Wednesday, 22 August 2007

{Winners are Grinners}

Congratulations to Lee Woodside and Sarah on being the lucky winners of the scrapbooking RAK email me your addresses at and I will send you a little surprise in the mail :o)

Well we lost netball tonight so that's sad!

In other news I started rearranging the bedrooms around at about 2pm today the girls are all moved in to their new room and Brie went to sleep no worries. Mia never goes to sleep in her own bed so she has been carried into her new bedroom. I am sure when she wakes up in the middle of the night she will let us know how much she dislikes her own bed......

So I have a huge job ahead of me tomorrow sorting out my new scrap room as I have just pretty much dumped it all in boxes and then into the girls old room. I thought there may have been some more room for toys in the bedroom we have just moved them into but NO, the furniture just doesn't look as crammed in now.

Only 16 more sleeps until we go on our FA retreat I can't wait, it has come around so quick.

Anyway have a great night all.

Amie xx


Jolene George said...

I hope the girls get use to their new room and I hope you get all settled into your new creative space.
You have been creating some really beautiful things. I'm so impressed by your talents. You've got a gift.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amie,
Hope last night went well with the girls in their new room.
Good luck on tackling the scrap room today. I so need to clean up my mess but have to go to work at 11:30 (to be able to spend some money on supplies and make more of a mess in here!!LOL)
Talk to you soon.
Now 14 days till we go. Cant wait to meet you!


Mel Goodsell said...

How fun doing your scrap room Amie, I love stuff like that.
Sorryyou lost netball :O(

Sarah said...

oh amie thankyou!!! xxxxx

Megan said...

Oh your very own scrap room Amie! That would be so cool. I hope the girls went okay with the new set up :-)

Megan xx

Amie said...

Hey Amie, thanks for your comment on my blog! As far as piercings, we all have our reasons...if you want to do it, do it! Just be careful of scrarring and use lots of Vitamin E. =)