Thursday, 29 October 2009

{Just a few more photos}

These are the LO's I did for the Forever Always cybercrop the other weekend.

And here are a few more photos of Sam being a great little poser for me.

You can see his 2 bottom teeth in this photo, can't wait to print it and scrap it :o)

I will have to get the santa hats out and do a santa shoot for this year.
Not much else happening here. Sam has been a bit off this week I think he is getting more teeth, he has had a few temps and all the other good stuff that comes with teething.
We are off to Dubbo again this weekend for my cousins 21st. Should be a great night.
I have a LO in this months scrapbooking memories magazine it is for the Showcase using My 2 Angels. It was pretty stuff to work with :o)
Enjoy the rest of the week everyone :o)

Thursday, 15 October 2009


On monday Salt took the girls out the bush with him for the day, it was so quiet with just Sam and I. He took the camera with him to take some photos of them in the oats crop. Very cute I would love to dress them up and take them out there again but it is about an hour away :o(

I took these photos of Sam yesterday morning, He is getting harder to photograph as now he just wants to grab things so is always moving about...

Sam is really hard to bath atm as he wont lay down in the bath. He just wants to sit up. The girls were having a shower yesterday morning and I put this tub in the shower and let it fill up. He fits in their perfectly and looks so cute he had a lovely time.

Sam has started to sit up all by himself he gets on his hands and knees and pushed himself up until he is sitting up. You can tell he is pretty happy with himself every time he does it. It is all fun and games until he topples over and hits his head.

Sams eyes have changed colour in the last month I was looking at them the other day and thought Oh how cute you are going to have brown eyes. We all have hazel... I think they are going to be a medium brown.
Over the last week I have been scrapping up a storm I have just been in the mood to scrap which has been great, I have so many photos to get through. Sams album is pretty much up to date which is great.

We are off to Dubbo this weekend for a friends wedding, my aunty is looking after the kids so they will have a great time with her. Sam has had a few bottles of formula this week as well so I am pretty sure he will drink a bottle for her..... well heres hoping.
I can't believe how quick the school holidays are going.... We have been having a lovely time just relaxing, enjoying not having to do anything, no rushing around in the mornings. The girls have been to the town pool a few times it is sooooo cold but they have a quick swim and are ready to go home again in about 15mins.
OMG Brie put Mia's DS in the bath this morning I can't believe it as soon as I saw it she knew she was in trouble. I told her that she had wrecked it now and it wouldn't work.... She told me to put it on the charger that will fix it! I am hoping that it will work once it dries out, when I washed my mobile the other day it started working again after a few days.
Here is the LO we did at last nights recipe scrap, I really love it and can't wait to get the cupcake papers out again and make more flowers. I think they look great.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

{Lazy Day Skirts}

The lovely Mel Goodsell is having a little sewing party on her blog this week, atm there are 70 something people participating in making these gorgeous little skirts. They are sew sew easy to make and I made these 2 yesterday morning in about 2 and a 1/2 hours. I brought the fabric from spotlight on the weekend and it just looks gorgeous in these little skirts. The girls are pretty happy with their new outfits too :o)

Also I hope you all come and join me on wednesday night for the recipe scrap, and then again on Thursday for Forever Always monthly Cybercrop. Here are some sneaks of my LO's from the challenges. Why not come and join us over the weekend to play. Bingo is on Saturday night and is always lots of fun.

Have a great day!
Amie xx


Sunday, 11 October 2009

Recipe Scrap 14th October 2009

Last wednesday night some lovely girls joined me over at Forever Always to create this LO. It was a fly by the seat of my pants LO as I hadn't even completed it at the time. We all love how it turned out and it really got my mojo flowing to start Bries 3rd birthday LO.

So join me again next week to scrap this planned LO
(click on the photo it will take you straight to the forum)

You will need
1 Photo 6 x 8 landscape orientation (again I have used a collaged photo.)
1 sheet of cardstock
1 Piece of patterned paper
Alphas for title
Journalling pen
3 different colours cupcake papers - Yes what you use for cooking cupcakes
1 button
1 heart
kindyglitz, paint or glimmermist...
1 or 2 chipboard numbers depending on the age It is only a little one this time
Now this LO will look good for boys and girls so come and join me next wednesday night at 8.30pm
Amie xx

Friday, 2 October 2009

{October Already & Photos}

I can't believe how fast this year is going..... There is only something like 82 sleeps until christmas and then before I know it Sam will be one. We have been quite busy last month, we had Mia's last game of soccer. I celebrated my 31st birthday..... I had a lovely morning with the family and then went to another friends house where we had pancakes for morning tea YUMMO. Then we went to Orange to do our tax, Mia had her soccer presentation that weekend as well and she received the coaches award which she was pretty happy about. Now she wants to play cricket OMG I just want to stay home....last weekend we went to Dubbo for my Aunty's 50th, Salt had a great night. I went home at 9 with the kids as it was sooooo cold. I had a fringe cut and can't believe how much younger I look! Don't know what I had been thinking for the last year or so. Sam has started to do so much stuff.... he got his first tooth on the 23 Sept, not that I would have known, we were at dancing and Kristin was holding him and he was chewing on her finger as he does to everyone!!! And she said Amie he has a tooth - NO he doesn't was my reply. Yes he does.......... NO he doesn't..............anyway she was right and the little turd has been biting me OUCH. He is starting to crawl getting up on those hands and knees and just rocking. He can drag himself along the floor now and is quick I turn my head for a second and he is across the room. Talk about trying to keep the house tidy. He is forever putting stuff in his mouth that the girls leave lying around, Brie thought she would give him a 20c piece the other day so that was a fun experience NOT.

School holidays started this afternoon I just love school holidays . I hate having to rush Mia around in the mornings. She told me when she came home from school today that she isn't getting out of bed tomorrow she is just so tired.
She is going really well at school, her reading and writing is improving, in the last few days she has been trying to write sentences all by herself it is really quite funny to see how she thinks things are spelt.
Brie is going really well, she is ever so cheeky and adorable. The other day one of the kids toys started singing and Brie said MUM THATS THE MUSIC THAT COMES OUT OF SAMS SOCKS!!!!!
I laughed so much because I knew she was talking about sam being in his jolly jumper. He has a music mat under him and it was the same music..... so cute. She has her Dad wrapped around her finger like you wouldn't believe. He just can't say no to her. She went to work with him this afternoon even after he had said no 5 times LOL.
The pool opens this weekend and Mia is just busting to go it is going to be freezing but it is such a kid thing to want to go to the pool as soon as it opens.
We are in the process of getting the plans drawn up for the house... OMG I will be so glad when it is all over and we have only just started :o(
Ok now for a few photos,

My Birthday morning

The pancake cake tradition ( I have a new pancake maker)

Sam being cheeky for the camera

My new fringe

My beautiful Mia posing like a good little girl

Mia and Sam

Now do you think I can get a nice photo of the 3 of them. They are ratbags one is always playing up two guess for WHO.

Sam at 8 months old

My first attempt at applique (Spell??)

Sam loves his walker

Brie with the sparklers at Aunty Julies 50th

This is a new sign up at our Local Caravan Park - my girls are in one of the photos Just a bit exciting for them. Salts sister actually took the photo of the river in the bottom right hand corner.
And lastly 2 photos that I took of Sam yesterday morning. He is so cute I just love him so much and just don't want him to grow up I wish they could stay babies forever.

I am sure there is heaps more stuff that I should be writing down but I just can't think of it atm.
I am off to bed.
Have a great long weekend everyone. We are staying home as Salt is working as usual LOL.