Friday, 12 December 2008

{Swimming Club}

Tonight Mia had her first taste of swimming club...... and she loved it. She was really tired when we came home though I guess all that swimming wore her out. She did really well with the kickboard and freestyle but breaststroke had her a bit confused but with a bit of practice she will be swimming really well like the rest of the kids.

Here are a few more photos from the last week or so,
Mia in her gorgeous dress.
Singing at the preschool concert.

My Gail Pan stitchery that I gave to Salts mum as a christmas card, I just wrote on the back like you would a christmas card.


And lastly Brie and Mia on the tramp this afternoon, I was laying under it and thought these photos looked pretty cool :o)
Have a great weekend ;o)
Amie xx


Sonia said...

OMG - what are you doing 5 weeks to go laying under a trampoline....but have to say they are stunning always amaze me.

Paula said...

Oh Amie...those photos on the trampoline are amazing...too clever!

Nicole said...

Those tramp photos are great, but yes, what are you doing getting yourself under there!!! I suppose mine has shortened legs on it so I am imagining mine, but still!

Julie said...

omy I just love those pics taken form under the trampoline I may just have to try something like that myslef. Thanks for the inspiration.

Brittany George said...

Those tramp pictures are way cute! They kinda make them look old with like a little wear in them.

Kristal said...

Love the tramp photos Miss Amie,
I will have to have a go at these next week with you. See you soon.