Sunday, 15 February 2009


I just thought I would share a photo of James when he was 2 weeks old. When Mia was born we couldn't believe how much she looked like her dad. Now Sam is here we are all saying the same thing.

I took this photo just a while ago, Sam will be 4 weeks old tomorrow I can't believe how quick it is going. Sam is growing so quick he is putting on lots of weight I will have to take him up to get weighed again this week, last time he had put on just under 500grams in 9 days. He is sleeping pretty well waking about twice a night, he likes to be cuddled to sleep which I don't mind I could sit there all day and hold him. It helped that Salt was home this weekend to run around after the girls though yesterday every time I put Sam in his bed he would wake up so I think we layed on the lounge for about 4 hours LOL.

Last night we went out for valentines day to the motel with Bec and Griffo, we all had a great time and Sam was so well behaved. The food was delicious as always.
I have been meaning to share that Brie has learnt to ride her bike, just before Sam arrive Mia taught her how to ride.... it was so cute they were out the front and I was inside listening and Mia told her what to do and then she would say GOOD GIRL BRIE, thats it WELL DONE. OH GOOD GIRL GOOD GIRL. Anyway last week I took her around the block so she can get some practice she is going really well and so far is very careful if she sees a car coming she will stop pedalling which is good. I remember when Mia first learnt to ride she used to take off on me and I wouldn't be able to catch her. I am hoping because Brie is nearly a year older she will listen to me alot more. I will take some photos this week and share.

Last week Salt got stung by a bee on his ear, he came home and said is my ear swollen LMAO it was huge and over the next few day got even bigger..... This is the photo I took of it just so he could see how huge it was

Well I have to go James has just come home with the girls.... they have been fishing, and they both caught a fish so they are all happy :o)


Sonia said...

OMG - his ear...poor guy.

Sam is gorgeous, I can't believe that its' almost a month....Gift will be there soon...I am so slow, but it will be worth it I promise.

Kellie said...

Great pics Amie!! Sam is so beautiful!!! Well done Brie on the bike riding!!! Mia must be a great teacher!! Good to hear you had a great Valentines day!!

Kristal said...

Sam could be James and vice versa in the babies photos. Love the grandma curl too LOL. Good to hear Miss Mi Mi is teaching her little sister good things like bike riding. Love the praise that she was giving too.

Nicole said...

Well done Brie, so nice that Mia is such a wonderful big sister. Sam will be doubly lucky!
Salt's ear is rather funny! Poor thing!

Michelle W said...

Hi Amie !

Lovely to catch up on what's happening !
Mia looks so cute in her uniform. I hope she is still enjoying "big school" !
Salt's ear is massive, hope he's recovered ! I thought my bull ant bite was bad LOL !
Baby Sam is just so sweet ! He takes a good picture !
You do realise it's the hair don't you ? LOL !!!

Hope you're doing well, and it's nice to see you back scrapping too !