Monday, 24 March 2008

{A quiet Easter}

Well we have had a lovely quiet easter this long weekend, The easter bunny was a bit silly this year and let all of the girls easter eggs melt in the car so although they didn't loose there shape thanks to the packaging the chocolate had all separated and crumbly... They ate a bit of it but most of it just got crumbled into the carpet left for me to vacuum up. Mia had an awesome time with her treasure hunt, the nice little easter bunny left a map so she could see where he had hidden the easter eggs. I wasn't quick enough to capture the expression on her face when she found them but it was priceless.

Mia let me take some photos of her on Saturday

and she took this one of me...

which was great as I needed one to complete a challenge that Sharryn is running over at FA for easter, there is still time to enter if you feel like getting a LO about yourself done :o)

Brie woke up just in time to have her photo taken too, I was surprised that she was happy to let me take it after just waking up.

I tried to scrap all weekend but absolutely nothing was working for me this is about the only one I am happy with, and I had 2 goes at it.. Maybe my mojo went on hols early......

Well it is going to be extra quiet on my blog for a couple of weeks as we are going on holidays and I am sending my puter in for a service it is that slow and I think it has a cold..... LMAO.

I am really looking forward to our holiday, especially Kristals wedding the girls are little flower girls and there dresses are just beautiful. I will be taking the photos so lets hope they turn out great :o)

So I will be back in a few weeks with I am sure lots and lots of photos of our holiday.

I hope you have all had a great easter and eaten huge amounts of chocolate....:o)

Thursday, 20 March 2008


Poor little Mia went to bed last night at 7 and is still asleep it is nearly 9.30, I think the last few days have really caught up with her :o( Brie as well went to bed at 7 and woke up just after 8 so my poor little girls are so tired.... They are still both getting temps as well and now have yucky coughs, I hope it disappears before we go on our big holiday next Thursday.

The other day we went out to the river so Salt could try and catch a fish.... I took my camera and got some photos of Mia posing for me she is such a good little poser I love it, all was well and good until she was splashing in the water and half fell in!!! as you can see from the photos. We came home and had a nice warm bath then :o)
I hope everyone has a nice Easter, Salt starts work on Friday so lucky him (NOT) gets to work all over Easter :o((((( anyway he was supposed to work day shift and now he is working nights so that is better for us anyway.... I get more scrapping done when he is on N/S.
Thanks for visiting :o)


Monday, 17 March 2008

OMG I had the worst night last night, Mia woke up just before 2am finding it really hard to breathe I was so scared and she was getting really upset so I rang the hospital and they told me to bring her up. So we headed up to the hospital and they took her temp and all that stuff and rang our doctor to come up and see her. Dr Chan came up and put her on a drip for dehydration and gave her a needle to help her breathe and then put her on the nebauliser..... for the croup, the poor little thing nearly screamed the hospital down when they took the drip out. The whole time she was telling me it was hurting and I was so sad for her.... I am so glad you can reason with a nearly 4 year old as Brie would have just gone off. So we came home about 3.30.... and Mia pretty much went to sleep (unlike her mother) I think I dosed off about 5am and then I woke up about 8.30 Mia and I got out of bed as she had preschool on and she still wanted to go so I got up and made her lunch and Brie was still lying in my bed burning up.... I didn't want to give her any more nurophen as she had been having it at least every 5 hrs for the last 2 days. So by now it was 9am and I rang the doctors to get an appointment for her and the receptionist said the earliest appoint would be 11.45 so I said don't worry about it and rang the hosp to see what time Dr Chan did his rounds there as I knew he did them in the mornings. Dr Chan was there and the nurse said to bring Brie up if I was worried about her so I dressed her in bed and put her in the car, dropped Mia at preschool and headed to the hospital.... poor Brie still had not moved I knew she was pretty sick she even fell asleep while we being looked after. Brie had a very high temp but wasn't dehydrated like Mia so Dr Chan gave her a needle to help her breathe and told me she has asthma, so we fought with her to give her the nebauliser and then went to the chemist for all the drugs she needed. $130 later I walked out of the chemist! She won't take the antibiotics just spits them back out at me, but she is taking the the Ventolin and the seretide. She is walking around the house like she has a mouth full of drink ready to spit on someone..... the dribble is just falling out of her I am guessing it is from the Ventolin. Right now they are that hyped up on med I don't think they are every going to go to sleep.

Mia had her first easter hat parade today so I will share photos later...

Saturday, 15 March 2008

{Forever Always Mid Monthly Newsletter}

* Edited Skye has just sent a pic of Baby Liam and he is so so so cute....

Firstly in exciting news Congratulations to Skye and James who had a little boy on Tuesday morning I am so happy for them. I can't wait to see little Liam.

I have 2 Happy Birthdays one for my Sister for Monday and Alison for Wednesday I am sure you both had lovely days.

The forever Always mid monthly Newsletter is out and it looks great so check it out. :o)

Here are 2 of my LO's that I did for the newsletter

Last night I was in a very scrappy mood I did 4 LO's but I can only share this one....

The girls were in a splashy mood you should have seen them in the bath jumping about putting water all over the place.... they were having fun so that is the main thing :o)

I don't know if I have shared this photo or not but this is how the girls went to sleep a few weeks ago in my bed they were so snuggled up it was just so cute.

I sent my Dyson away last week as the cord wouldn't retract, I am so happy with there service they cleaned my vacumm so it smelt like new and replaced the filter all under warranty :o) So after not having a vacumm for about 8 days this is what come out of our carpet in the dinning room where we spend most of our time and it isn't a very big room either just sooooo gross....


Mia made this crocodile at Bush Mobile on tuesday.

Brie asleep in her cot I went in to check on her and she just looked so cute with the overalls on and bum up in the air.....

Well I best get myself organised we have Ebony's 4th birthday party to go to this morning and a baby shower for Amanda this afternoon.
Have a good day everyone :o)

Sunday, 9 March 2008


Well we have had a busy week this week, I was glad to see the weekend as I new we didn't have anything on!

I haven't done an ounce of scrapping so as soon as I get off the computer I am going to clean up my scrap room and do some creating :o)

Salts dad is coming over for dinner tonight we are having Pumpkin Soup, Bill's Sausages and I am still undecided about desert so maybe we will just have ice cream....

We went to the wiggles in Dubbo on Friday and the girls had a lovely time, Hi 5 are coming on the 24th April so we will be going to that as well.
Enjoy your Sunday everyone :o)

Sunday, 2 March 2008

{Photos and a few LO's}

This weekend I hosted my first Cyber Crop over at Forever Always, my theme was scrapjacked. There are some awesome LO's in the gallery it is going to be so hard to judge this month.

Challenge 1 was to jack a LO that I had chosen of Dee Heath's I just love her work and as she is the brains behind the blog Aussie Scrap Jack we thought why not Jack her for challenge 1.

Challenge 2 was to pick someone from our Design Team and Jack one of your favourite LO's that they have in the gallery. I chose Sonia's Possum Alarm page as I love the clock overlay she had used.

Challenge 3 was a Sketch by Louise Nelson and I just love it I think it might be my fav page....

I was on a scrapping roll so I completed this months 123 challenge we had to use white, orange and black colour theme, a one word title and ribbon. Nice and easy :o)

and the last 2 LO's are from our WORD Inspiration Challenges that we have every week at FA, your name goes into the hat at the end of the month and you can win a $5 voucher. The last 2 words were Retreat and Time.

This is a LO I did for Sonia at the retreat for our photo swap.
Just a few photos of the girls from the weekend, enjoying their yogurt I thought this was funny I turned around and they were both sitting on the table eating... very cute.

Mia have fun on her swings hanging upside down, I can't wait to scrap this photo :o)

Brie looks so cute in Mia's elephant costume she brought it out and wanted me to put it on her and then had to get the dancing shoes on as well.

James and I have some very exciting news that we will be able to share in the next few weeks, it has made my day today :o)
Have a good week every one :o)