Saturday, 3 January 2009

{Just be Brave OK}

I was just sitting in the lounge room thinking about stuff I need to do before the baby arrives and Mia came in and asked me what I was doing? I told her I was just thinking about stuff I need to do for the baby, she asked why I had changed the pram around and I said that they would need it in Dubbo.... Alex can sit in the back and Brie in the front. Where the baby going to sit mum???? I told her that we will be in hospital still........ Ohhhhhh she said WHY???? So I said when they cut my belly open to get the baby I have to stay in hospital for a little while. How many sleeps she said I said 4 or 5....... Ohhhh she said well you Just be Brave OK.

Well we put in a very very very quiet new years eve, the girls were asleep by 8pm and I wasn't far behind them :o) Salt went shooting as he still had some roo tags left.

On new years day we went to Salts mum for a YUMMO bake dinner and plum pudding, then Salt, Kristal, Mia, Brie and Alex went fishing for the afternoon and Mia caught a fish all by herself using Salts fishing rod..... Salt was pretty proud of her when he came home to tell me. I am sure Kristal would have taken a photo so I will share when she puts them on my computer.
So I spent a few hours doing some scrapping not that I can share as it is for a product challenge with scrapbooking memories coming out in Vol 11 No. 4 and my other stuff was for this months scrapjack. You should see my scraproom it is a total disaster atm so it is pretty hard to find inspiration in there.

While my sister was here over christmas we had a very quick photo shoot so I could get some photos of her with the girls, these were the pick of them as I said it was a very quick one I would have loved to have had more time but I can't wait to scrap these all the same.

We had a lovely christmas, James and I were up until 2am putting together the girls presents. OMG it took us 3 hours to put together a dolls house Salt was going off his head.....all I could do was laugh at him cause he couldn't even put a dolls house together how is he going to build our house LMAO. Anyway Mia woke up about 7.30 on christmas morning and I reckon it took her about 5mins to wake Brie up she was pretty tired as she didn't go to bed until after 11 Mia had fallen asleep in the car looking at christmas lights. So we exchanged presents and everyone was nice and happy, Stacie loved her necklace which made me extra happy as it was a really special necklace I had had made for her from etsy. I came out and cooked breaky, Kay came over to give the girls there presents and then over came Old Salt, Kristal, Mark and Alex.

Alex just loved the ride on car that the girls got so he has had lots of fun since riding one. We let him take one home to grandmas as he will be here for a month. We went to Kays for lunch and dinner and then came home to bed I was sooooooo tired, Brie fell asleep at 5.45pm and stayed asleep until about 3am when she woke up sick had a little vomit then went back to sleep until about 5am I gave her something to eat I think that may have been the problem she was probably just hungry.

On the saturday after christmas we had a big storm about 4.30 in the afternoon this is one of the photos I took.

Mia had swimming club again last night and went really well she swam freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. I can't wait to see the improvement in the next few weeks.

Well there is just over 2 weeks until the baby will be here so it is all getting a bit nerve racking, I know Brie is still on little but at least when she was born Mia had only just turned 2 so we were still in baby mode, Brie will be 3 in may and is so no a baby anymore..... I am sure I will be fine once our little man is here.

I am going to get Kristal to take a photo of my pregnant belly sometime in the next 2 weeks so I will share that with you all too.
Have a great weekend everyone :o)


Kyla said...

Kids say the darnest things.... but good advice, Amie. Good luck with everything!
We were up until 2am also. Next year Steve has already stipulated "No bikes, cars, or sandpits". Considering that's what it was this year, I don't think it will be repeated next year!!

Anonymous said...

hi amie wow two weeks how exciting good luck can't wait to see some pics
take care

Sonia said...

Through tears how sweet is that Ames.....OH and I can't wait to see that belly.....hope your feeling good..your Christmas sounds special