Saturday, 18 August 2007

{A Huge Congratulations}

Congratulations to Kristal & Mark on their engagement.... It is all very exciting.
Check out Kristal's gorgeous ring, can't wait for the wedding so we get a lovely holiday in Bris-vegas :o)
Mel & Kellie I have finished your cushions tonight so I will post little pics of them tomorrow, Mel I will put yours in the mail this week and Kell, if your up at your Mums drop in otherwise I will catch up with you too.
Salt's team lost union today so that is it for the season, whhhoooooohooooo NO MORE FOOTY FOR SALTY TAYLOR!!!!!!! He is 35 you would think he would think it was time to retire anyway.
Have a good night,
Amie xx


Kelley said...

WOW what a ring congratulations to you both.

Congratulations to Salty for his last game of footy.

Kyla said...

Congrat's Kristal & Mark. Love the ring....very nice!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Sunshine but the man still has three years of first grade followed by two years of second grade. The only way you can squash this is by encouraging him to play next year. Follow this by insisting that he train every day and give up all alcohol to stay fit. Not only am I a knowall and your biggest fan but also the wife of an ex footballer who is suffering (aloud) of long term football injury.