Sunday, 7 November 2010

WOW it has been a LONG time :o)

I was just sitting here thinking I might have a look at my blog.... It has seriously been over 6 months since I have even visited my little blog. It brought a huge smile to my face having a look at the photos of the kids.... They have all grown so much.

Lots has been happening in the taylor household. We have designed a house to build, had the approval to build our house from our local shire. Yesterday Salt poured the slab for our shed, which we might just have to live in while we build the house. The shed will go up in the next 2 weeks so that is really exciting as it means I can declutter our house that we have wayyyyy outgrown and put it on the market for sale.

My little business that I started in March has just exploded I cannot believe the response I have gotten from everyone loving my metal framed clutches. It is keeping me really really busy which is great.

Back to the kids they are all going great,
Mia is loving school and seems to be going well. She has gotten soooo tall. She had a great season at soccer and recieved the most consistant trophy which was so well deserved as she always tries her best.

Brie loves preschool and will be going 2 days a week next year which she will love. She has just started writing her name and can also write Sams name. She has her Dancing concert on at the end of the month which will be good.
Sam has just taken a liking to the wiggles. He will watch them for ages..... takes after his sisters they love the wiggles. He is go gorgeous, he is into everything and climb OMG climb. He is not saying much yet but the girls were never quick to talk either. He get his point across so that is the main thing. He loves playing in the sandpit and jumping on the trampoline. I can't believe that is will be 2 in january :o(

We had some photos taken in october of the kids :o) Heidi did a beautiful job.

Well that is about it for now, it has taken me forever to put all the photos in the right spots :o( What is going on with that?


Cherie said...

My blog is almost as sad as yours Amie, I think that facebook has well and truely taken over from blogging!!!

Gorgeous Purses and Photos of your kids, you must be so happy with them...

Take care
Cherie xx

Sonia said...

miss reading your news...but I guess that's why we spend so long on the phone...


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