Sunday, 14 September 2008

{Happy Birthday tooooooo meeeeee}

I just love that song that Justine Clarke sings.....LOL Happy Birthday to me!! WOW the big 30. Well my birthday started on Friday as Salt had to work yesterday and today. Friday morning Salt came home with a cake and I opened the door to a cake full of candles it was so sweet. We then went out to dinner to the motel and it was just yuummmmyyyy :o)

Today I woke up to the best present ever YES my washing up gloves. LMAO I just love how much thought she put into it. Just so sweet. I had lots of phone calls this morning and then went to lunch with Leah, Kristin and Bec who just spoilt me with lovely presents. Thanks heaps girls you know how much I appreciated it today.

After lunch we went to Salts mum's for the afternoon where again I was spoilt with a baked dinner and apple crumble.

I am off to Syd on thursday I just can't wait.

Nite all
Amie xx


Leah-in-the-Kia said...

Happy Birthday Sis!

Neek said...

Happy Birthday Amie. Sounds like you had a good weekend for it.

Kelley said...

Happy Birthday Amie so glad to hear that Mia got you those gloves so cute.

leewoodside said...

Happy Birthday

Kyla said...

Happy Birthday, Amie. Sorry it's a bit belated (my facebook notification only sent it to me yesterday & I haven't blogged for a bit). I'd love to see a photo of those gorgeous gloves!!

Briony said...

So glad you had a lovely day.
See you in 2 sleeps!

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Amie, I love that song to. Prue sings Bappy Birpbay boo me! (slight artic prob, but so cute!)

Go the gloves!