Wednesday, 18 June 2008

{Recipe Scrap}

Recipe Scrap....
Thursday Nights @ Forever Always

Nice & easy...

You will need... 2 cardstock (I have used 1 cdstk & 1 mulberry paper) 1 patterned paper Chipboard alphas 3 embellishments (I've used 7Gypsies word stickers, but any will suit) 2 photos - I've used 5 1/2"x4" & 3 1/2"x2 1/2" (the smaller one could be used as journaling)
Look forward to catching up with you 7:30pm Thursday night. Any questions...just ask! Just follow the link to register your interest and join the fun!!!

Come and join us they are lots of fun :o)

Sunday, 15 June 2008

{Registration finishes today}

Come and join us for a little family rivalry in the

‘Forever Always Forever Family’ Challenge

We all know how rivalry is strong in Families; well our little family community is about to Search again, for a guest designer! Are you up to the challenge of joining us for this 6 week project, packed with family rivalry? This competition has a benefit, each entrant will get to complete a memento Album, it will run similar to other book of me challenges but this will be a book of FAMILY, as here at Forever Always we pride ourself on being a Family run business, anyone who has been to retreat or attended a 12 hour crop or been apart of our online community can testify to this sense of family. So with this said, we have decided that our mini book project will be titled ‘Forever Always Forever Family’ Each week one of our Design Team Members will run a challenge inspiring you’re to complete a page in your family mini album. As you our family community are what we aim to please here, we want your input in our winning position, so at the end of each week, we ask that you vote on your favourite Participant – when voting, we ask you to consider, the style of the participant, the work involved and the participation {yes chatter} level in the forum. Email your vote for your favourite to – this tally will be kept, and occasionally put out there for you to see….after all it’s nice to know where you stand in a competition. The Winner of our competition will be sent a DESIGN TEAM PACKAGE and asked to contribute to the September Newsletter. Good luck and happy scrapping.

The link to the forum is on my side bar.... come over and join the fun ;o)

Here are a some of my LO's that I have done for the Cybercrop this weekend :o)


The 2 LO's below are from the recipe scrap I did on thursday night :o)

My sister came up from Sydney for the weekend which was great, we had a lovely time making scones as it was so cold outside, felt like something warm to eat. We went to the motel for dinner last night and took Mia with us :o) She was so well behaved... she has been wanting us to take her out to dinner there for ages and now I think she is old enough, she really enjoyed her garlic bread, bruschetta and prawn cocktail, she even ate the lobster off my plate... Mia takes after her mummy and daddy and just loves seafood :o)
Thanks Stacie for a great weekend it was lovely to see you, can't wait to see the photos you and Mia took last night.

Have a good day everyone I am off to the park with the girls.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

{Kids say the cutest things}

This morning Mia woke up a bit grumpy, and didn't want a cuddle from anyone so when she finally wanted a cuddle I picked her up and gave her a cuddle on the lounge.... her head was resting on my chest and after a while she said...... Mummy I can hear music coming out of your booby!!! So cute I told her that it was a heartbeat, and she went OOOOGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH

Scrabooking to share.........

I was hoping to get quite a bit of scrapbooking done last weekend but I didn't get a thing done... so yesterday when Brie had her sleep I got back into it and did some DT work and then the mojo was just flowing so I did this LO of Kristal and Marks wedding. This was one of my fave photos from the day.

This is a Forever Always Newsletter LO

Below is the current monthly sketch at FA.

This is last thursdays recipe scrap that Sharryn did I totally love the LO, I wish I had own my camera when Mia and Brie were tiny babies.

It isn't the best pic of the LO as it was taken at night.

Not much else happening atm, my car is still in Dubbo getting fixed so hopefully it will be ready tomorrow and I might be able to get down to pick it up.

Happy 7th Birthday to Nathan W today too :o)

Forever Always Cybercrop starts to night so come over and join us.... also I will be running the recipe scrap tonight so if you feel like scrapping or chatting tonight here is the link
Have a great day everyone.
Amie xx

Sunday, 1 June 2008

{NEW Advertising BLOG}

well there is a new advertisng BLOG out there...
Check this out....

Happy to do: DT / GDT Calls Submission Calls Competition Calls Challenge Calls Local Crops Cybercrops Offering: IN ADVANCE advertising, not just on the day ! With daily updates and advertising as needed. And links to Calls and Crops in the US that are mostly open to internationals !