Tuesday, 23 September 2008

{Forever Always Retreat # 10}

Last thursday I left for Sydney to go on my 3rd Forever Always Retreat. Now I think Sonia may have outdone herself AGAIN..... Each retreat I go to gets better and better. I had the best time. It was so good to catch up with Briony again and meet Cherie for the first time. I love catching up with all the regulars at the retreat and there are always new people attending which is great. I met 2 lovely ladies from Jindabyne Sandra and Karen. They are new to scrapping and had such a lovely time.
Here are some photos from the glamour shots

Cherie, Briony & Me
Briony's Bump and My Bump we had to get a glamour shot of the baby bumps.
Now this tiny photo... such fun staying up late I think this was about 1am....

Sharryn and Chrissy gave me their Tiara's and Feather Boa's Mia thought this was pretty special as you can tell so thanks girls.
I would also like to thank Brian and Dee for getting us from and to the airport.... such a relief to not have to drag our luggage all over syd.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

{Happy Birthday tooooooo meeeeee}

I just love that song that Justine Clarke sings.....LOL Happy Birthday to me!! WOW the big 30. Well my birthday started on Friday as Salt had to work yesterday and today. Friday morning Salt came home with a cake and I opened the door to a cake full of candles it was so sweet. We then went out to dinner to the motel and it was just yuummmmyyyy :o)

Today I woke up to the best present ever YES my washing up gloves. LMAO I just love how much thought she put into it. Just so sweet. I had lots of phone calls this morning and then went to lunch with Leah, Kristin and Bec who just spoilt me with lovely presents. Thanks heaps girls you know how much I appreciated it today.

After lunch we went to Salts mum's for the afternoon where again I was spoilt with a baked dinner and apple crumble.

I am off to Syd on thursday I just can't wait.

Nite all
Amie xx

Sunday, 7 September 2008

{Happy Father's Day}

We are all sick with the spews LOL poor little Mia hasn't stopped vomiting all day :o( I am glad that she is old enough to know and gets her bucket.

Salt had to go to work tonight, he is sick but as he has already had the last 2 nights off he had to go in as his Dr's Certificate only said until last night.

The girls gave Salt his gifts this morning, Mia made a magnet man a preschool and they had a happy fathers day drawing each for him and of course chocolates. Just what he wanted was his reply. Mia was so excited about Father's Day and had been counting the sleep since wed. Now she is counting down the sleeps until my birthday, and just to let you know she hasn't forgotten about the washing up gloves she asked me where you can buy them at this morning..... so cute :o)

Caught up with Alison yesterday we all had a lovely time catching up and chatting. Thanks girls it was great.

Today I cooked my first Turkey with stuffing it looked so yuummmmm but we hardly ate any of it as we all feel so sick :o(

Friday, 5 September 2008


Well I have been doing just a bit of scrapping in the last week. A lot I can't share until after the retreat, but here are a few! Today I did the sept 123 Challenge and

the 123 Cybercrop Challenge 3 which is sponsored by Forever Always.

Last night I hosted the Recipe Scrap and here is the Quick and Easy LO that we did.

I am also participating in a Masculine Card Swap and above a 2 of the Cards I have made :o) The rest were made last month and are in the newsletter.

The other day while we were in Dubbo Salt, Brie and I went to the Western Star for lunch..... Just as we were about to order Brie was standing behind me and spewed all over the floor. The poor little thing I felt sorry for all the people already eating the lunch. She woke again last night vomiting. Apparently there is a lot of the poos and spews going around so I really hope she doesn't get the poos now. When she woke up tonight she wouldn't eat any dinner and then next thing she vomited again.... so I am guessing we will be in for a sleepless night :o(

Have a good weekend all.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

{Football, Injuries and Scrapping}

Well the boys lost on Saturday which was sad..... but what was even sadder is that Salt only got to play about 5 mins of football and then he got injured. He is so annoyed as he said he felt really good and was looking forward to playing. Thankfully I got the camera out as soon as he went on the field so I got a couple of photos. He has been in bed since 5am on Sunday morning.... he is going crazy he hates just laying around but it hurts if he gets up. We are off to the Chiropractor today (I am so sick of driving to Dubbo atm) so hopefully he will be heaps better this afternoon. It is his Sciatic Nerve and I don't think I have seen him in so much pain for ages.
So here are the few photos that I got of Salt playing.... and a few others which were half decent.

One of the few runs he actually made.
Injured on the ground :o(
Captain Coach Anthony Griffiths.
Tim Smith

Salt receiving his medal.
Well I have been scrapping up a storm in the last day and a half, most of it is for the Inspiration Booklet at the Forever Always Retreat on the 18th Sept. But here are a few from the Sept Newsletter, we had to focus on brads WHICH I SUCK AT! LMAO, but the other girls did some stunning work if you need some brad inspiration checkout the newsletter here

Colour Combo Challenge - Blues

The above Layout is one I did for our Sonia Says Challenge.
This one is from our last CC.
Ingredients for Thursday 4th September 2008 Recipe Scrap with Amie Taylor
Photo Size - Up to a 6 x 8 Portrait Photo
1 Piece of Cardstock
1 Piece of Patterened Paper
1 Large journalling block. (I have used a Teresa Collins White Block)
Decorative Stamps & Ink
Mini Alpha Stickers
1 Chipboard Shape.
This is going to be a really quick Layout that I think is just looking great.
Remember you can substitute any of my ingredients for something you have at home. Look forward to seeing you IN THE FORUM at 8pm on Thursday Night.