Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Some photos and a few LO's

Not much happening around here atm, Sam is getting christened on Easter Saturday night so that will be nice. I am going to make his christening cake, there are so many gorgeous ideas on the internet I just hope it turns out how I want it too.
I have been having fun making collages in Picasa as you can see. I have been trying the the last 7 weeks to get a nice photo of the kids together for their twinkle toes frame and do you think I could so I ended up putting together this collage for the frame Nichole loved it and I can't wait to see the finished result.

I just love overalls and Sam looked so gorgeous in these on Saturday I just had to take a photo.
Sonia your quilt makes for a gorgeous background too :o)

These are a few LO's that I did for the FA newsletter the first 2 are using the monthly sketch and the other one was for the newsletter feature that I sort of didn't get finished but we will share anyway as it is finished now :o)

The kids are going great, Mia is loving school, she is counting down the days until her birthday. So is Brie they have been picking out their cakes Brie has gone from Bob the Builder to spiderman and I think Mia has decided on the cake that you can hit with the hammer.
Brie is enjoying being at home with me and Sam which is good that she doesn't miss Mia too much I am sure Brie will love the holidays so she has her sister home with her.
Sam is going great, starting to settle right in now and just being a good little baby. It was really cold last night so I put winter pj's on him and today he really wasn't sleeping well I think I might of had him just a bit too hot cause he hadn't slept all morning and now I just have him in a summer romper and he is asleep. It has warmed up this arvo though.
Well I best go and make some cakes for playgroup tomorrow.
Amie xx


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Lo's amie.... Sam has grown so much he is so adorable!!!!