Thursday, 22 January 2009

Txt update from Amie

"Sam is doing much better, feeding like a champ now. If all goes well he will have 1 more night in the special care nursrey, then 1 night in the ward with Amie, than hopefully home on saturday"


Michelle W said...

This is such good news.
I hope he continues to thrive and all is well.
Lots of love and hugs from the Winstons.

Thanks for keeping us updated too Leah !


Kelley said...

That is Fantastic news. Thanks for the update Leah

Sonia said...

Great News.

Thanks Leah.

Cherie said...

So glad to hear little Sam is doing much better..
Love to you all
Cherie xx

Shelly said...

That is soo fabulous about little Sam! Thanks Leah for the updates!

Oh Miss Amie- when you are back and feeling like it- you are tagged lovey! Keep safe, and lots of hugs from me:)

Julie said...

Thanks for the update Leah. That's great news about baby Sam Amie.