Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Recipe Scrap with Renae

Renae has some gorgeous sneak peak up in the forum so come and join her tonight to scrap up a stunning page.
cardstock (i've used yummy bazzill swiss dot...mmm)
24cm x 18cm die cut or cut out paper
large tag (with string or ribbon for loop)
6 x 4 portrait photo
25cm string
25cm ribbon (thin)
20cm (length) x 12cm (height) bottom right corner of a shield type shape patterned/plain paper.(hope thats not too confusing an explanation so just ask if not sure)
journal pen
stamped image cut out and raise mount it on a circle (circle approx 5cm diameter)
alpha title
book page or similar paper 6cm x 10 cm and chipboard to frame it or make your own frame for it
diecut embellie to suit page medium size
rubons...something in a straight line small and appox 15cm long.
Now this may sound like a lot of ingredients but its all really bibs and bobs and one of my fav all time layouts i've been saving for a special occasion
So come and join Renae here tonight around 8pm to play.
In other Forever Always news

It is Cybercrop time again so come and join in the fun


What else has been happening in our lives???

This is the kids this morning all snug in my bed watching tv. So cute.... Sam is a quick learner he is starting to smile as soon as I pull the camera out got to love that being a scrappaholic LMAO.

Mia and Brie went to their first disco a few weeks ago, it was a halloween theme and they dressed up as witches. Brie just loved every minute of it. Mia was a bit shy and said it was a bit noisy but had a good time mostly. I don't think it was what she expected.

Some scrapping that I did for the newsletter, I think these are the first LO's I have done in what seems like months.
A few weeks ago I wanted to get a few photos of the kids now why is it that 2 will cooperate and 1 wont! Brie was in fine form and wasn't having a bar of it. This is the one photo I got of the 3 of them I still love it though cause she is just so gorgeous LOL. She has a mind of her own and not one bit of bribery works to get her to do something she doesn't want too. Mia on the other hand I could always bribe LOL. She is just well practiced now and poses for me whenever.

So I ended up with some gorgeous photos of Mia and Sam.

Mia enjoying some soccer at Gilgandra a few weeks ago. Last week she got the most improved trophy again which she was pretty happy about. On saturday we go to Cobar for our last game of soccer. I will look forward to my saturday sleep ins again.

Sam in the last week has turned into a rolly polly baby. He loves it, it is really cute to see him trying to get around on the floor. I cann see him getting stronger in his arms everyday so it won't be long and he will be crawling. He is going to be 8 months old next week and I know I say it all the time but I can't believe how quick it is going. He went into his cot on the 1st of september and is slowly getting used to it. He likes to be cuddled to sleep or at least know that your in the room. It is like having Mia all over again, he has the same sleep patterns as her sleep for about 4omins - 1hr about 3 - 4 times a day and she liked sleeping in our bed too. Brie was the best she would sleep for 3 hours straight during the day and all night and would not ever sleep in our bed if she ever woke in the night I would have to rock her back to sleep on the l0unge.

I can't remember if I have mentioned this on here but we have brought a block of land and are going to be building a house on it over the next few years I say over because Salt is building it himself and it is going to take ages. But today we brought out shed to put up and I am a bit excited cause once it is up I can put our house on the market and move into the shed as it is a 21 square she which is heaps bigger than our house we live in now. Not that it will be for living anyway only maybe a 1/3 of it will be made to live in but at least we will have space to store every thing else.


Anonymous said...

My gosh Amie the photo's of Mia and Sam r just beautiful i love the one of Sam looking up at Mia just too cute already looking up to his big sister :o) and the one with Brie thats just funny lmao where are the photos of the bags and aprons that you have made? Can you send through the site for the pattern that you where telling me about the buttercup one :o) and can you do me that thelmas day out pattern too? Must go Caleb just jammed his fingers in the cupboard and he is most upset love to you all,

Kerry xoxox

Kelley said...

Love the photos Amie I can't believe how big Sam is getting you have 3 very cute kids!!!

Kristal said...

Very cute - I haven't checked your blog in ages so was pleasantly surprised by all the photo's. Sam is really growing up. I can see a little of Alex in him in some of the photo's - god help you if he's as cheeky as Alex. I had to take him home from playgroup today because he had hit too many kids that came near the cars - he is getting really possessive about matchbox cars! God help our new baby if she wants to play with his toys....
Hope you had a wonderful birthday - I didn't call that night as I was in bed by 5pm that day - had a bit of a shocker preggo day!

Kylene said...

Amie I love those photos of the kids. They are just gorgeous.
And that is exciting news about the shed and starting to build.

Anonymous said...

They are the most beautiful three little kids I have seen in a long time. Enjoy them and thanks for updating. Carol

Briony said...

Hey Amie. Ive been slack with checking blogs. I love all the photos! In the collage of Sam I can see him very much like Brie. So has Salt started the shed yet? lol! I LOVE the cherry blossum LO. It is gorgeous, love what you did with the tree! Talk to you soon.
Bri xo