Wednesday, 25 March 2009

{Whats been Happening Here???}

Well it has been a few weeks since I posted, so I thought I would share some photos of Sam and his hernia...... It is quite funny looking but after talking to a few mums who's little boys have had them I am pretty sure it will go away by the time he is 1 :o)

I need to get a photo of the 3 kids for their twinkle toes hand sculptures and it is so hard to get them all in a good mood at the same time. So far I haven't had success but I will keep trying it has been 6 weeks since we had them done so I need to get the photo back to Nichole soon. Here are some from the other day.

Sam and Brie decided they didn't want to be little models :o( Mia will pose for me most of the time.

Sam is 2 months old in this photo I can't believe how quick time is going..... I want him to stay a baby forever. He had his 8 weeks needles last Thursday and he weighs 12p 12o he is 57cm long and his head measured 40cm. He is starting to sleep from about 8 -9 pm at night till around 4am in the morning which is great, 6 hours straight sleep does wonders. His favourite thing besides feeding and sleeping would have to be having a kick without his nappy on. He will lay on his change table for a good 20mins kicking away.
Now to share this beautiful present that Sam received on Monday this picture does not do it justice at all.... The gorgeous Sonia designed this cot quilt for Sam and it is just stunning. I just can't stop looking at it. If you pop over to Sonia's blog you will be able to buy the pattern from her. Now I have searched the net for something like this and couldn't find anything. I am going to buy the pattern from her and make one just because I love it and think it would be a nice easy first quilt for me to make.

Brie has the most gorgeous long dark eyelashes and I have been wanting to get a photo of them so the other day I snapped this. I can't wait to scrap it :o)

Not much else has been happening, Mia and James went camping on the weekend. Brie so wanted to go she had her bag packed ready to go the poor thing. She was just a tad upset when we told her she couldn't go :o( You could just tell Mia loved spending the weekend with her Dad. After James comes back from Darwin I think they are going to Brewarrina fishing.

Mia is really enjoying school and has nearly learnt all her site words. She comes home most days and writes letters in her own little language and tells me what it is. Her colouring in has gotten really neat too, it is amazing how much they pick up so quick.

Well I best go and get some house work done.... :o( I was sick yesterday and James had to stay home from work and look after the kids. Today Brie is wondering why her dad isn't home LOL.

Bye for now :o)

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

{ A few Layouts to Share}

I did these LO's a couple of weeks ago for the Forever Always Retreat booklet, so the ladies had some inspiration while they were scrapping away on the weekend. I wish I could have been there. My thoughts are with Sonia's mum today who broke her leg on Sunday at the retreat. Wishing you a speedy recovery Gran {{{{Mwah}}}}}

Last night I was talking to my mum on the phone and Brie came into my room and told me that she had put Sam in his bed! HUH We had just been for a walk so Sam was still in the pram sleeping anyway Mia had wheeled his bassinet into there room and Brie spotted it and decided to put Sam in it. I have know idea how she would have done it as she s only as tall as the bassinet but he was still sound asleep. So she must have been pretty gentle NOT........ We have given her a good talking too about not picking him up and that sort of thing so lets hope it doesn't happen again. At least she come and told me I would have nearly died if I had gone into the lounge room and he wasn't in his pram.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

{Blowing Kisses}

Here of the photos of Little Miss Brie riding her bike, she has gotten really fast now and decided after playgroup the other day that she didn't want to ride home I said Brie come on we are going home and she said NO I am going to FOODWORKS ummmm no we are going home NOOOO FOODWORKS and off she took on her bike, now I have been in this situation before when Mia learn't to ride her bike and I couldn't catch her :o( so I put the breaks on Sam's pram & ran straight after her she thought this was quiet funny and pedalled even faster and THEN she got really wobbly and stacked it big time!!!! Straight over the handlebars it winded her big time the poor little thing :o( But that is what happens when you don't listen to mummy Brie I told her.
Last Sunday Salt took the girls fishing, and before they left Mia came running in to give me a kiss goodbye, Brie was already in the car so I went out to give her a kiss but Salt was in the road and we couldn't reach each other so I told her to blow me a kiss....... Well it was the cutest thing you have ever seen she blew me a kiss like she was blowing out candles. Both Salt and I were like ooohhhhhhhhhhhhh you are so sweet!

Mia came home from school on Friday and asked me when I was taking her to church so GOD could rub the stuff on her forehead. I didn't know what she was talking about so I told her to ring Grandma and ask her to take her to church this weekend. Kay then told me that it was Ash Wednesday and the kids would have gone to church for school. But how cute is Mia so GOD can rub stuff on her forehead.... I asked her who god was and she said The man in the church.

Brie and Sam the day he turned 1 month old

Sam has an umbilical hernia I will have to take a photo of it IT is HUGE, he has been a little unsettled this week I think he might be growing..... Salt told me to take him to the hospital to see what was wrong with him LMAO can you tell we have never had a baby who cried for more than a second. I think he only cried for 5 mins when Salt got worried and said we should take him to the hospital. He is back to being a good baby again now. I tried to get some nice photos of Sam the other day and he just wasn't in the mood as you can see.....

It was just a bit tooooo bright for him

Then I gave him his dummy so I could get a nice relaxed photo and when I took it out I got

So we came back inside and he opened his eyes for me, I can't wait to get him smiling :o)

I had Sam weighed on Tuesday 24th Feb he is 4.7kg 54cm long and his head was 38cm so he is growing heaps which is great he is quite chubby it is so cute.