Friday, 11 April 2008

Home for a day then off again!!!!

Had an awesome holiday I have about a 1000 photos to go through and edit them.

LOL I am off to Cowra today to drop the kids off at my mums so I can go to a wedding in Molong on Saturday. Lets hope I don't have any dramas with the photos this time :lol: The girls are so sick of being in the car after Salt drove all the way home from Burleigh Heads on Wed, We didn't have a great start to our trip we had an accident on the hwy heading to Beau desert about 8am in the morning.... Luckily no one was hurt, well the cars were but we were still able to drive home which made hubby happy as he left for Darwin last night and it would have been major dramas if he had of missed his annual fishing trip in DARWIN!!!! Back to the accident we were driving in the rain and the 2 cars in front of us were slowing down for some reason that Salt couldn't see I was in the backseat as Brie had just vomited from the hills.... so I wasn't any help. Next thing he knew the car in front of him slammed on the breaks to miss the kangaroo that had slipped on the road in front of her and she didn't want to hit it ? Why you would slam on you breaks in the rain on a busy highway if she had of just hit it we wouldn't of hit her :evil: So anyway Salt was only going about 70ks when he put his breaks on but the car slid that far and smashed into the back of hers. He said he couldn't go round her as he would have had a head on with cars coming at us and if he had gone the other way he would have rolled the car on its side. Both the girls hit there head on the dvd players in the car and were crying I settled them down and got out to see the damage. The poor girl was so upset saying it was her fault and she had been beeping her horn at the kangaroo cause she didn't want to hit it know wonder the kangaroo slipped on the road she would have scared it..... Anyway to make things worse it is our fault and we have to pay the excess to get the car fixed even though she was nearly at a full stop in the middle of the highway. Anyway no one was hurt and both cars were still drivable we are just very lucky that we didn't have a truck coming behind us as he would of not been able to stop and it would have been a lot worse.