Friday, 10 August 2007

{The Lucky Winners......)

Congratulations to Mel Goodsell & Kellie Boyd. Mel you will have to thank Mia as I asked her to pick a number between 1 -18 and she said that number.... I had a number 8 on my t-shirt this morning. for the second pillow I used a random number generator off the internet and it came up with 11 & since Mel and Kel were the 8th and 11th commenter's they are the winners.

So if you both would like to email me one of your favourite photos I will be able to make you one of these cute little cushions to keep!!!

Now onto last night.... we have a little star in our house, you should have seen her it was sooooooo sooooooo cute, they came out doing their little elephant walk and then stood in line and kept dancing Mia just sort of stood there looking at the audience and then it came to her fav part of the dance and she half did a star jump and wobbled her head about.... Now it was time to do the elephant walk again but instead of watching Angie she was too busy looking at the audience! So while everyone was already in line heading off on the walk Mia just stood there staring at the spotlight they had just put back on her, after about 5 seconds she realised and ran to join the end of the line it was so cute the whole audience was in hysterics and I had tears coming down my face from laughing at her so much. So then they came back to the front of the stage and she decided to turn around, well she spotted her shadow and did a little dance of her own and then her fave part of the song came again and the head wobbling started again and then it was the finish and they laid down and went to sleep. Salt said last night when we came home it is the proudest he has ever been, and then watched the video of it about 15 times laughing louder every time. Mia said to me this morning Mum can I watch me be an elephant again!!

On Wednesday night, it was about 10 when I went to bed and I was watching tv and next minute Mia walks in and says to me " Mum where's Brie?" I said in her cot asleep. " No she not mum, she just fell down a pot hole!! " Did she I said to her and then she kept telling me that Brie was down a pot hole..... it was quite funny I said Mia were you having a dream, OOOOHHHH she said. I think she watches to much tv!!

The girls have been playing together so well over the last few days, it has been great. Not that they fight or anything I have just noticed Mia has been including Brie in a lot more things that she does.

Not much happening here this weekend, Salt is on dayshift and I have a sore throat and have nearly lost my voice.....

Well I will be back later with some photos of last night, a friend has my camera.

Have a good day,
Amie xx


Anonymous said...

AWWWW Amie that just sounded so adorable. It would have been soooo cute! Well done Kellie and Mel on your prizes!


Anonymous said...

Amie I have to 'come out of the closet' to say that the 'baby elephant walk' was one of the best 'acts' I have ever seen.
If you or anyone else has a vidio of this preformance please let me know. This preformance should be on funniest home vidios etc.just loved it

Kellie said...

Wow! Thank you so much Amie, i am excited! Good to hear that the little star Mia went well at the concert. Sounds like she stole the show!!!! I will have to come around and see the video.