Wednesday, 4 February 2009

{Mia's first day of School}

Well the big day arrived, Mia woke up at 6.55am and came in and said can I get dressed now Mum??? No you can stay in bed until the clock says 7.30 was my sleepy reply. Next thing we know it was 8.00 and Salts mum was waking us up. So she had a shower and had her breakfast. When she put her school dress on I nearly cried she looked so grown up.... then she told me she
felt sick, I wonder if it was butterflies or still hungry.

Salt came home from work so we could both take her to school, we took some photos and off to school we went.
Mia was pretty shy and hung onto my hand and didn't want me to leave. I am glad I had my sunglasses on cause the tears were just sitting there. If Mia had of cried it wouldn't have taken much for me to just take her home with me.
I was pretty lucky cause Mrs Bartley needed to take her photo so we went outside and had our photo taken and then Mrs Bartley asked her if she wanted to come in with her so she gave me a kiss and said goodbye.
Can't wait for her to get home on the bus to tell me how she went. I hope she is having a lovely


Paula said...

How exciting! Hope Mia has had a brilliant day...& you survived it!

Kellie said...

Wow!! I'm glad i am not at that stage yet!! I hope Mia had a wonderful day!

Renae D* said...

hope Mia had a wonderful day at school...and mummy survived.xx

Kristal said...

She does look very grown up. I will give her a special call to see how her first few days at school went.



Sonia said...

Oh how grown up she looks.

The Stampin' Soldier said...

This little story just makes me smile.