Tuesday, 13 May 2008

{Mothers Day and My Baby is all grown UP!!!}

This is my mothers day present from Mia that she made at preschool, she is so cute and has been watering it every few days.

(Me practising my photography skills)

Well it is all a bit sad tonight, My baby is growing up way tooooo fast. Brie decided a few nights ago that she could climb out of her cot. So today I packed her cot up and she is sleeping in a big girls bed. Well it is Mia's bed that we brought her and since she doesn't like using it Brie may as well. Last night I let her go to sleep in Mia's bed but then put her in her cot once she was asleep.
There was no trying to get out she just went straight to sleep and tonight she has done the same thing. So lets hope that continues Mia has gone into our spare double bed so I am hoping she takes a liking to that and starts sleeping in the bed by herself all night.

Can you all notice the liquid paper on Brie's face.... she was very quiet on Thursday and this is what she was doing painting her face.... I got it all off her lips and the rest took about 3 or 4 days to come off her cheeks.

Just thought I would share 2 of my LO's that are in the Forever Always May Mid Month Newsletter, the Pattern Papers are from the new Kaiser range and they are just stunning.

This Thursday night Forever Always Cybercrop is on and it is going to be lots of fun and games.... so why not come over and join us.


Amie said...

the pp on your scrapbook pages is so pretty!

I had to laugh about the white out/liquid paper...my son did that when he was 3 on Easter Sunday. It took 2 weeks to come off his forehead!!!

Kellie said...

Great pics and beautiful Lo's Amie!!

Nicole said...

I love both of those layouts but the blue one catches my eye, blue is my fav. coulour! I have taken to actually calling all of my children "baby" instead of their names. And they think that they can grow up do they???? LOL

Kyla said...

That's a big step, Amie. Luckily William still fits in his cot. Once we move to a bigger house we will put him & Jack in the bunks. Love the Mother's Day plant. Great photography too!

Leah-in-the-Kia said...

love your photos, I truly suck at taking photos, baby Brie is now toddler Brie - all grown up and ready to be a big sister I think!

jodyg said...

Love love love your pages. Love that brides dress too and I just LOVE that first photo, just gorgeous.

Nicole said...

Amie, Amie, Amie....... Whatcha doin?? :)