Thursday, 15 October 2009


On monday Salt took the girls out the bush with him for the day, it was so quiet with just Sam and I. He took the camera with him to take some photos of them in the oats crop. Very cute I would love to dress them up and take them out there again but it is about an hour away :o(

I took these photos of Sam yesterday morning, He is getting harder to photograph as now he just wants to grab things so is always moving about...

Sam is really hard to bath atm as he wont lay down in the bath. He just wants to sit up. The girls were having a shower yesterday morning and I put this tub in the shower and let it fill up. He fits in their perfectly and looks so cute he had a lovely time.

Sam has started to sit up all by himself he gets on his hands and knees and pushed himself up until he is sitting up. You can tell he is pretty happy with himself every time he does it. It is all fun and games until he topples over and hits his head.

Sams eyes have changed colour in the last month I was looking at them the other day and thought Oh how cute you are going to have brown eyes. We all have hazel... I think they are going to be a medium brown.
Over the last week I have been scrapping up a storm I have just been in the mood to scrap which has been great, I have so many photos to get through. Sams album is pretty much up to date which is great.

We are off to Dubbo this weekend for a friends wedding, my aunty is looking after the kids so they will have a great time with her. Sam has had a few bottles of formula this week as well so I am pretty sure he will drink a bottle for her..... well heres hoping.
I can't believe how quick the school holidays are going.... We have been having a lovely time just relaxing, enjoying not having to do anything, no rushing around in the mornings. The girls have been to the town pool a few times it is sooooo cold but they have a quick swim and are ready to go home again in about 15mins.
OMG Brie put Mia's DS in the bath this morning I can't believe it as soon as I saw it she knew she was in trouble. I told her that she had wrecked it now and it wouldn't work.... She told me to put it on the charger that will fix it! I am hoping that it will work once it dries out, when I washed my mobile the other day it started working again after a few days.
Here is the LO we did at last nights recipe scrap, I really love it and can't wait to get the cupcake papers out again and make more flowers. I think they look great.


Paula said...

Brilliant photos Amie, love them! Fantastic to see you scrapping again! ;) Have a great weekend @ the wedding. x

Chrissy said...

Wow the oats field is an *awesome* photo backdrop Amie!!! Love your shares too. :)