Sunday, 21 June 2009

{It's all going tooooo FAST}

OMG Sam is 5 months old already I wish it would slow down. He is the most gorgeous adorable little boy you could ask for. SO SO SO happy and did I say cute :o)

Here are some photos I took on friday. That day I also gave him a taste of farex which he mostly spat out but today he actually swallowed most of it. Brie was just eating a banana so I squished some up for Sam I think he liked the taste of it but would squish his eyes up when he swallowed it I wish I had it on video camera it was so cute.

Salts mum brought us some chooks a few weeks ago, so today Salt made them a chook house so we could bring them over to our house. He did a pretty good job just using stuff that was lying around our back back yard. Mia is pretty excited to own the chooks and she has called them Charli, Brooke, Mia, Brie, Ella & Libby. She is now talking about when they will have chickens...... apparently they will lay eggs in a couple of weeks how exciting will that be. They are pretty friendly chooks so I sure Mia will have lots of fun with them. Brie on the other hand isn't too keen on any animal and just screams if they come near her.

A couple of months ago Salt put up this tyre swing for the girls out the front they just love it and have so much fun on it I finally grabbed the camera the other day while waiting for Mia to come home from school. Best toy ever they reckon!

The last few weeks has seen Mia being sick the poor little thing. She has had the vomits, splats & now croup. I hope she gets better soon it is really knocking her about :o(
I haven't been in my scrapbook room for at least 2 weeks I think I am getting withdrawals LMAO I am in an Apron Swap atm with Sonia, Gab & Briony so I am hoping to get it made this week sometime. I have so many things I want to sew but just to find the time. Tonight I saw the most gorgeous fabric baskets on Mel Goodsells Blog I am going to have to go and buy the magazine just so I can make some.
Anyway I am off to feed Sam and go to bed Mia went to bed at 6pm and Brie has just gone.
Goodnight All :o)


Julie said...

Oh those photos are just so cute Aimee love them.

Paula said...

Simply gorgeous photos Amie...too cute! x

Kellie said...

Amie those pics are soooooo adorable!!!!! I hope Mia is feeling better soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Aimie my gosh little Sam is growing so fast he is just oh soooooo cute girls are as cute as ever too bet they love that swing girls go down to a neighbours that have one also and now little Caleb tag's behind them or sometimes hand in hand with them love watching him walk down the street with the girls cause he still looks so small compared to the girls but he just wants to be a part of everything :O) hope Mia is a ok now with no snuffles or tummy bugs :o)

Love to you all,
Kerry xo

Kelley said...

Love the photos Amie they are so cute. Sam sure is growing up fast were does the time go? Hope everyone is over all of the sickness that has been going around.

Chrissy said...

OMGosh he's just adorable Amie!! :)What a beautiful bundle of bubbiness. :) :)

Shelly said...

Sam I so cute-can't wait to see them photos scrapped Amie!!!!!Very sweetxoxoxox Big hugs to Mia, hope she is better soon, and can't wait to see the chicks!!!