Tuesday, 15 April 2008

{Scrapbook Creations}

*** Edited I have added a better photo now :o)

Today the best happy mail arrived my first published LO in print, how good are scrapbook creations they send a copy of the magazine back with your LO... I have just scanned the mag so it is a bit crooked and not very clear but it is the top one. The pic is quite washed out but it is still exciting to have my first LO published, next month I will be in the real life real stories section of Scrapbooking Memories and have another LO being published in Scrapbook Creations and then I have a break and I will be in the next one as well.

I have about 2500 photos to sort through from the last 3 weeks I have had so much fun taking photos of weddings and holidays even if I learnt a valuable lesson at Kristals about the memory card being easily wiped...... long story I have never been so sick in my life instant diarrhoea I have never ever experienced anything like it, but all I can say is thank god for recovery programs.

I will start sharing photos as soon as I sort through them. I am having huge withdrawals at the moment not having scrapped for nearly 3.5 half weeks so I am busting to get back to it and I will have heaps of inspiration this weekend as Forever Always are having there Cybercrop.

Night all :o)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Amie!!! Thats great news!! Your LO's are all amazing!! Cannot wait to see all your pics!!


Neek said...

Congratulations Amie. It is such a lovely surprise isn't it when you get it!

Megan said...

Congratulations Amie!!! I bet you were excited to get your copy in the mail - well done!!

I'm off to buy my copy today :-)

Megan xx

Kelley said...

Even though I already said Congratulations last night I will post it on your blog I was lucky enough to see the mag last night and it looks fantastic but I know what you mean about it looking washed out cause the real layout is excellent. Hope you share some of the photos soon they are amazing you have done an excellent job Amie. I'm going to buy my copy of the mag today too. Good luck with the scrapping or should I say cleaning the room up first LOL.

Kyla said...

Congratulations! Nyngan is certainly getting it's share of published work of late. Well done to all the ladies. Look forward to catching up with you all next week.

Nurse Nyngan said...

u go girl!
Have missed you

Anonymous said...

Well done! What issue is it? I would love to check your's and Sarah's out IRL.
Cant wait to see some photos from your holidays!
Bri xx

Chrissy said...

Woohoo! Well done Amie, that's fabulous!! :-)

Amie said...

wow, that's fab!!