Saturday, 30 August 2008

{I have the cutest little 4 year old}

We are off to Dubbo today for the footy grandfinal and I said to Salt this morning that I needed to go and pay some money of the girls xmas layby and get some photos printed..... I added that we could buy my birthday present as well.

So I asked Mia what she was going to buy me for my birthday and she said some gloves to use in the water..... Oh that would be nice Mia I said, the ones that I use in the shower?? NOOOOO she said the ones that Holly's mum uses to wash the dishes. I cracked up laughing and said I would love a pair of washing up gloves Mia that would be a lovely present. How cute is that thinking I would love a pair to do the dishes IF only she knew how much I hate doing dishes ;o)

I took a few photos at our Birthday Picnic for Kays 70th on thursday. It is the best place to take photos I can't wait to get them printed today... I will have lots of photos to scrap at the Forever Always Retreat Only 19 more sleeps I think.

Well I best get organised for Dubbo! Salt is in bed watching Brave Heart - this is something he has done before playing in the last few grandfinals he has been in. It must get him in the mood to play footy LOL.
Have a great weekend all.
Amie xx


Neek said...

very cute photos Amie! :)

Anonymous said...

Very cute photos Amie, and how thoughful of Mia wanting to buy you some gloves.... very cute!!!!! My camera is a Canon 450D.

Kyla said...

Gorgeous photo's, Amie.
I love Salt's grand final tradition. How did the boys do?

Sarah said...

Salt is a battle axe! Good on him for playing, a bummer they were beaten but they have done us very proud with their efforts.

Nicole said...

That is a GORGEOUS photo of Mia!!!!
Hmmm washing up gloes, well tell her only if they are the fancy ones with fake rings and frills etc!
Glad you reminded me, I had better put some money on my xmas layby by phone, now that I am not going down this week.

Kelley said...

Love the photos Amie the girls are growing up so fast. I agree with Nicole some of those fancy gloves might make the job a little bit enjoyable.

Leah-in-the-Kia said...

Tell her not to buy me bloody washing up gloves! and tell my kids that too!

Amie said...

how funny about your hubby! Those pics are great, gonna be some great pages!