....

she said - Why you laughing MUM?

I said - I just read something funny on the computer

she said - Ohhhhhh & then sang the theme song to Scooby Doo. & sang at least 3/4 of the song. OMG she is only 2 she just makes me smile.

I love that she can talk so well and understand what I ask her to do. I tell her to do or not to do something and she will say OK mum, I guess it is the joys of having a big sister who is a chatterbox as well. Mia didn't start asking WHY until she was about 3 or so and Brie has been asking it for ages........

She just loves watching the wiggles and tonight the girls had little pretty tartan dresses on so she went to the cupboard and pulled down a tartan dress and asked me to put it on her :o)
Nite All
Amie xx

{Forever Always Happenings}

It's all happening this week, starting tomorrow night {THURSDAY} with our
Sharryn Thomson will be your lovely host for this weeks RECIPE SCRAP. I hope you will all join us, in what will be a very exciting challenge !!!
You will need:
1 sheet cardstock
2 sheets (or 1 double sided) patterned paper
2 different ribbons
1 ric rac
1 journalling card
1 large and 1 small blossom
1 brad
alphas for title
see you over here at the Forever Always Forum on Thursday Night around 7.30ish to start the project.
Our cybercrop is this weekend, and the fun is already happening with some pre-crop chatter and loads of hints flying out too, we were totally inspired by the July Newsletter to get a FABRIC themed crop sure to come and check us out here. We are playing with our Famous Points system again...competition at its best.
7:30pm The Chatter begins
8pm Challenge 1
7.30 pm Bingo (Played in the Bingo thread) – must have completed 1 CYBERCROP Challenge to play.
8,00pm Challenge 2
8:30pm Challenge 3
8.00pm– Challenge 4
7pm- Scrap and Chat
Midnight – all challenges must be uploaded.
Sunday's Cybercrop Challenge # 4 – Pattern Instructions
Another name but the same challenge….I hope you enjoy me in creating another layout, filled with sewing, fabric and notions.
For this challenge you will need:
1 x 5x7 landscape
2 x 3½ x3½
1 sheet of cardstock
3 x 12 inch Patterned paper
5-10 pieces of Assorted Ribbons
9 inches in length.
4 ½ inch ring of contrasting Cardstock – this is a 4 ½ inch circle with a 4 inch circle cut from the centre leaving you with a ring.
5 inch square piece of fabric
Dotto Adhesive runner
Double sided Tape
Tiny Alpha Stickers
Chipboard alphas
Felt Butterflies – or embellishment to suit your layout
Kindy glitz
At least a 6 inch piece of sandpaper
Fabric Scissors – yes they need to be very sharp to cut the fabric and not fray the edge.
Fancy Edged Scissors
Optional – I have stitched one word of my title on the fabric – the following items will help this Iron on stiffener or Iron- on Pellon - 5 inch square
Embroidery thread to match layout
So why not come and join the fun over the next few days....see you there

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

{This gorgeous RED Jacket}

This is a really bad photo of the LO but the sun wasn't cooperating today LOL.
Love this jacket and Brie's smile just makes me happy in this photo.

This is called a mini Maze Album and they are so quick and easy to make you should all give it ago :o) Here is the link to the best Tutorial on how to make these. The tutorial is on her sidebar.

Not much else happening Salt is out fishing for a few days so the girls are happy cause when Dad is away they get to sleep in my bed..... and they are both the biggest bed hogs LMAO.

I had a LO accepted to be published from Scrapbooking Memories last week so that is exciting it is going to be in the Encore Gallery.

Thursday night Sharryn is hosting the recipe scrap so that should be a great night too.

This weekend Forever Always has there monthly cybercrop on come and join us it is going to be lots of fun and if you have a fabric stash happening you will like it even better.

Well the little girls are in bed and I am off to get some scrapping done.

Nite All

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

{What have I been up too???}

Well not a lot really..... I went to Dubbo a few weeks ago and picked up my car. It looks so nice and new again, it needs a good clean again though. While I was there Kay took Brie too Kidzoo so I could go and watch Sex and the City. I absolutely loved loved loved the movie LMAO I too sat there by myself with my popcorn and solo :o)
My LO in the current issue of Scrapbook Creations looked really good I was so happy with the colours unlike the month before.

Just sitting here trying to remember what we have been doing..... I have been doing a little bit of scrapping but not a lot.

Trying hard to keep this house clean, it is a never ending job and as soon as I clean it the girls seem to find something else to pull out.

We also went to Dubbo again on Sunday as Salt was playing footy there, such a great oval to watch footy at, the girls had a great time.
Thinking I may have to take the girls out for another photoshoot very soon, Mia seems to have grown again she just doesn't stop!!! If she keeps going she will be taller than me by the time she 10..... Not that that would be a hard thing being the shorty that I am LOL.
Mia got a really great report from Preshcool, Chantelle's comments were: Mia has had a fantastic start to the year & has made progress in all areas of the program. Mia is a valued member of the group, she is an absolute pleasure!
How proud of her am I!!!!
Well that is about all I can think of at the moment I need to keep it a bit more up to date here so it isn't such a task when I do.
Thanks for stopping by.
Amie xx

{What have I been up too