Monday, 8 March 2010

{SAMMIABRIE DESIGNS} - Purses & Clutches

sammiabrie designs purses & clutches are fully lined with interfacing and wadding so they hold there shape. The small ones are 4.5 inches wide by about 4inches deep. You can fit your money/keycards/driverslicence & a small phone I am selling these for $15 +$3 postage.

The bigger ones are just over 6 inches wide and about 6 inches deep these fit so much in them. Mine holds my phone. keys, money and keycards. I am selling these for $35 inc postage. I love mine so much I wish I had more one to go with all the colours in my wardrobe.

I have heaps of different fabrics and have more frames turning up this week and next so keep on the lookout for new purses on here.
Amie xx


Paula said...

Wow Amie, these are simply them! I can see you have been having some fun lately!!! x

Kylene said...

Amie these are so cute!!! No wonder they are selling so quick.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Amie these are sooooo nice!!!!

Aaron said...

Amazing design. From where did you get this idea? I love this red one with the apple.

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D2 Bet said...

I can see you have been having some fun lately!!!

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