Friday, 14 September 2007

{Happy Birthday to Me}

Today I turned 29..... I received lots of text messages (thanks everyone) as I was in Dubbo picking my Nana and Grandad up off the plane, they have come to visit all the way from NZ so that was a lovely birthday present. I missed out on having a cake so we might have to have one tomorrow.

I am a bit spoiled, Mia and Brie gave me $50 and James gave me $150.00 he must have missed me last weekend when he went and brought the birthday cards. James always buys such beautiful cards I asked him tonight if he read what was in it before he brought it and he said "Yeah it is a good one HEY!!"

You mean so very much to me
sometimes it's hard to say
Exactly how I care for you
And what I feel each day
I've been a very lucky man
To have the love you've shown
To have the special pride I feel
Because you are my own.....
And since your are the one who brings
Such joy into my life
This birthday wish is just for you
My friend, my love, my wife.

Happy Birthday

with lots of hugs and kisses.... isn't he the sweetest :o)

Kay gave me some king size sheets and money to buy some clothes with in Dubbo so I brought some tops as I have pants just needed new tops to go with them.

My mum sent me flowers they are so beautiful. Thanks Mum

Nana and Grandad gave me perfume and I brought my self lots of scrapbooking stuff in Dubbo and a 3 tier cake tray very pretty... Thanks Chrissy for making me want one!!!

I am off to get some scrapbooking done that is due tomorrow....

Happy Birthday to Amie in America for the 13th I hope you are having a great day.


Amie said...

Thanks Amie! I should have realized by the time you get this it will be the 15th for you--well here, it's still your birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You got some great loot! I know at least 5 people with birthdays today! You're in good company. Take care and enjoy your weekend!

Megan said...

Happy birthday for yesterday Amie!!! I am so pleased to hear you had such a great day. Birthdays are so special, and you need to be completely spoilt on your special day :)

Megan xx

leewoodside said...

Happy Birthday!!!!
Also been meaning to email to say thanks for the RAK too!

Marie said...

Happy Birthday, Amie!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a great day Amie.
I did comment on your retreat post but for some reason it didnt show up when I checked the next day.
I wanted to say what a fantastic weekend I had last weekend. It was lovely to meet you both IRL and amazing how from the time we met we just chatted like we'd been friends forever. I cant wait to go on retreat with the two of you again next year! I hope we can be friends for a long time :o)
There was more that I wrote but my brain is fried tonight! We had a very warm day here and I was in the sun at the footy all day. (Our senior football are thru to the GF next week)
Anyway, hope your enjoying your time with your grandparents. How sweet is Salt buying you that card, AND getting some cash to spend!!LOL
Will talk to you soon,

Anonymous said...

Hey Amie,
Happy Birthday for Friday sorry a couple of days late..Great to see you got spoilt..Love the card from Salty how sweet..See you on Tuesday
bye Narelle

Kyla said...

Happy Birthday, Amie. Gee's Salt's sweet, that poem almost made me cry. I actually don't think I've ever got a card from Steve. Have a good time with your grandparents.

Neek said...

Happy Birthday for Friday Amie! :)