Friday, 19 February 2010

{Another months fly's byyyyyyy.......}

WOW another month has just flown by. so we have been on holidays, Mia went back to school she is pretty excited about being in year 1. Brie started preschool and she is really enjoying it.

Sam has learn't to climb in a big way and OMG he is into everything. He climbs on the table, into drawers, into the bath, the chairs for the kitchen table, the slide.

Holidays were great, we saw so many new places and some beautiful beautiful tourist attractions. We stayed with the Zagames for a couple of nights and it was just wonderful, Luke and Salt get along great the kids get along great and Briony and I well it is like we have known each other forever. Thanks for having us guys. We then went and stayed with Salts brother and his family it was great to see them all the kids love there big cousins. We really loved Echuka and Ballarat, Apollo Bay was just gorgeous too.
Below are some photos from the last month.... they are not in order at all....
Sam has a thing for climbing into drawers atm.

Brie and Sam cuddled up in the washing basket.

Salt put Sam in the bin, it is a nice clean liner though...

Sam eating his first icecream.

The other morning he was being very quiet..... yep pulled the butter off the bench and put it everywhere :o)

Playing in the lid drawer is so much better than playing with toys!!!

I made these shorts for Sam the other day. So quick to whip up. They look extra comfy too.

Brie trying to do a summy on the tramp. It didn't work.

Mia learn't to do summies the other day she has not stopped since.

Sam climbing up the slide, I am just waiting for him to break his arm or something. I have been laying it down so he doesn't climb on it too much but he just loves sliding down it.

mmmmmm lollypops. He just loves them.

Sam climbs back into the bath all by himself if you can't find him you know where too look.
Mia was washing up the other day and Sam just had to be in on the action..... check out the tippy toes... so cute :o)

Daddy pushing him on the tractor now Sam just loves this.

Mia's first day of year 1 and Bries first day of Preschool.

Mia & Brie having fun at Torquay beach it was freezing but they had fun.

Photos of Sam at Sovereign Hill

Mia panning for gold.

We had lots of fun paning for gold. Salt found the marjority of the specs of gold.

I took these photos of the windmil while driving along I think turned out pretty great for travelling along at 100km.
I just love this photo of Sam and Sebastian. They played really well together it was so cute.

Having fun at the Zagame's

Photos of Echuka
Brie and Sam.... sometimes when Brie is in the mood, she will say take a photo of me and sam.
Below are some cards and layouts that I did earlier in the month.... I haven't scrapped since so I hope to get some mojo flowing again very soon.

above is my Scrapjack LO for Feb


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Wow!!! Sam has grown so much, total cutie!!!!xx Great pics looks like you all had a great holiday!!

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