Sunday, 7 September 2008

{Happy Father's Day}

We are all sick with the spews LOL poor little Mia hasn't stopped vomiting all day :o( I am glad that she is old enough to know and gets her bucket.

Salt had to go to work tonight, he is sick but as he has already had the last 2 nights off he had to go in as his Dr's Certificate only said until last night.

The girls gave Salt his gifts this morning, Mia made a magnet man a preschool and they had a happy fathers day drawing each for him and of course chocolates. Just what he wanted was his reply. Mia was so excited about Father's Day and had been counting the sleep since wed. Now she is counting down the sleeps until my birthday, and just to let you know she hasn't forgotten about the washing up gloves she asked me where you can buy them at this morning..... so cute :o)

Caught up with Alison yesterday we all had a lovely time catching up and chatting. Thanks girls it was great.

Today I cooked my first Turkey with stuffing it looked so yuummmmm but we hardly ate any of it as we all feel so sick :o(


Briony said...

Oh No! I hope you are all feeling better!
See you in 10 sleeps!! Whoo hooo!

Nicole said...

You poor things, but the Turkey???? Feeling very ambitious??

Sarah said...

Oh yuk...hope you are on the mend. I think something is going round, have heard of a few people struck down.

Kyla said...

Feel better soon, Taylor family.

Sarah said...

Happy 30th Birthday Amie
I hope you are having a lovely day and got some new dishwashing gloves!! Love Sarah xoxo