Wednesday, 3 June 2009

{Soccer, Busy Busy and some Scrapping}

Mia played her first game of soccer in Tottenham a few weeks ago, she just loved it. Salt was so proud of her for getting in there and having a go. She wasn't scared at all. It was great. On the weekend we headed back over to Tottenham for her next game of Soccer where she got to be the goally for a quarter. She let one goal in out of a few attempts so that was great. The team made her job pretty easy though as they stopped the ball a couple of times too. Mia got the encouragement award for the game she was pretty impressed about the whole thing. Afterwards we headed out to the Westons for a sleepover. On the way we stopped at the centre of NSW's and took some photos. Salt is such a poser.We had a bbq in the bush the kids loved it especially Denis's chips and toasting marshmallows.

Libby and Sam are missing in this photo.

On the 23rd May we went to Cowra for my brothers 21st. Steven had a great night. It was great to see everyone, Nana and Grandad came over from New Zealand and met Sam so that was pretty special. Only my Aunty Julie and cousin Adam have seen Sam since the day he was born so the rest of my family actually got to meet Sam and give him a cuddle. Here are some photos from the next day.

This is a photo of Nana & Grandad and the grandkids & great grandkids. This is the first time we have all been together in nearly ever.

Naughty Brie thought she would cut her hair last week :o( she has taken a big chunk out of her fringe lets hope it grows soon so we can straighten it up for her. I think she has learnt her lesson cause Mia said that she was going to cut her hair the other day and she said NOOOOO Jody only cuts it!
We have been so busy in the last few weeks which has been great, ( Mia has had speech therapy in Dubbo which went really well. We go back next week for another session.
Sam is growing up way way way too fast :o Sam is such a happy baby as soon as you speak to him he gives you the biggest grin and talk..... lots and lots of baby talking I just love it. This week he has started holding his head up really well when you put him on his tummy, He has started arching his back so you pick him up. He has started rolling toward his side as well so I am sure it won't be long until he can roll over. I think I will have to get his jolly jumper out soon. He loves it when his Dad comes home he always give Daddy a big smile which I sure just melts Salty heart. Salt said the other day do you think he will love going out to the bush with me when he is bigger. Well if he is anything like his sisters he will. He has also discovered his hands and is starting to hang onto things. We just love him so much he is such a beautiful little boy I think he is going to be a bit of a joker like his Dad cause he is so cheeky already. He just loves the kisses and cuddle I give him I always get a grin when I give him lots of kisses on his cheeks. The other morning I was feeding him and Mia came out well he stopped feeding and looked at her as if to say well come on talk to me!
And just a little bit of scrapping from me........not much happening in the scrapping dept but I have got some new goodies coming from the forever always shop so lets hope it brings some mojo with it :o)


Narelle said...
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Briony said...

Great photos Amie! Look at Mia getting in there against the boys! Love it! Sam is growing so quickly. He is soooo cute! Glad Brie learnt the lesson about cutting her hair. She and Ned have similar hair, and if Ned cut what little he has, id be cross!LOL
Love your LOs as always. Ill give you a call in the next week.
Guess what? Im going to P!nk! Cant wait!

Kristal said...

Congrat's to Mia - she must be very proud. Brie cutting her fringe made me laugh lot's, I think that will be sort of thing A will get up to. Sam looks cute in his photo's too, it's good that he's starting to hold his head up, it won't be long and he'll be doing lots of rolls around the floor.

gabriella said...

Hi Amie, popping by to say hello and spy on your gorgeous baby! how lovely they all are! Sophie cut her hair, she wanted to see if it would hurt..
hope you are well xox Gab