Wednesday, 6 February 2008

{Mia's First Day of Preschool for 2008}

Mia had her first day of Pre School today, she has been very excited about going back to preschool, she had a lovely day it was funny not having to pick her up at 12pm though. It was raining this morning so Salt couldn't work so that was good as I was going to work so Brie got to spend the day with her dad! They had a lovely time cleaning the house.... it was spotless when I came home :o) LMAO you should see it now I have to do a bit of a pick up before I go to bed. My replacement table arrived today only took 4months. Lets hope this one doesn't crack.

This afternoon I made ricebubble slice, it is so yummy and was a bit of a hit with everyone I think there might be 2 pieces left... my mum used to make it for us and we just loved it and I have never been able to find the recipe anyway today I googled ricebubble slice and found one that was a newzealand recipe, so I went with it except the coconut and I reckon it might just be the one.

Tonight Mia went to sleep at 7pm but Brie was not going to sleep she was yelling out to us and Salt caved and went and got her out of the cot. About 1/2 an hour later he went to bed himself and Brie was jumping about in the bed so I put her back in her cot and she still wouldn't go to sleep so I got her tigger and puppy dog and put her in bed with Dad..... she came back out and watched me doing some sewing and then picked up her tigger and puppy and headed back into our room, I didn't hear any noise from her for about 20mins so I figured she had hoped into bed with Salt. LMAO this is where I found her beside our bed snuggled up asleep SO SO Cute. I am glad she thinks the floor is comfy

My LO for challenge 3 won over at the Scrapbooking Top 50 Cyber Crop on the weekend how exciting.

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Nicole said...

congrats on your cybercrop win Amie. Mia looks very lovely in pink, what kind of backpack does she have? It looks lovely from what I an see. Might have to google that ricebubble slice myself!

We have similar pictures of Prue, only she fell asleep in the bath where I had put her because she was VERY grumpy. Must post them one day.

Amie said...

your new picture is great! And your daughter is so cute. Congrats on your win!

Leah-in-the-Kia said...

Brie looks so big! Not baby Brie anymore!

Kyla said...

Your girls are growing up so quickly, Amie. They are so cute. What ricebubble slice is it, the chocolate/caramel one or the marshmallow/vanilla one? Both are very yummy!

Briony said...

Love the new banner. Gorgeous family photo.
How cute is Brie on the floor? Adorable.
Hope Mia is enjoying Pre School.
Love your LO's you have been doing. Congrats on your cybercrop win.
Talk to you soon,
Bri xx

Brittany said...

I am Jolene's daughter in law & I clicked on you site & when I saw how cute your little girls were I just had to comment. THey are so cute!! I can't wait to be able to see my oldest start school. But I also can wait cause he is suppose to stay my baby forever!