Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Christmas Photos

This is the kids opening the presents on christmas morning at our house.

below are the photos of the kids at Kay and Jims house opening the presents.

We had a very quiet christmas as Salt was on dayshift, but the kids loved every minute of it..... they were all very spoilt of course, the presents they played with the most was pig goes pop, the seesaw and Brie just loved her Nintendo DS. Mia was pretty excited with her ipod as well on boxing day her cousin Adam downloaded a heap of games onto it so she can do more stuff with it.

Brie hasn't been for a ride on her bike yet as it is too big and she is scared.... so it looks like we will just have to put it away for a while. She really needs a new bike though as the one she is
riding is Mia's old one and the training wheels fall off all the time and it is annoying.
. The jellybaff was a huge hit, they all had so much fun with it. I don't think I would buy it again though as it is pretty messy stuff.
This is the waterslide that Salts mum brought the kids for christmas they have not stopped playing on it. I think Salt had the most fun sliding them down it at full speed. You can see the grins on there faces. Sam was just loving it.


Michelle W said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas Amie ! I can't believe how much Sam is up to these days. He's growing up so quickly ! Jacob got some Jellibaff too - how messy is messy ??? Loving your slip 'n slide pics as well !!!
All the best for 2010 !!!

Briony said...

Glad you had a great day. Santa bought a slip and slide for the boys and its almost identical! We set ip up yesterday and they said 'when Mia and Brie come we will have so much fun on it! Ill have to tell them they have got one too!
I know what u mean about Jellybaff. I bought it once for a trial before xmas but found it messy.
Tell Mia Jackson wants them to go out to the farm on his new motorbike. :S
Talk you u tomorrow xo

Sonia said...

Looks fantastic Amie.....awesome photos, and well I can't tell you who is jealous of that ipod....

Leah-in-the-Kia said...

the kids hated the jellibaff they got ( I hated the mess!)they couldn't stand being in the stuff, where did you get pop goes pig? i couldn't find it anywhere and that was all Fallon wanted for xmas...will have to get it for her birthday

Kylene said...

Looks like you all had heaps of fun Amie. Thanks for the heads up about how messy JellyBaff is, my kids have been pestering me for months for some. Love the slip n slide photos. I remember getting one when we were kids - so much fun!!

Anonymous said...

My gosh Amie how much hsve the kids grown up.....Brie looks so much older now and Sam well he is growing so quickly too,looks like u all had a wonderful chrissy day happy new year to you all and hopefully we will get to catch up in the new year now that we will be closer :o) love to you all..

Kerry and Family xoxo