Wednesday, 25 March 2009

{Whats been Happening Here???}

Well it has been a few weeks since I posted, so I thought I would share some photos of Sam and his hernia...... It is quite funny looking but after talking to a few mums who's little boys have had them I am pretty sure it will go away by the time he is 1 :o)

I need to get a photo of the 3 kids for their twinkle toes hand sculptures and it is so hard to get them all in a good mood at the same time. So far I haven't had success but I will keep trying it has been 6 weeks since we had them done so I need to get the photo back to Nichole soon. Here are some from the other day.

Sam and Brie decided they didn't want to be little models :o( Mia will pose for me most of the time.

Sam is 2 months old in this photo I can't believe how quick time is going..... I want him to stay a baby forever. He had his 8 weeks needles last Thursday and he weighs 12p 12o he is 57cm long and his head measured 40cm. He is starting to sleep from about 8 -9 pm at night till around 4am in the morning which is great, 6 hours straight sleep does wonders. His favourite thing besides feeding and sleeping would have to be having a kick without his nappy on. He will lay on his change table for a good 20mins kicking away.
Now to share this beautiful present that Sam received on Monday this picture does not do it justice at all.... The gorgeous Sonia designed this cot quilt for Sam and it is just stunning. I just can't stop looking at it. If you pop over to Sonia's blog you will be able to buy the pattern from her. Now I have searched the net for something like this and couldn't find anything. I am going to buy the pattern from her and make one just because I love it and think it would be a nice easy first quilt for me to make.

Brie has the most gorgeous long dark eyelashes and I have been wanting to get a photo of them so the other day I snapped this. I can't wait to scrap it :o)

Not much else has been happening, Mia and James went camping on the weekend. Brie so wanted to go she had her bag packed ready to go the poor thing. She was just a tad upset when we told her she couldn't go :o( You could just tell Mia loved spending the weekend with her Dad. After James comes back from Darwin I think they are going to Brewarrina fishing.

Mia is really enjoying school and has nearly learnt all her site words. She comes home most days and writes letters in her own little language and tells me what it is. Her colouring in has gotten really neat too, it is amazing how much they pick up so quick.

Well I best go and get some house work done.... :o( I was sick yesterday and James had to stay home from work and look after the kids. Today Brie is wondering why her dad isn't home LOL.

Bye for now :o)


Sonia said...

Amie - love your photos...and glad you adore Sam's Quilt, I am working on the pattern - should be ready for sale soon.

Kellie said...

Beautiful pics Amie, Sam look so much like salt in that first pic. That quilt is georgous!!

Sonia said...

Amie there is something waiting for you on my blog. Enjoy!

Kyla said...

Hi Amie, Sam is such a gorgeous little boy. I agree with Kellie, so much like Salt in that first photo. Love the eyelash shot - am going to try that on Allyce.

Paula said...

Brilliant photos Amie! Looking forward to seeing them in one of your gorgeous layouts. ;)