Monday, 3 September 2007

{Fathers Day}

We went out the bush yesterday to get some photos of me to scrap while I am in Sydney..... we only managed a few as my tripod leg fell off and Salt spent the best part of an hour trying to fix it. Grrrr then we ran out of light I was so annoyed. Here are a few of my favorites.

James had a very tired Fathers Day due to the fact that he went out shooting on Sat night and was supposed to come home around midnight, anyway he rang at 1.30am to say that he had found a good patch of roos and he would be LATE..... not happy jan! He came home about 5am, and got up at about 8.30 because Mia wanted to give him her present she had made :o)

You will be pleased to know that my order arrived from 2peas today and I have scrapped 2 LO's this afternoon.... Nothing like happy mail to bring on the MOJO. On sat night all I made was a little notebook like Lee Woodside has been making with her bind it all.
Have a great night.
Amie xx


Sara said...

gorgeous photos Amie.

Kristy W said...

Great pics Amie, certainly getting the nack for it.

Kelley said...

great photos Amie looking forward to seeing the layouts you do with them.

Kyla said...

I like the photo's Amie, especially the wheat field ones.

Amie said...

how fun!

I love the one of the wheat field in sepia, awesome.

When you say "shooting roos", are you talking about what I think you're talking about??

Briony said...

WOW! Lurve the photos. Luke thought the crops looked good. He wants to know if it was irrigation country?LOL (Typical farmer!!)
Cant wait to see what you come up with when you scrap them at retreat.

Mel Goodsell said...

oooh Amie, how adorable are these pics!!!

Megan said...

Amie these photos are fabulous - you've done a brilliant job, even with all the hassles you had with the tripod!

Looking forward to you sharing those layouts :-)

Megan xx

Amie said...

Your email to me came thru blank for some reason...not sure what was in it!

Jolene George said...

What a great phot shoot. The pictures are wonderful. Sorry about the tripod.

Nicole said...

@Great photos amie, especially the sepia and vlack and white, but I like the last one of all four of you too. I really must apply myself and learn some photography skills so I can take lovely shots of my kids like you do. Thanks for checking out my blog,I am not so prolific as you, and currently have lost the battery charger for my camera so can't take any photos. Oh well. Have a great trip.

Kristal said...

Hi Nana. (LOL - this is my new name for you, courtesy of Miss Mia)
Love the shots and had a giggle at the 'shooting roos' & 'irrigation' comments. I hope you've advised that my brother is culling roos as funded by the govt not just shooting for the fun of it or you might offend some city slickers like me. LOL again, don't worry I still have one foot in the country :) I wouldn't mind some of that irrigation from the sky on my lawn at the moment - it's looking pretty dead. Hopefully we'll see some green shoots from the rain that we're getting at the moment. Have fun in Sydney and hope the jet plane ride is not too bumpy and there is more than a lawnmover engine under the wings!

PS: I hope I haven't offended anyone either :)